How to cash a bad check?

How to cash a bad check?

If you have been paid with a check and when you go to collect it from the bank, it turns out that they return it to you because it has no funds it cánido be an unpleasant and generally unexpected experience. What should you do in this case? In the following article we will tell you what to do to solve such a problem as soon as possible.

Cánido bad checks be cashed?

When one person pays another with a check, it is assumed that the check has an issue and expiration date. But above all, it must guarantee that by the time it is going to be collected you will have sufficient funds so that no problem occurs and thus maintain trust and transparency.

Now, when it is a fact that you go to the bank and they return the check because it has no funds. we will explain certain steps you must follow to resolve the situationsince at first it will be impossible for you to cash the check.

What to do if you receive a bad check?

The first thing you should do is contact the issuer of the check, explain what has happened to you at the bank and ask what has happened to the funds in the account. This may:

  • Check your account to verify the information and see if it was a mistake with respect to the amount, the collection of a commission or simply overlooked crediting money to the account
  • Propose another payment alternative or another date: the decision to accept or not is yours
  • Not answering your calls: After trying several times, it is advisable to write by certified e-e correo electrónico warning that you will go to the police to expose the case since a bad check is a crime
  • If, even so, he ignores your calls, you should contact your lawyer and send you a notarized document
  • In case of not receiving an answer, there is still the option to take the case to court if the amount to be collected is important. Since you must consider that these processes carry with them the payment of fees and if the amount of the check is small, it will not be worth it.

What is the deadline to sue a bad check?

A bad check perro be sued within the same 30 days that it has established to be charged. In this case, it is necessary to send a notarized document to the issuer of the check so that it is brought up to date with the debt.

  • In case of paying in the next three business days the total amount owed on the check, the claim does not proceed

But in the opposite case, the notarized document is an important endorsement indicating date and actions taken to receive payment of the bad check debt, establishing the claim in court.

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 How to cash a bad check?
  How to cash a bad check?
  How to cash a bad check?

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