TripAdvisor Referral Program | Beam

TripAdvisor Referral Program | Beam

TripAdvisor and its subsidiaries make up the world’s largest travel community.

It serves as a reference place for recommendations on hotels, restoranes and destinations for millions of people around the world.

The travel giant also serves as a platform for travel bloggers affiliates create content and earn plus money.

In this Gigonway guide, we provide a review of the TripAdvisor Affiliate Programwhich includes basic information and the pros and cons of the program.

What is the TripAdvisor Affiliate Program?

With over 20 years of experience, TripAdvisor has built a trusted international travel and tourism website.

The company has more than 455 million unique monthly visitors and 600 million reviews across all travel listings.

Additionally, the TripAdvisor affiliate program allows publishers to earn money by creating content about hotels and experiences.

This is how the TripAdvisor affiliate program works:

  • Publishers create content and earn money through clicks.
  • Customers clic the affiliate backlink on the publisher’s website that directs them to the TripAdvisor website, where they perro book a getaway.
  • Every time a customer clicks on a backlink, banner or ad on the website, publishers earn a minimum commission of 50%.

Publishers will earn a 50% commission for every successful transaction they make through their TripAdvisor affiliate backlink.

What types of products are offered?

TripAdvisor deals with just about every aspect of travel, publishing a wide variety of content on more than 49 separate websites, including Cruise Critic,, and

With that being said, affiliates cánido promote content on the following topics:

We should note that while you perro focus on any of these topics, TripAdvisor pays affiliates only for hotel reservations.

How do you earn in the TripAdvisor Affiliate Program?

TripAdvisor pays a commission to its affiliates based on clicks.

For every clic or transaction that is made through your unique affiliate backlink, you will be given a percentage.

By joining the affiliate program, the commission rate will be 50% of the amount TripAdvisor gets from each hotel booking, but as the conversion rate increases, the commission perro reach 80%.

For comparison, take a look at the following table of some travel affiliate programs and their commission rates.

Affiliate program commissions Cookie duration
nomads of the world 10% 60 days 4% session based
Expedia 2-6% 7 days
agoda up to 7% 30 days
Viator 8% 30 days
kayaking fifty% 30 days
tripadvisor from 50% 14 days
Amazon Associates 4% on clothes 24 hours 4% 7 days
G Adventures 6% 60 days

From this data, we cánido see that TripAdvisor has the highest commission rates among other prominent competitors in the travel industry.

Also, affiliates usually earn between $0.15 and $0.75 per clic.

The program also pays a commission of 3% of the value of the hotel reservation for each successful instant booking.

For example, if a publisher-referred customer pays $1,000 for a hotel on the TripAdvisor website, the publisher will receive $30 for up to 30 days after the customer check-in.

TripAdvisor pays the affiliate commission 30 days after making the reservation.

The good news is that the TripAdvisor tracking cookies they do not expire until after 14 days.

This means that even if a customer doesn’t make a purchase immediately after clicking your affiliate backlink, but comes back and books within 14 days, they’ll still get paid.

Who cánido join the TripAdvisor Affiliate Program?

Anyone interested in travel blogging is free to join the program.

However, the TripAdvisor website states that some entities or individuals are not eligible to join.

Businesses and individuals who refer their competitors to TripAdvisor are typically not eligible to join the program.

You may receive a penalty if you enroll as an ineligible member, such as:

  • Misión travel search engines like Kayak,, Trivago, Sidestep;
  • Hotel, airfare or vacation rental content aggregating sites;
  • The employees, agents and corporate affiliates of the aforementioned companies.

If you want to sign up for the program, your content must be travel related.

You must also comply with the terms and conditions of the program, which include posting original and relevant content.

Pros and Cons of the TripAdvisor Affiliate Program for Publishers

Pros Cons
Brand known and trusted by users. The travel industry is highly competitive.
Relatively high commission rates (from 50%). Relatively low commissions for instant bookings (3%).
Commission counter per clic. Difficult to get approved without prior experience in the field.
Cookie duration of 14 days. Payments are made 30 days after confirmation of the reservation.
Opportunity to backlink to more than 500,000 cities around the world. Registration is done only through partner affiliate networks.
Possibility to join from anywhere in the world.
Deep linking system that gives access to many advertisements for promotion.

How do you join the TripAdvisor Affiliate Program?

Step 1: Choose an affiliate network partner

You need to register with one of two affiliate networks: AWIN or CJ.

Signing up for both networks is free, and both offer the same program terms.

These network partners are the ones that provide you with backlink generators, manage usuario tracking and pay commissions.

Step 2: Search TripAdvisor

Once you have an account with one of these networks, search for TripAdvisor and apply through the network.

Upon approval, you’ll receive clickable backlinks that you perro use on your site to drive traffic to TripAdvisor.

Advantages of TripAdvisor for travelers

TripAdvisor offers many benefits for travelers, including:

  • A wide range of comments on different destinations and recommendations from people all over the world;
  • A variety of travel-related content and “Things to Do” guides;
  • Special offers and discounts advertised by the companies advertised on the website.

TripAdvisor Disadvantages for Travelers

Despite TripAdvisor’s massive stardom, the travel website comes with some downsides, including:

  • There are many fake reviews on the site that may take some time to be detected and removed.
  • Most reviews are personal and may be biased.

Consejos on working with content

The TripAdvisor platform provides a vast network of travel material that affiliates perro promote.

That’s why you need to articulo content creative and attractive to capture the attention of travel enthusiasts. Here are some consejos you perro use to increase the number of clicks and conversions:

  • Personalize your content for the audience.

    Potential travelers are more likely to respond to personalized offers that match their wants and needs.

    Create a usuario-friendly layout and copy that speaks directly to them.

    For example, Amazon and Netflix use customer data to create relevant and personalized recommendations based on their customers’ tastes and past purchases.

  • focus on pictures.

    From hotel interiors to beautiful remote destinations, you perro use compelling content to capture the attention of many vacation seekers.

  • Do not shorten dirección de Internet backlinks and redirects in your articles. Let people see what leads them to TripAdvisor.
  • Create more rankings and compilations [los famosos top10].

    Many people love to scroll through the options or check the rankings for inspiration.

    People are more likely to clic on headlines like “The 5 best vacation spots this summer” either “The 20 best cities to travel to in Europe“, etcétera.

  • Use ad tracking programa to monitor your performance and make any necessary changes to your strategy.

    For example, you perro track the conversion rates of your posts.

    In other words, know how many times your backlink or banner is clicked.


TripAdvisor is a platform that deals with a wide variety of travel content.

Given the popularity of the website, signing up for the program has its advantages, such as the opportunity to serve a large number of people, relatively high commission rates, and long-lived cookies.

TripAdvisor also has an easy signup process, so go ahead and sign up now and start creating your content.

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 TripAdvisor Referral Program |  Beam
  TripAdvisor Referral Program |  Beam
  TripAdvisor Referral Program |  Beam

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