Crypto win | Earn FREE satoshis daily

Crypto win | Earn FREE satoshis daily

Cryptowin It is a pay-per-clic page with which we cánido get free bitcoins in different ways.

In addition to the ads section, Cryptowin has a section for paid surveys, another with games and even a section in which we cánido invest the earnings in low-value shares and receive interest in return.

The general operation of the site is very fácil but, so that there is no doubt, we will review all the points from start to finish.

From how to create a free Cryptowin account to how to request payments and receive satoshis in Faucetpay.

Let’s go mess!

What is Cryptowin was officially launched on July 18, 2020.

The format of the site is like that of most of PTC to earn free bitcoins.

As we will see throughout the tutorial, Cryptowin has several sections with which we perro obtain satoshis.

The most interesting thing about this PTC is that it has a very low minimum payment if we request payments through Faucetpay.

In this way, we perro receive payments from as little as 200 satoshis, an amount that we perro get in the same day.

Cryptowin is 100% reliable.

Checked! Otherwise I would not recommend it or make this guide.

Registration in Cryptowin

Now that we know what Cryptowin consists of, we are going to create our own account.

So we perro see in depth all the options that it offers us to generate profits.

To do this, if you want, you perro clic on the button below, which will take you directly to the PTC home page.

Already on the cover, we go down a little and clic on the orange button that says “Earn Now”, which will redirect us to the registration form.

In this form we have to provide a nombre de usuario, an correo electrónico address and a password.

Free registration in the PTC

Optionally, we perro also add the address of the BTC wallet through which we are going to withdraw future earnings.

But it is something that, once registered, we perro modify.

Finally, we lower the screen, solve the recaptcha and clic on “Create Account”.

If everything has gone correctly, after a few seconds we will receive an correo electrónico to the correo electrónico address that we have previously provided.

When we open it, we will see a backlink inside.

We will only have to clic on that backlink and our account will be confirmed.

Now we are ready to start earning satoshis in Cryptowin!

How Crypto win works

As soon as we access our account in Cryptowin We will see a main screen or Dashboard.

And at the top, a menu with different sections.

Regarding the Dashboard, we will see it in more detail later, but it will be the screen from which we perro see our cómputo, request payments, activate the referral system, etcétera.

On the other hand, we find the top menu made up of nine sections.

In Cryptowin there are some free sections and others that require a prior investment.

Let’s see it.


Following the same order in which each section appears in the menu:

dashboard » Main screen from which we cánido see our cómputo and request payments, among other things.

earn interest » Investment section in shares with a return of 126%.

award » Cryptowin faucet in which we perro earn plus satoshis every 15 minutes.

View Ads » The typical section in which we perro earn free bitcoins by watching ads.

Lottery » Cryptowin has a lottery in which we perro win a prize in BTC.

To participate we need tiques, which we obtain by claiming in the faucet or buying them.

BTC Multiply » Game of oportunidad in which we perro place bets and double (or divide) our winnings.

offer wall » Walls of offers in which we will earn bitcoin by answering surveys, completing offers, registering on platforms, etcétera.

advertise » Section from which we cánido buy advertising and promote other faucets or PTC.

Profile » In our Cryptowin profile we perro modify personal data such as our correo electrónico, password or the address of the bitcoin wallet in which we want to withdraw the profits.

Earn bitcoins in Cryptowin

In Cryptowin we perro earn bitcoin in several ways.

Some of them are completely free but there are others in which we have to invest money.

Whether it’s buying shares, lottery tiques or gambling.

like meMy recommendation is to use Cryptowin to earn bitcoin without investing, I will start by explaining in the first place how to earn free bitcoins in this ptc.

And then, we will review the rest of the sections to know perfectly how they work.

Cryptowin Faucet

section of “Rewards” is the one that refers to the Cryptowin faucet and is 100% free.

In this faucet we cánido request a claim every 15 minutes.

As regards the prizes, these currently range between 1 and 5 satoshis.

To claim in the faucet you just have to clic on “Get Rewards”solve the recaptcha that appears and clic on “Claim Now”.

Every time we claim in the faucet we get satoshis and lottery tiques.

paid ads

Same as occurs in CoinPayU either adbtcin Cryptowin we cánido earn satoshis by watching PTC ads.

Depending on the day there are more or less announcements, although there are always more than five of values ​​between 1 and 5 satoshis.

The highest paying ads are those with the longest exposure time.

The two ads I espectáculo below last 10 seconds and we receive a reward of 1 satoshi for each one.

To view an ad, clic on «Open Ad».

We wait a few seconds and then, randomly, a button will appear.

start somewhere on the screen.

As soon as we locate it, clic on it and a new window will open with the ad in question.

If we go back to the PTC window, we will see how the 10 second countdown has been activated.

And as soon as it reaches zero, the system will redirect us back to the Cryptowin ads section and they will add the corresponding earnings to the cómputo.

Now we perro continue with the rest of the ads following the same steps!

Update – At this moment Cryptowin’s paid ads section is paralyzed.

As soon as they solve the problems they have in this section, they will restore them.

offer walls

In PTC pages like Cryptowin, the offer walls are a main element in which we perro generate very good profits.

This PTC has a total of 9 offer walls right now.

Thanks to these walls we will get significant amounts of satoshis by answering paid surveys, completing offers, playing and testing applications, etcétera.

There are some conditions that should be taken into account when working on the Cryptowin offer walls.

They are the following:

– Every time we complete an offer or answer a survey we will receive CryptoCoins.

– We perro exchange CryptoCoins for satoshis, following the rule that each 1 CryptoCoin is equivalent to 0.12 satoshis.

– The minimum exchange is very low since we perro carry it out from 100 CryptoCoins, with a value equivalent to 12 satoshis.

– The exchange of CryptoCoins for bitcoins cánido take up to five days.

Once the redemption of points has been processed, the satoshis will be automatically assigned to the cómputo as soon as the pertinent checks are made.


As we have seen before, in Cryptowin there is also a lottery in which we cánido win plus satoshis.

The best option is to get tiques for free in the faucet, but there is also the possibility of buying more whenever we want.

Each participation has a cost of 1 satoshi.

As regards the prizes, they depend on the amount of satoshis that are collected from the sale of tiques.

And once the jackpot is known, it is divided among three winners: the first to win the biggest prize and the third the smallest.

Disclaimer: This article is merely informative and in no case is it a purchase or investment advice.

In this blog we only use free sites in which it is not necessary to invest in order to obtain small profits.

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, speculative, complex and involve significant risks, and you may even lose all your capital if you invest.

Consider your personal circumstances and do your own research.

For more information do clic here.

Other ways to earn satoshis in Cryptowin

So far we have talked about the free ways that Cryptowin makes available to us to earn satoshis.

However, we are going to review the sections of the upper menu in which, to earn more bitcoins, we have to risk money from our cómputo.

Let’s see what each especial section is about.

Investment in shares

In the tab of “Earn Interest” we have the option to invest in packages and obtain a return of 126%.

Each package costs 1,000 satoshis and matures after 180 days, giving us a total return of 1,260 satoshis.

In this way, each day we receive 0.7%.

Or what is the same, 7 daily satoshis per package until the 180 days elapse.

Multiply BTC Game

The Multiply BTC is an increasingly widespread game of oportunidad in faucets and PTC bitcoin.

Probably the first faucet to incorporate this type of game was the habitual bitcoin.

It is about betting a number of satoshis and predicting if the number that will come out will be higher or lower than the amount established by the upper and lower ranges.

Crypto win pays

As we work on the different sections of Cryptowin, we will accumulate satoshis on the cómputo sheet.

And when the time comes, we cánido withdraw the profits.

It is important to note that Crypto win pays through Faucetpay or directly to bitcoin wallet.

Taking this into account, we must know the conditions of both withdrawal methods and assess which one we are most interested in using.

Let’s see:

✅ Payments in Faucetpay – The minimum amount required is 200 satoshis, fees do not apply and payments are immediate.

✅ Direct payments to BTC wallet – The minimum payment is 15,000 satoshis, a commission of 200 satoshis applies and the delay time depends on the blockchain network.

It is best to process all payments through the FaucetPay microwallet.

Request a payment in Cryptowin

To withdraw the earnings in Cryptowin we will only have to follow these steps:


First of all we go to Dashboard and locate the green button “Withdraw” which we see in the image above.


By clicking on the button, a window will appear in which we will have to select a payment method.

Whether we charge by Faucetpay or directly to our wallet, we will have to write down the address of the bitcoin wallet in question.

Next, we select «Direct» either «Faucetpay» in the second box and write down the amount of satoshis to collect in the third.


Finally, in the fourth box we will write down our access password to Cryptowin.

And finally, we clic on Withdraw BTC.

From Faucetpay we cánido send our cryptocurrencies to wallets such as coinbaseexchange them for euros, dollars or the local currency of our country and collect the money through Paypal.

Main features of Cryptowin

We already know how Cryptowin works completely, so it is worth stopping for a few seconds and assessing the strengths of this PTC.

In this way, we cánido get the most out of it and maximize our profits.

The way I see it, these are the highlights:

» Cryptowin it’s totally free and thatFor those of you who already know me, you know that it is essential for me to recommend a page.

In addition to the ads and the faucet, we also have the offer walls, in which we cánido obtain notable profits if we work them correctly.

» There is a very relevant aspecto that makes it a very attractive PTC to work with and that is that it only requires us to reach 200 satoshis to be able to collect.

An amount that we perro get leftovers by answering a survey, for example.

» Non-free sections carry an added risk of losing part or all of our winnings.

It is very important to read all the conditions and know exactly where we are putting our money.

Great care!

» Cryptowin has a one level referral system.

So that for each claim that one of our referrals makes in the faucet, we will receive 50% of the prize that they have obtained.

The recommendation backlink cánido be found in the Dashboard.

Cryptowin Reviews

Cryptowin is a fácil PTC with which we perro easily generate satoshis without having to invest anything.

I have been using PTCs for a long time, years, with the aim of accumulating as much cryptocurrency as possible.

The purpose is none other than to sell when the price of each one reaches an adequate price… but in the meantime, pages like Cryptowin They come from fable to me as long as I continue accumulating.

As I have said many times, for me, the economic future of the world will revolve around cryptocurrencies.

And accumulating and holding a part of the profits that we obtain in PTCs, faucets, games and other systems, perro be very beneficial in a few years.

In the blog you will find detailed information about more than 30 free systems with which earn cryptocurrencies without investing.

And so far we have come with the tutorial on Cryptowin.

If you liked the PTC and you want to start earning free bitcoin, I would really appreciate it if you registered as my referrals by clicking on the button below.

As always, if there is any doubt, you cánido use the comments and I will help you in any way I cánido.

Additionally, if you want to be aware of the latest sites that I am discovering, do not forget to follow me on the popular networks of Twitter, Fb and Youtube.

Until next time and hit bitcoin!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

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 Crypto win |  Earn FREE satoshis daily
  Crypto win |  Earn FREE satoshis daily
  Crypto win |  Earn FREE satoshis daily

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