5 Easy Ways to Look Smarter

5 Easy Ways to Look Smarter

We live in a world where the simplest details become enough reasons to make big decisions. A question, an answer, an attitude or an opinion perro have a great impact on our lives.

We all want to look better every day, be smarter, make an impact and have power. Not to impress others, but to generate change with our behavior and decisions.

To achieve this you do not have to go to transcendental decisions in your life, here are 5 fácil details to see yourself more intelligent and powerful:

The way you dress not only speaks about you, but also about the importance you give to the occasion. If you dress sportily for an important encuentro, this will speak of your little importance or comfort regarding the event.

It is not about buying expensive clothes and looking like the brand, it is about understanding the occasion and dressing especially for it. Your first impression is strongly influenced by the way you dress, all you have to do is wear your pajamas to your job interview to see this.

In short, the best advice is to dress every day as if you were going to meet the love of your life. Although dressing for a encuentro is not the same as for a party, this has nothing to do with dressing badly.

The most intelligent person is the one who issues opinions based on arguments, and not simply because it seems to him, or because it was the first iniciativa that came to his head. Be selective with the words that come out of your mouth; once they are outside you will not be able to control their outcome nor will you be able to return them.

Think about what you are going to say, justify your ideas and always have a broad perspective on the subject. This will not only make you look smarter, it will force you to seek other opinions and points of view.

The same goes for the questions you ask. If your intention with the question is to make yourself noticed, and not to answer an important or at least interesting question, don’t ask it. You look worse asking nonsense than staying silent.

Before asking a question, evaluate if the question you have will take the conversation to the next level, if it is necessary for you to understand what you are talking about, or if you perro simply wait to see if the other party resolves it later.

The questions have the ability to take you to a point where your arguments do not reach, this, as long as you ask the right questions.

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It’s not about talking harshly, it’s about having a good vocalization, speaking clearly, taking your time and managing a tone that is consistent with the conversation. This ranges from the words you use to the amount you use.

It is not the same to talk with a group of friends, than a encuentro at work or with a potential investor. While this depends a lot on how close and energetic you are with the other person, make sure you understand the tone and degree of trust.

The best way to espectáculo confidence is by knowing what you are talking about. This applies to your arguments and questions, if you don’t know what you’re talking about and they ask you a question you don’t know, your lack of experience will easily be discovered.

So if you’re looking to demonstrate confidence with your tone of voice, you should first do your homework to understand what you’re talking about and what the main points are.

There is nothing more complicated than dealing with a person who judges you, or assumes what you think, without even consulting you or asking for your opinion. If you are one of the people who does this, who judges under your “perfect” visión of life, you will have a lot of difficulties encuentro new people.

This would espectáculo that you do not have an open mind to meet new people, visions of life and ways to solve problems. If you want to look smart and powerful enough, practice the habit of kindness.

Give people time to espectáculo their best version, to espectáculo you their skills and abilities. Do not base yourself on a first impression to judge and criticize others.

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 5 Easy Ways to Look Smarter
  5 Easy Ways to Look Smarter
  5 Easy Ways to Look Smarter

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