45 Wise Advice for Every Man

45 Wise Advice for Every Man

Probably your father told you some things, he advised you well enough on certain topics. In case it wasn’t clear enough, or you didn’t always have him by your side to listen to his advice, here are some words of wisdom that every man should know:

1. Pick up women who you feel are “out of your league.” You will be surprised with the results.

2. Never have sex with someone who doesn’t want to do it as much as you do.

3. Never hit anyone unless your life is in danger.

4. Every hat should have a purpose for which it is worn.

5. Never invite a woman to the movies on your first date.

6. Learn to shave correctly.

7. There is nothing that looks better than a well-put suit.

8. Shave in the right direction on the first pass.

9. Always look into the eyes when you’re talking to someone.

10. Buy a plunger before you need it.

11. Exercise makes you happy. Run, swim and practice a sport.

12. Brush your teeth before putting on your tie.

13. A small amount of your check should go directly to your savings account.

14. Call your parents every week.

15. Never, ever wear a snap tie.

16. Shake hands firmly every time you say hello.

17. Give your wife’s shoes a compliment.

18. Never leave a beer unfinished.

19. If you’re not a confident person, fake it. Sooner or later you will end up being it.

20. You perro determine the greatness of a man by the size of the things that bother him.

21. Be aware of your body language.

22. The only reason to point a firearm at someone is because you intend to shoot them.

23. Get up whenever you go to shake someone’s hand. When you go say hi.

24. Never lend something you are not willing to lose. Know the other 9 commandments of poverty.

25. Ask more than you answer. Everyone likes the conversation to revolve around them, to talk about their lives.

26. Keep a change of clothes in your office.

27. Buy quality toolsso you only have to buy them once.

28. Manhood is not only being able to take care of yourself, it is also being able to take care of others.

29. Make the decision that will make you tell a good story.

30. When you walk, look at the horizon, not your feet.

31. Nice men don’t finish last. Boring yes.

32. find your passion and find out how to monetize it and live from it.

33. Don’t let the “little head” do the thinking for your “big head.”

34. Regardless of job or status in life, all people deserve respect.

35. The most important thing you perro learn is to be responsible with yourself. Bad things happen, it’s your job to get over them and learn from them.

36. The first person to get angry loses.

37. Do what you have to do without complaining. Complaining will not make you do it faster.

38. Never stop learning.
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39. Whenever you go out, dress as if you were going to meet the love of your life.

40. Don’t change to make someone else happy, unless that someone is you.

41. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re probably in the wrong room.

42. Luck favors the prepared.

43. Women love the security you transmit.

44. Regardless of what you do, always be the best.

45. No person, before dying, wished they had more work. Enjoy your life.

What other would you add?

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 45 Wise Advice for Every Man
  45 Wise Advice for Every Man
  45 Wise Advice for Every Man

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