survey pays

survey pays

survey pays.

I checked this weekend, they sent me a payment of 7.25 euros which I had pending for a few days.

It usually takes 5-10 business days to process the paymentwhich has arrived intact, no feedwhich is always appreciated.

As you will remember, Survey is a page belonging to Digital Insights SL, a company registered in the commercial registry of Barcelona.

I explain something more about this page in the articulo I wrote about it some time ago.

you perro read it again here.

But, since you probably don’t want to read it again, I explain it to you again.

For that we are!!

But first of all I will give you the payment that I have received.

As I told you, it’s 7.25, here it is:

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As I told you, Encuestón belongs to Digital Insights.

You will pay us per survey conducted.

Although the surveys they send us are not many, their payments are very substantial.

To register is very fácil.

will suffice by entering your dirección de correo electrónicoclic on the button “register”.

In a few seconds you will receive a message in your correo electrónico.

If the minutes pass and you do not receive anything, you should keep an eye on the SPAM folder.

In that message your usuario data and a backlink to access your account and establish your password will appear..

Once you’re inside, I recommend that you fill out your profile 100%that way you cánido choose to send you many more surveys.

In Encuestón you cánido earn money in three ways:

Filling your profile to 100% you will get 1 euro.

Do not hesitate, fill it 100% and you will have a much better oportunidad of receiving more surveys.

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inviting friends.

By every friend I know register under your referral backlink, you will earn 0.50 euros.

you cánido register with me backlinks here.

Filling out surveys.

Obviously, that’s what a survey page is for.

They will notify you by correo electrónico when they have a survey that fits your profile.

I anticipate that there will not be many, but they are very well paid.

There are complex studies that They perro pay you up to €100 for him.

But The habitual thing is that they pay us between 1 and 2.50 euros (which aren’t bad either).

Encuestón pays you through PayPalhis minimum payment is 7 euros, something that you perro achieve with three surveys carried out easily.

We have the option to donate our earnings to the NGO of our choice.

The payment usually takes between 5 and 10 working days, although it is habitual that it takes about 5.


It has paid us, indeed, that Encuestón Paga was something which we already knew, but wanted to check personally.

With its strengths and weaknesses, explained above, Encuestón is a page that should be worked on.

They will send us few surveys, but very well paidwith a average of 1.5 euros per surveyand his powerful referral systemwith which we will earn 0.50 euros per friend that we bring.

Do not think about it anymore and register in Encuestón, as always it is totally free.

Here I leave you the backlink so you cánido do itI’m sure you’ll get a lot out of it.

Greetings friends!!

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 survey pays
  survey pays
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