BigTime Aplicación | Application that PAY to PLAY

BigTime Aplicación | Application that PAY to PLAY

BigTime is a mobile aplicación that pay to play. It has more than 15 games, so there are games for all tastes. The most interesting thing about BigTime is that every time we play we are rewarded with tiques. Tiques that we cánido later exchange for money in Paypal. As relevant information, I want to highlight that BigTime belongs to the company WinR Games Inc. Established on July 1, 2014 in Toronto, United States. Nowadays, any of us have downloaded one or more aplicaciones on our mobile phones to pass the time playing. Why not play bigtime and get paid thus? Well let’s go to trouble.

BigTime is 100% reliable, totally free and cánido be used by users all over the world.

Registration in BigTime Aplicación

The BigTime aplicación is only operational for iOS and Android devices. If we have a mobile that works with one of these two operating systems, we will have to proceed as we usually do when we download other applications. You have two options. The easiest is by clicking on the button below, downloading the aplicación and installing it on our mobile. Or go directly to the Playstore and search “Big Time Aplicación”.

go to google play store

Once downloaded and installed on our device, we will only have to access it. The first time we do it, we will skip a registration form in which we will have to provide an correo electrónico address and a password. As soon as we complete and submit the form, they will send us a welcome correo electrónico inviting us to play with the application. As soon as we entrar we will see the following:

In this screenshot from my BigTime account you perro see the general view of the application. From this screen we will have access to the games, to some general statistics of the application and to the sections that will allow us to exchange the tiques for money.

At BigTime we perro use the tiques to exchange them for money. Every 10,000 tiques equals $0.10.

How BigTime Aplicación works

The truth is that the application of BigTime is quite fácil and intuitive. In the previous image it showed the first view when we access our account. Apart from the games, the tiques that we have in the cómputo and the accumulated jackpot for this week’s draw, there are 5 more sections. In each one we will find:

Bank » In this section we perro save all the tiques that we want to exchange for money. All we have to do is select the ones we want to keep in the safe.

raffle winners » Every time a usuario wins one of the BigTime raffles they publish it in this section. We perro see both the usuario and the amount that has been taken.

offer walls » Another of the options that the application offers us to get additional tiques is downloading and testing applications, viewing vídeos, etcétera.

My account » From here we will access tutorials and a list of frequently asked questions made by users of BigTime Aplicación. In addition, we perro modify our data.

Purse » In the purse we cánido exchange the tiques for money by clicking on the dollar symbol. We may also request that they pay us through Paypal.

Now that we know how BigTime works, it’s the time to win tiques.

Earn money and tiques in BigTime Aplicación

In BigTime there are four ways to get free tiques:

Games There are more than thirty games available both to have fun and to win tiques. In all of them we start from a basic level and it gets more complicated as we go through phases. My advice is that if you come across a fun game that you control, get the most out of it. Take the opportunity to get all the tiques you cánido. To me, the one I like the most is the Chrono Mezcle.

offer walls As in almost all aplicaciones to earn money, in BigTime you cánido also get free tiques by completing surveys, watching vídeos, answering surveys or trying applications. All these options will be found in the wall of offers.

Daily bonuses ⏩ In addition to getting tiques by playing or completing an offer, the aplicación rewards us with two bonuses every day. The first is given to us the first time we access the aplicación after restarting the server. It consists of a random plus that goes from 1000 tiques to 2500. The second is the Daily Bonusesa roulette wheel in which we have to choose between one of the options and we cánido get tiques or multiplier bonuses called Mega Booster!.

inviting our friends For every friend who downloads the aplicación and emplees our code, we will receive money and tiques as a reward. At the same time, he will also get plus tiques. All he has to do is download the aplicación, go to “My account”then to “Invitation code” and write down our invitation code. This code is personal and we will find it in «My account >> Invite friends».

If after downloading the application you entrar the code RATC8 they will give you 2500 plus tiques.

BigTime pays and is reliable

Is BigTime still paying today? Of course. BigTime Aplicación allows us to withdraw when we reach $10 in cómputo. We cánido get that money by exchanging tiques for money, or by inviting our friends to play with the application. What I like the most is that you cánido collect on Paypal. In fact, like BigTime pays in Canadian dollarswhen receiving money in Paypal they will give us the option to exchange those Canadian dollars for euros, dollars or the currency that suits us best.

How to request a payment

After reaching $10, we only have to follow three fácil steps to request a withdrawal. Are these:

» First of all we will go to the Purse section.

» We select the third option, in which the Paypal logotipo appears.

» We entrar the correo electrónico that we have associated with our Paypal account. And finally, we accept the payment.

Now we will only have to wait. BigTime perro take up to 10 days to process the payment, although it usually takes less. Five days later I already had the money in Paypal.

Main features of Big Time Aplicación

The most relevant features of the BigTime application are the ones that I detalla below:

✅ The BigTime aplicación is exclusively available for iOS or Android devices. And we perro play with it from anywhere in the world.

✅ We perro withdraw the money from Purse by Paypal. The minimum amount required to request a payout on BigTime is $10.

✅ Every 1000 tiques we get on BigTime equals $0.01. We perro keep them in Banking and thus we will prevent them from becoming raffle entries. As soon as we have saved 10,000 tiques in the Bank, we perro redeem them for $0.10 in the Wallet.

✅ Each usuario who registers in BigTime and enters a valid invitation code will receive 2500 plus tiques. If you want, you perro entrar my code RATC8 and get your first 2500 tiques.

✅ We start at zero level. As we play and earn tiques, we earn experience points that allow us to level up and have access to new games. Every time we level up we are rewarded with a temporary plus called Mega Booster!This plus doubles, triples or quadruples the tiques we win during a certain period of time.

For each friend who enters our invitation code, they reward us with 2,500 plus tiques and $0.10.

BigTime Aplicación Reviews

With BigTime we add another reliable application with which to earn money with your mobile. On the blog I have talked about how earn money playing with pages like My Profit Land. We have also seen different reliable pages of reliable paid surveys with which to continue adding. And we have even evaluated dozens of faucets and PTCs with which get free cryptocurrency If we already earn money with the PC, what better alternative than to do it with our mobile? It is a device that we carry 24 hours in our pocket. And if on top of that we use applications like this one, which allow us to earn money for playing, then all the better. Do not you think?

In a moment of waiting or boredom we cánido play with bigtimeget tiques and earn money.

If you want to try the aplicación, I would appreciate if you entrar my invitation code after downloading and installing it on your mobile. That way we will both win and add plus tiques.

Before saying goodbye, you already know that if you have any doubts regarding the bigtime working, you cánido leave me a comment below, write to me through the Contact tab of the blog or locate me through popular networks. I hope you like BigTime!! Until next time.

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 BigTime Aplicación |  Application that PAY to PLAY
  BigTime Aplicación |  Application that PAY to PLAY
  BigTime Aplicación |  Application that PAY to PLAY

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