ClixCoin: PTC scam (No longer recommended)

ClixCoin: PTC scam (No longer recommended)

Hello people.

Today we come with a analysis on ClixCoina page that offers you the opportunity to earn satoshis by watching ads, from the comfort of your home.

This site is excellent, it is very afín to a well known page called adBTC, payments are instant.

They also have many ads to view every day and generate money.

On this wonderful platform, we are going to earn money in 3 different ways.

Stay to discover them!

What is ClixCoin?

Among all the ways to earn money on the Internet, for me one of the best and which we have to take advantage of now, are the pages that allow us to earn cryptocurrencies And if it’s free, much better.

This time we are going to use ClixCoin to earn satoshis directly to your wallet in an easy way. Every day you cánido make at least 500 satoshis No referrals! Which is not bad.

I really love Bitcoin, because it allows you to do almost anything with the money and when you want to sell them for bolivars, it’s the same as the PayPal cómputo… Everyone will want to buy the dollars you have available in BTC.

In fact incredibly the dollars you have saved in bitcointhey perro usually be sold at a better rate than those of any other processor.

So in summary… ClixCoin is another piece of the puzzle, another page to put in our income portfolio, to gradually earn a little more.

ClixCoin Features

Minimum withdrawal: 45 thousand satoshis.

Referral Plus: Yes, 10%.

Supported Countries: All.

Limit of Direct Referrals: unlimited.

Referral levels: 1 level.

Forum: No.

Paying from: March 2018.

How to use ClixCoin?

To start earning free satoshis, we go to the menu and clic on “Earn Bitcoin” and we will have 3 modalities.

⇒ Surf Ads

In the first option we will have to look at some ads, the page espectáculos us a little message with the number of ads available and the satoshis that we will earn for visiting those sites.

To do so, we simply clic on the green button “Clic here to earn” and the advertisement will open.

Another important fact is that it doesn’t have adfocus, I really like pages that don’t have adfocus, since that way we don’t have to see the ads… You just open the ads and while time goes by, you cánido start doing other things on the computer.

It should be noted that the ads open in a new tab.

The time that each one lasts is generally 25 seconds and you will see it reflected in the browser tab, as perro be seen in the image below, where an advertisement for and I had 14 seconds left until the timer will hit zero.

Once the time has elapsed, you perro close the tab to proceed to see the next ad… Before seeing the next ad, you will always see a purple box that says “Verify”.

You must clic on it for your money to be credited.

If you did everything correctly, a message will appear on the side of the screen congratulating you on the satoshis you earned.

Note: You must keep the advertising tab open and you cannot close it until the counter reaches zero.

If you close it early, you’ll get an fallo message and you’ll have to watch the ad again.

That would be all about the first way we have to earn satoshis.

⇒ Activate Window Ads

In the second alternative, we have more ads to see.

But this time they are shown as is common in PTCs, a list of boxes to clic on them one by one.

In the same way we must open the advertising and wait for the seconds to pass.

But this section has two differences.

The first is that when the timer reaches zero, we have to solve a captcha that consists of clicking on the logotipo of the cryptocurrency that does not repeat itself.

In the image below I espectáculo you a captcha where I got the Bitcoin logotipo and the Zcash logotipo… In this case the correct answer to the captcha would be the logotipo of zcashsince it is the image that does not repeat itself.

The second difference is that the Active Window Ads modality, unfortunately, does have Adfocus, so we won’t be able to change the tab until the ad time is up.

⇒ Coche Surf Ads

The last option is Autosurf, if you have already worked with adbtc.

Well, this works exactly the same as Adbtc.

All you have to do is hit the start button.

Here, as in the previous ones, ads will be shown.

But in this case, they have the advantage that you don’t have to see them or clic anywhere, everything is done automatically… When you press the start button, the ads run and generate some satoshis automatically.

How to withdraw bitcoins?

Payments are exclusively in bitcoin, any bitcoin wallet is accepted.

Such as: Uphold, localbitcoinsetcétera.

The minimum payment is 20,000 Satoshis.

To collect, you just have to clic on the “Withdraw” button and it will ask you to entrar the Bitcoin address where you want to receive the money.

If you later want to change the wallet, you perro do it in the menu option that says “Settings» then choose «Change BTC Address» and you cánido change the wallet address.

ClixCoin Proof of Payment

ClixCoin| 2 consejos to earn more money


Is it very difficult to entrar the world of bitcoin if I am from Venezuela?

The word “difficult” affects everyone, but not everyone in the same way.

There are many ways to act on what has been said, depending on our personality, our environment and current situation.

It is true that it perro be scary to invest money in buying bitcoin. Imagine, it would be a real madness risk buying a number of satoshis on Airtm and then the Bitcoin price drops.

With the crisis we have in the country, we cannot afford to take those risks.

In addition, undoubtedly, if you are not in a good economic situation, at the slightest scare you will panic and you will surely end up selling at a loss.

For that reason, I think The best system to earn bitcoins in Venezuela It is with free pages like ClixCoin, it may not seem like the best job option, but even if it does not seem like it, these pages are extremely profitable.

Many people have long known that Cánido you make money en línea.

Right now it’s the boom! But what distinguishes one from the other… Is that while many afflicted themselves and invented a thousand excuses, others instead made the decision to achieve it regardless of the difficulties that were along the way!

And thanks to all the work, time and effort dedicated, by now they are already living peacefully from the Internet.

Working by simply clicking on a few PTCs and the Roll in a pair of faucets.

Either because they created a network or because they knew how to take advantage of the rises in bitcoin to capitalize.

In this business and in any other, a positive attitude is very important.

At first it’s easy.

But maintaining a good attitude over time becomes difficult.

And that will determine if you fall or if you take off.

Being positive is being brave and calling for good things.

It is not getting carried away by the comments of the trolls that always try to fill your mind with obstacles, with the aim of slowing down your progress.

It may seem silly but it is true.

From Jobs Venezuela I have had the opportunity to meet many people, but the ones that stand out the most and end living 100% internet They are the ones that do not walk with negativity.

It is practically guaranteed that all the people who take each job as a challenge, that they are constant and always motivated, even if others tell them that “It is not easy”.

Those people end up making a lot of money.


«The Referrals» Create vídeos to promote your affiliate backlink

The platform It has 1 level of referrals and we earn 10% of the commissions.

Something cool about ClixCoin is that you perro customize your referral backlink.

In my case, mine says jobsvenezuela.

To customize your referral backlink, simply go to the top menu and clic on the option that says “My Referral Backlink” to place the one you like.

Finally you get your referral backlink you cánido start promoting it.

One of the most effective ways that exist today is to do it with Youtube… It’s no secret to anyone that YouTube is the most famous en línea vídeo viewing site today.

As if that were not enough, it is often possible to rank first in Google plus with a YouTube vídeo.

The only thing you need is to create an interesting vídeo and upload it, you don’t need to have expensive equipment to start recording vídeos, I have seen vídeos that have many views and are recorded from a canaima.

For your channel to start growing you perro ask your friends and family to watch it and like it.

Share the vídeos on forums, use popular traffic tools like SeoSprintetcétera.

If you make good vídeos, people will like to share the doubts they have or what they think about it.

As a result, they will start leaving comments.

When the vídeos you upload begin to receive more views and comments, Google plus will notice the increase in activity and will think that your content is interesting and will rank you better and better.

The final result will be that you will begin to appear in Google plus searches and YouTube itself… Which translates into unlimited direct references for all your PTCs, Faucets and other pages.

It may sound like a huge amount of hard work.

But it’s worth it, all youtubers receive hundreds of referrals daily just by making vídeos.


ClixCoin is a very fácil page to work with, ideal for complement with other businesses that I have already brought to the blog before.

ClixCoin Update January 2019

This PTC continues to pay, in fact the last time I requested a payment it arrived in less than 20 minutes.

But even though it hasn’t become Scam yet, I for one don’t want to work on it anymore due to these 2 reasons:

1.- Exaggeratedly high withdrawal commissions

My most recent proof of payment was 38K Satoshis, but actually the withdrawal had been 48K… I got 10K Satoshis less because ClixCoin is charging a fee of 10K Satoshis for withdrawal.

When I started working on this website, the fee was only 2 thousand Satoshis, it seemed a bit expensive but acceptable.

But already 10 thousand satoshis is absurd, considering that almost all the other Bitcoin faucets and PTCs that we work with do not charge commissions for withdrawing and those that do have a negligible commission.

Making 10 thousand Satoshis in ClixCoin perro take about 2 weeks, I really don’t think anyone wants to clic on this page for two weeks, so that later all that valuable time and effort invested is lost when they want to collect your money.

2.- They increase the minimum withdrawal every time they feel like it.

When I started, the minimum payment was only 20,000 satoshis, then they raised it to 25, then 30, 40, 45 and if I’m not mistaken, the minimum payment is now 50,000 satoshis.

Generally this is a symptom of the pages that are soon to become Scam.

They increase the minimum payment every so often so that people cánido never get paid.

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 ClixCoin: PTC scam (No longer recommended)
  ClixCoin: PTC scam (No longer recommended)
  ClixCoin: PTC scam (No longer recommended)

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