Earn Money with Sponsored Articulo in

Earn Money with Sponsored Articulo in

publisuites It is one of those platforms little known by many people outside of Spainin it we cánido earn money with sponsored postsThat’s right, if you didn’t know, let’s see everything that this new company offers us.

Main Features of Publisuites

  • Assessment: Excellent
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and Bank Transfer (Only for Spain)
  • Paydays: Diary
  • Minimum charge: $5 dollar
  • Languages: Spanish, English, Italian and French
  • Referral system: Yes, you earn 5% from publishers and advertisers
  • It works for everyone: Yes, anyone perro participate

What is Publisuites and how does it work?

Basically it is a advertising network either marketplacewhere bloggers, editors, companies, advertisers and anyone who has an active account on popular networks perro participate, in order to establish business relationships.

All this through the purchase and reviews salesponsored articles and mentions in the main popular networks such as Fb, instagram and Twitter.

Publisuites Ideal For Our Projects

On this platform we cánido not only generate income with our website and popular networks, if we know how to use this company correctly, we cánido use it to promote our personal projects or those of our clients.

Registration in Publisuites

To use this platform, the first thing is to register on it, we entrar the official page and we we registerwe fill in all the requested information, keep in mind that you cánido register as editor or as advertiser.

As Editors

If we are looking to earn money with Publisuites then we register as publishers, the requirement is to have at least one blog or web page, it is recommended that it be positioned so that you perro get sponsors.

You perro also earn with your popular networks, if you have a Fb, Instagram and Twitter account you perro take advantage of it, the requirement is to have a minimum of 1,000 followers in them so that you cánido participate with each account.

As Advertisers

If you have a web project and you want to promote it or make it known, then you register as advertisers, you perro buy backlinks and reviews, this to help the SEO from your website.

You cánido also acquire quality traffic and visibility on the aforementioned popular networks such as Fb, Instagram and Twitter for your business or for the project of a client with whom you are working and needs these services.

Earn Money with Sponsored Articulo

Once registered as an editor, we go to our usuario panel and add our blog and popular networks that we are going to use, you perro add all the accounts you have.

After you have added your website and popular networks, you just have to wait for the sponsorships to arrive, the better positioned the weblogs you add are and the more followers you have on your popular networks, the more requests you will receive.

Publisuites Pay

We are talking about a company or company, it is not just a platform to generate money, it is much more than that, publisuites pay and it continues to pay all its users without a problem, so far it is one of the most stable companies to work for en línea.

Publisuites Proof of Payment

This Publisuites company has proof of paymentyou perro review and check by entering YouTube, if you type “Publisuites proof of payment” you will see all the users who have uploaded their payments.

Themes Accepted in Publisuites

The good thing about this platform is that it accepts a number of themes, so your website and networks will have no problem being accepted. These are the themes that Publisuites works with:

  • Love
  • Largometraje and television
  • Cooking, recipes and gastronomy
  • Curiosities, humor and leisure
  • Sports
  • downloads
  • economy and insurance
  • Education and culture
  • erotic and sex
  • Photography
  • Home, decoration and DIY
  • Informatic and tecnology
  • jewelry and watches
  • games and casino
  • Books
  • Marketing, SEO and popular networks
  • Pets
  • Music
  • Miscellaneous
  • fashion and beauty
  • Motor, cars and motorcycles
  • Women, babies and children
  • nature and ecology
  • news and politics
  • personal
  • religion and mystic
  • Health
  • Mobile telephony and applications
  • Travels and tourism

Publisuites Affiliate System

Publisuites has a affiliate system like many companies where we cánido generate income, in this case we are going to earn only 5% of our affiliates, either from publishers or advertisers.

If you have a YouTube channel or a Fb FanPage, you perro create an article or vídeo promoting this company, with the iniciativa of ​​getting many referrals, this perro help you double your monthly income.

Publisuites Vídeo tutorial

Publisuites Reviews

It is an excellent platform to earn money, one point against it is that we cannot control the profits that we cánido have, unlike other companies in which we cánido escoge how much money to earnWe perro’t do it here.

It is possible that in one month you will receive 5 offers and in the next you will not receive anything, since this company does not have control of that, it would be to earn something plus and not to depend on it.

Publisuites Recommendations

If you are going to work with this company Publisuites, I recommend that you register all the weblogs you have, if you have several popular network accounts it is recommended that you add them all, this is so that you have a better oportunidad of receiving more requests each month.

In this way, it is possible that you receive between 5 and 15 sponsored posts each month, the key here is to have several websites and networks to register and get more offers.

if you are a influencers You already have a good salary guaranteed, since you will receive many requests from advertisers to promote their services and products with you. Sign up here.

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 Earn Money with Sponsored Articulo in
  Earn Money with Sponsored Articulo in
  Earn Money with Sponsored Articulo in

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