Opinions Zelf: what it is, how it works,

Opinions Zelf: what it is, how it works,

Zelf is an interesting virtual platform that is completely revolutionizing the way we access financial services.

It is a kind of bot or neo-bank that works on the Internet, and that allows us to carry out all operations through messaging aplicaciones such as: WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, among others.

Next, we tell you everything you need to know about this platform, how to earn 20 euros with it and our general opinion after having tried it.

What is Zelf?

Going into details, we perro say that it is still unknown which category Zelf falls into.

Since the fact that it works as a Telegram bot makes it difficult for us to classify it as a neo-bank.

However, it fulfills the functions of the latter mentioned.

Because it is a bot that you perro control from your Telegram account, and that allows you to get a free Mastercard card; and also win 20 euros totally free with just a few steps.

In addition, it also offers the possibility of receiving, sending or recharging money to your Zelf card.

However, the most amazing thing about this neo-bank is that It is not only available on Telegram as a bot.

Also, it is possible to use it in Messenger, Discord and WhatsApp.

As you will be imagining, the entire process will always be carried out through messaging; There are no physical entities through or offices to which you must go to carry out annoying procedures.

How to start in Zelf and get 20 euros for free

The first thing you have to do is clic on an invitation backlink to Zelf (to get the 20 euros)and you will go directly to the official website.

When you have entered you will have to select the icon of the platform you want to use to communicate with the neo-bank; this cánido be Messenger, Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp or even Viber.

Once this is done, the same aplicación will indicate the detailed steps to follow to configure your account.

Requirements to get the 20 euros from Zelf

You will have to meet the following requirements to be given 20 euros totally free:

  • Use a referral backlink (like ours).
  • Do the registration step.
  • Add the card to Google plus Pay or Apple.
  • Connect with a Steam account.
  • Make a recharge of 10 euros.
  • Do the verification process.

What cánido you do with the bank by Zelf courier?

Neo-banks are fully digital platforms that offer the same functions as a conventional bank.

The difference is that all processes are digital.

  • MasterCard: Zelf, is a platform of this type that combines messaging to facilitate access to users.

    With her you perro get a Mastercard card to make all kinds of purchases; from paying in restoranes, to using it to buy on Amazon or another en línea platform.

  • Cashback: Zelf includes a cashback system with which you cánido recover your money in the form of “bonuses” after having made a purchase of at least 10 euros.

All ages: Zelf is available to minors.

Which will make it much easier for you to give money to your son or daughter; if this is the case, obviously.

And to finish its utilities, we highlight that it has monthly limits; 150 euros for anonymous accounts and 3,000 euros if verified.

Zelf Bonuses: what are they and how do they work?

Zelf offers a cashback function that they have called “bonuses” within the platform.

These bonuses are the money that you are reimbursed for making purchases in shops or stores; both en línea and physical.

In addition, the earnings made by the people who have used your referral backlink are reflected there.

It should be noted that this money is refunded when you have made your first purchase with the Zelf card.

And to request it, You must send the command “Refund”, confirm the request and that’s it; but you should wait a couple of days before making the request, as it may take a while depending on the business where the purchase was made.

Plus Cashback: what conditions must I meet to use it?

Zelf’s cashback system it’s quite easy to understand.

However, to take full advantage of these features you will need to know the following information:

  • Money transfers and recharges to other aplicaciones with the card do not count towards requesting cashback.

    Only purchases are validated in stores real or en línea

  • The cashback system nothing else is valid for purchases greater than or equal to 10 euros.

  • To request a refund the purchase must be reflected in the plus area.

  • It is important that the transaction or purchase made not be older than 30 days.

In addition to these mentioned points, it is important to highlight that the money you get from cashback cannot be transferred.

It perro only be used to continue making purchases with your Zelf card.

Zelf cards: what are they and how to get them?

Zelf’s cards they are virtual, and like any habitual card, it perro be added to Google plus Play, Apple Wallet, among other platforms where you want to pay.

However, to fully unlock its usefulness you will have to do a KYC verification.

On the other hand, to get a Zelf Mastercard you only need to register on the platform with your phone number; You cánido do this through Messenger, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp or even Viber.

In a matter of minutes you will have it ready to use.

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs: perro they be bought and sold on Zelf?

Zelf seems to be a platform that supports the expansion of cryptocurrencies and the ecosystem in general; above all, that of NFTs and blockchain games.

Since, from their website they detalla that it is possible to buy non-fungible tokens or digital arts (NFTs) using Zelf.

To do this, you simply have to send the NFT command to the bot, and press the buy button.

In a matter of seconds, the backlink of the item you wish to buy will be requested, and the platform will make the purchase immediately once you have sent it; the best is that you will not need a wallet of cryptocurrencies to store your purchases.

It should be noted that Zelf is currently working to offer broad compatibility with the NFT markets.

Given that, only, it is possible to use it in OpenSea.

With regard to cryptocurrencies, it will suffice add the card details and amounts to the exchange where you want to deposit money to buy cryptocurrencies, and ready.

Zelf will take care of the rest.

Play to Earn on Zelf: what is it and how does it work?

You may not have known, but the Play to Earn model is also available on Zelf, but it is still under development.

In fact, they explain from the official website that they allow you earn money for connecting to your Steam account, as well as offering early access to a P2Y también-type Zelf game which will be out shortly.

However, in order to connect to your Steam account and enjoy all the benefits it is necessary that you have a suitable profile, and that meets the following requirements:

  • A public profile.
  • Elementos available for trade.
  • More than 10 hours of gameplay.
  • That does not have permanent exchange bans.
  • That it is a personal account and has not been connected to another Zelf account before.

If you still don’t know which games on Steam are available to be reflected in Zef’s inventory, here are a few: Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2, PUBG, Rust, Team Fortress, and others will be added soon.

Zelf Reviews: Is it safe and reliable or a scam?

The company Zelf is quite transparent, and in fact, all your tax information cánido be found on the net.

So, there is nothing to fear, especially since even your popular location is published.

In addition, it is found authorized by ACPR and on behalf of an electronic money company known as Treezor.

If you did not know it, Treezor is part of the Mastercard payment platform network; With this information, perhaps you cánido intuit that your money will be safe.

It should be noted that by having these data public, we perro intuit that they have nothing bad to hide.

However, if you need support or advice, you cánido always contact support through the following dirección de correo electrónico: [email protected].

Company data

  • Company Address: Audēju iela 15 – 4, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia.
  • Company number: 40203221719
  • Tradename: sia zelf
  • Activity: distributor of electronic money under articles l.525-8 following the financial and monetary code in the name and on behalf of Treezor.
  • Official Web site: www.zelf.co
  • Chat support: vía correo electrónico [email protected]

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 Opinions Zelf: what it is, how it works,
  Opinions Zelf: what it is, how it works,
  Opinions Zelf: what it is, how it works,

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