Which banks provide Credit Card

Which banks provide Credit Card

Currently, most banks offer you Credit cards Free.

Conditions change from one to another, something you have to watch very carefully.

Keep in mind that these types of cards require certain interest and commissions.

Compare and analyze the alternatives before signing any contract.

Here we are going to help you with all the information possible, so that your choice is well conscious.

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What are the best Free Credit Cards?

Are you looking for a Free Credit Card, but you do not know what you should take into account to choose the one that best suits you.

Keep reading and we will tell you everything you need to know about this topic.

You will be able to know them in detail and compare all their characteristics.

There are many financial institutions that have brought this product to the market.

In exchange for you having a bank account with them, it’s clear… All that glitters is not gold.

All Free credit cards We will name the best ones, the ones that give you the most benefits to use:

For this Bankia stands out with his proposals, because he has designed 4 Cards of this type:

❯❯❯ The Card_On It is ideal for people who manage everything en línea.

As long as you have your En línea profile and a Account_On with them, you already meet all the necessary requirements.

This card perro be used outside the country, and allows you to withdraw money 2 times a month.

Includes a AXA insurance for your purchases completely free.

you have some discounts at gas stations from Spain, and if you need to rent a car you have a 15% discount with Hertz using your personal code.

If you escoge domicile your salary or pension you extend the benefits, because it allows you withdraw money to debit without costand do until 4 withdrawals per month, also without interest or commissions, at the ATMs of associated banks.

❯❯❯ The Gold Credit Card offers you even more benefits, including discounts and services.

The credit limit to buy or to withdraw cash from ATMs is extended to €2500.

Includes a free accident insurance, which covers up to 600,000 euros.

You cánido also add a insurance for your trips.

With this card you also have discounts at gas stations within Spain and the 15% discount if you rent with Hertz.

❯❯❯ The Flex Card it is designed to adapt to you.

You have a credit limit for above €600, that you perro pay in the installments you escoge or in a single payment.

As long as you use it, at least once a year, you cánido have it for free, otherwise, its cost is €34 per year.

Another opportunity that Bankia offers you is the service money now.

When you need liquidity urgently, you perro transfer it from your account bank to card, or withdraw it on credit.

For it to be a free service, you have to pay the amount on the 1st of the following month, or in the installments that you have stipulated with the bank.

❯❯❯ WiZink offers his Wizink Gold Credit Card.

It is one of the options for those who do not want to change banks, but do have a card at 0 cost.

To manage it, you only have to communicate by phone with the entity.

Once approved, your limit of credit be from €6000.

The requirements to have this card are:

  • You have to point the bank account from which payments will be made per month to the credit you use with WiZink.
  • You have to be adult.
  • You have to accredit what do you have fixed income monthly.

This card does not have No issuance or maintenance fee.

In addition, whenever you pay at the end of the month what you have spent on your purchases, you will have 0 additional cost, in the same way if you withdraw money on debit.

On the other hand, if you delay your payment in installments, an interest of 24% TIN will be applied to you.

And, if you withdraw money on credit through an ATM, the commission that applies is 4.5%

Also higher commissions apply in exceptional caseshow to be:

  • emergency card
  • additional card
  • Opening a deferred payment
  • Cancel a deferred payment early
  • Claim of an unpaid fee
  • Exceed your credit limit

Another financial entity that offers Free Credit Card is EVO.

And, just like WiZink, you perro also have this card without changing bankWhether you have a bank account with them or not, you cánido obtain this card without any issuance or maintenance cost.

Look at the possibilities it gives you:

  • You perro withdraw money in cash up to €5000
  • Transfer money to your bank account linked, up to 80% of the available credit limit, with an APR of 21%
  • perform up 23 daily operations
  • you perro do up 3 credit withdrawalsup to €3,000 per day
  • Refund your deferred purchases returns 1% of the purchase made
  • there may be two headlines associated with the card
  • you have various types of insurance such as purchase protection, accident and travel protection, emergency assistance

This card is managed through the EVO website, with your personal data.

From the entity they communicate to confirm data and give official form to your request.

The requirements that imposes EVO to process your card are:

  • you have to have between 22 and 65 years
  • Be resident in Spain
  • be the holder of a bank account in Spain
  • have a valid identity document
  • Be the owner of a mobile phone line

Payments of your credit expenses cánido be made at the end of the month or deferred in installments.

Always confirm, before the end of the month, the payment method you choose.

A very recent card on the market is the YOU Credit Card.

You perro have a bank account with this entity and you automatically receive your card.

In this way, you avoid making plus requests.

Or, otherwise, you cánido manage it and associate another bank account that you have.

This card has no annual cost.

What are its benefits?

  • Cánido withdraw cash no commission cost
  • Your purchases outside of Spain they do not have commissions
  • You cánido do your shopping with contactless payment
  • you have a free credit up to 7 weeks
  • Includes travel insurance Without aditional costs
  • your service Customer Support It is 24 hours
  • you cánido do all your management by web or by Aplicación
  • You will receive all your invoices by correo electrónico

How to have a Free Credit Card without changing Bank?

In case you need a Free credit card, without changing your account banking, here you will find all the information.

The main thing is to know that this opportunity does exist, and that it is offered by many banking entities.

However, you have to keep in mind that the costs and commissions that are associated with deferred payments are too high.

That is, if you pay for your purchases within the current month, you do not have added costs.

But, if you delay the following payments, or withdraw money on credit, you will find yourself with the commented interest.

you always have to review the conditions of use and costs and interestsin the contract you sign with the entity.

Generally, requesting a card with these conditions is usually very fácil, and its very fast approval.

demand few requirementsage, associate a bank account, demonstrate fixed monthly income, documentation in order, official residence in Spain and little else.Its management perro be complete en línea, through the Web of the entity or, through its aplicación by mobile.

All the transactions you make are secure and allow you to control your movements at all times.

What are the En línea Banks with Free Credit Card?

For those of us who do most of our business en línea, there are the Free Credit Cards, from banks exclusively en línea.

❯❯❯ openbank It is the en línea face of Banco Santander.

All the procedures are done through your Mobile aplicación or through your websiteand they are completely safe.

You perro also use Santander ATMs to withdraw or deposit money.

You receive mensaje de texto messages of all the payments you make with your card.

In addition, you have free accident insurance for your trips, even if they are on public transport.

This card It has no commissions or cost for issuance or renewal.

The condition is that:

  • Direct deposit your salary, your pension or have regular income of at least €900
  • You use the card once a month or choose the option Payment postponed

Otherwise, the cost of renewing the card is €2 per month.

Perro pay your expenses monthly in a single paymentin fixed installments or variable installments.

You cánido too put off a purchase or a payment from your account.

This card is associated with VISAwith which you cánido cover a large number of businesses, because it is one of the most used cards in the world.

In all cases you cánido pay through Contactless, bringing your card to the business dataphone.

In all cases, you will be required to secret PIN.

❯❯❯ Ing direct It is one of the best-known en línea entities that has won the market in a short time.

They are a safe and trustworthy entity.

With them you cánido have your Free Credit Card en línea, paying your expenses as you want.

You perro choose between these two forms of paymentand switch from one to the other as many times as you need:

  • You cánido pay the monthly amount of your card at the end of the month.
  • Or, pay in installments the fee you need between 3, 6, 12 or 18 months, for purchases over €90.

    In this case, 17.48% TIN, 18.95% APR1 is applied.

Another possibility that this card gives you is to postpone the payment of your taxes, insurance, gas and electricity bills.

With the ING Debit and Credit cards you do not have any type of commissions.

Are free every year that you have them

You perro pay everything through your mobile.

If you are from iPhone you have to do it through Apple Pay.

And if you are Android, you perro do it with Google plus Pay.

Another advantage is that you get 3% returns for your payments in Galp and Shell gas stations.

So far we have come up with the best proposals that the market offers you to access a free Credit Card, without changing banks, and even en línea.

The facilities and advantages are many, the speed to obtain them too.

However, we have already clarified that you always read the conditions behind each bank.

Credit cards get us out of trouble many times, but we cánido also lose awareness of the expenses we make.

The counterpart is always that we perro get entangled in very high commissions.

When you escoge on an option, tell us about your experience.

We read you in comments!

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 Which banks provide Credit Card
  Which banks provide Credit Card
  Which banks provide Credit Card

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