How to have a successful interview

How to have a successful interview

It is no secret to anyone that going to a job interview cánido be a stressful task and at the same time a limiting aspecto that will completely change your life.

Today, with the constant advancement of society, these well-known interviews have changed significantly since the vast majority are already through virtual media.

However, the concept of interview has not changed, and it is that although it is true that it is something that generates anxiety, it is the first step that must be taken when looking for get a new job or apply for a position.

How to have a job interview

In many largos it has been shown how a job interview, but until you have to experience it firsthand, you do not know everything that this implies, from nerves, doubts, fear of saying something wrong or the most feared, not being hired. For this reason it is important that you always report on what this implies to know how to deal with it.

Job interviews are very important if you want to get a job, and it is that they are the direct pass to employment, or in its counterpart, the rebound of the job. dream job. In the 21st century there are still people who are unaware of the fact that going to an interview to apply for a job is what will determine if you will be hired or not.

How to respond in a job interview

Although many of these meetings scheduled with the HR manager they cánido vary, that is to say, they do not all ask the same thing or are given in the same job site, each of them has the common purpose of determining if a job will be obtained or not.

In general, the nerves that perro arise are caused by not knowing how to react to each question or by not knowing what the right clothes are, because in a job intervieweven these smallest details are important, so you must be sure of yourself and respond with full confidence as one who dominates his area.

Types of job interview

Interviews cánido be classified according to their purpose or purpose, in this list you will see some types of interviews that we have organized as follows:

  1. of preselection
  2. Of selection
  3. final interview
  4. structured interview
  5. Free
  6. semi-structured
  7. By skills
  8. Staff
  9. group

How to succeed in a job interview

Whether it is your first interview or the fifth you are going to, you should always keep in mind that not all interviews imply the same thing, with this it is meant that the level of professionalism may vary, the interviewer’s mood may not always be the best , the questions never have an order or follow a rule, and for this reason you should always take into account these aspects:

Prepare before the interview

This is probably one of the most important aspects when going to an interview but at the same time the most forgotten.

Keep in mind that a job interview is not exclusive for you, just like you there are several applicants waiting to be hired, and for this reason you must be prepared for each question but at the same time be sufficiently informed about the company in which you you want to work and what the job that is vacant entails.

Only in this way, no question will take you by surprise for not knowing the answer. Of course, the only thing you do not fully know is the company, so inquiring a little about it before conducting the interview is essential.

Have a presentable sintetiza on hand

Although it is true that the basis of the interview is clearly to talk, many of the questions that may be asked will come from what your CV exhibit, that is why you should never forget to bring your sintetiza presentable, that is, without wrinkles, scratches or on old sheets.

It is very important that you know it to the letter and that you have not lied in any item to avoid being left blank or getting nervous when they ask you a question regarding your computer skills or your command of other languages.

A sintetiza is the written extension of who you are, for this reason it must reflect professionalism, sincerity and, of course, the ability to work in the position for which you are being interviewed.

Watch your oral and body language

Although going to an interview for ask for a job It perro be somewhat stressful and generate anxiety, you cannot externalize this when you are face to face with the interviewer.

It is important to mention that there must always be a cómputo between professionalism and relaxation, with this it is meant that an interview does not have to be something robotic.

Showing security and confidence, but always from a professional and objective point of view, is very important when being interviewed, since there the interviewer will be able to realize who you really are.

On the other hand, the personal language says much more than a thousand words, if you are nervous, it will be evident at first glance, so you should always look for a relaxed but serious posture and avoid expressions that perro be misinterpreted.

Clothes are the visual expression of who you are

When you talk about job interview The first thing that comes to mind is the wardrobe that perro be used, and yes, clothes play a primordial role when it comes to going to an interview and making a good impression.

Regardless of the job you want to apply for, you should always look for appropriate clothing that denotes seriousness and professionalism. Clothes that are stained, wrinkled or with holes say a lot about the care that the person takes of himself, and if what you want is to give a good impression of yourself, you must take great care of this.

Personal hygiene

You should never go to an interview to get a job scruffy and just got up, this says a lot about how careful you are about your image, if you don’t take care of yourself, how perro you be responsible for the position? Without a doubt, you should take great care in how you wear your hair, use good deodorants and avoid appearing scruffy.

What things should I avoid when being interviewed?

Just as there are things that you should do or take into account when going to an interview, there are things that you should simply avoid at all costs:

  • Tutor the interviewer.
  • Talk very fast and nervous.
  • Be ipuntual.
  • Choosing inappropriate clothing.
  • Do not carry prior knowledge of the position or the company.

Taking into account what you should and should not do when it comes to getting a job, you just have to follow the advice to the letter and prepare for your next interview.

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 How to have a successful interview
  How to have a successful interview
  How to have a successful interview

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