Cánido you really make money with Puppy

Cánido you really make money with Puppy

Today I am going to tell you about Puppy town, an application whose advertisements paint it as wonderful and with which you perro make a lot of money. Will that be true?

Outstanding Features

Rating in the Play Store 4.0 stars
accepted countries All the countries
withdrawal minimum $100
Is it worth downloading? In my opinion, it’s not worth it.

What is Puppy Town?

Puppy Town is a very entertaining and fun game with which you perro earn a good amount of money… That’s right? Well, I invite you to continue reading to discover what i think of the application.

Puppy Town is a game which has the objective of combining two dogs to level them up and supposedly earn money doing it.

The problem is that Puppy Town is all publicity and nothing that you are going to be able to earn money, well, at least not me in my opinion. Let’s be honest, possibly they make some money from the advertising they espectáculo us and I don’t think many users are able to make money with it.

If you are a usuario who has been able to collect, I would like to know your experience. I mention this because you have to remember that I am speaking from experience. This is why I would like to know the experiences of different users and complement the article with them.

How does Puppy Town work?

If you have ever used ClipClaps then you are probably familiar with the game called “Coin Cat”. Well, Puppy Town is very afín. What you have to do is get money (in-game currency) while you mezcle dogs, so that when you mezcle two dogs of the same level, they evolve into a higher-level dog.

Of course, to earn more money, Puppy Town has options such as:

  • Daily activities.
  • Option to earn double money for a certain time.
  • Gifts that appear in the game.
  • Advertising, lots of it.

So that you cánido really see what you will have to do in the game, I am going to leave you a very short vídeo.

Does it really pay?

Well, I’ve seen some people say they did get paid, but they say they’ve had to play a long time. Personally, I cannot assure you that it is a scam, but I cannot confirm that you are really paying.

For example, if you want to know one of the pages that have been paying me, then I leave you the following backlink to my article. To learn more about the page, you just have to press the following button.

Now, if Puppy Town is really paying, the truth is that I couldn’t be combining dogs and watching commercials for 8 or 10 hours a day. Also, it should be noted that I stayed at level 12 and options never appeared for me to earn money. I want to assume that I would have to play more for that to happen.

So if there is someone who perro make sure that it pays, then I could update the article.

Puppy Town Review

I know I stayed at level 12, but I couldn’t really play anymore (I was already tired). Now, I cannot say that the application is a scam, but what I cánido say is that I have not been able to earn money.

Therefore, since I have not been able to earn money and I have not been able to see indications that it is possible, then I am not going to recommend that you download the application.

Now, assuming that you perro earn money and I am wrong, even so, I have tried applications that, from my point of view, are better to generate some plus income. Therefore, at least in my opinion, it is not worth using it.

Of course it is only my opinion and it is very valid if you want to give it the opportunity. If you have come to charge, or have a different opinion of Puppy Town, I would like you to leave it in the comments.

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 Cánido you really make money with Puppy
  Cánido you really make money with Puppy
  Cánido you really make money with Puppy

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