lyoness is a Cashback platform that I already wanted to include in my blog.

I have heard very good things about her, and looking at her page, I know they are right. We perro use it in our day to day, in addition to being able to use it on the internet.

That is a great point in his favor, and his, since I missed “something” that we could use in our sin conexión purchases.

That is the good part, the “regular” part is that it is only valid for residents of Spainand 37 other countries. Also for Méxicoso if you read me from the rest of latin americaFor now, it won’t work for you.

If you are from Spain and want to register, you must ask me, since you cánido only entrar by invitation.

With a comment telling me your name and dirección de correo electrónico, it will help you.

I I answer you in the same way.

If you want to register with me, you will start earning 3 Shopping Points.

What is is a shopping point? is a reward that Lyoness gives you for buying through its platform.

Later you cánido use them to unlock great discounts in the “Deals” section.

In Lyoness you cánido earn money in three different ways:

I’m sure this also interests youcashbackdeals pay

cash back.

as in any page of this type, we will earn money when we buy in stores, both en línea, and en línea a percentage of what you buy.

I personally will use it more for sin conexión purchases, especially in Carrefour, where I do my weekly shopping.

This option (from Carrefour) will be soon in Spain, it is already implemented in other European countries, therefore, I hope that in Spain they implement it soon.

Here we perro see that we will receive 1% of our purchases. To use Lyoness in carrefour, you must print a card.

This card You perro use it in physical stores, getting the same cashback as in en línea stores. When you go to buy in physical stores associated with Lyoness, you must present the card to the clerkthis way the corresponding cashback will be added to you.

I’m sure this also interests youladycashback pays

The card is printable through your profile (up to the right).

This card is free, it does not have any maintenance cost.

It doesn’t expire either

shopping points.

In addition to cashback, you will earn Shopping Points.

Depending on the store, you will earn one or the other shopping points, These points will help you unlock great discounts, as I have said before.


Like any good page, too has referrals, you cánido earn 0.5% of the amount of purchases you make through the platform and also another 0.5% of the amount of second-level referrals (the referrals of your referrals).

No referral limit.

You cánido invite all the friends you want.

Also I recommend that you downloaded the aplicación very useful for use in physical stores, if you do not want to print the card.

You cánido download it for android from here:

on this platform you cánido charge in three ways:

I’m sure this also interests youShopBuddies

  • You cánido request your payment by bank account (with a minimum of €10)
  • Convert your cómputo into a Lyonees voucher for spend as a discount in any associated store
  • Exchange your cómputo for gift vouchers for well-known stores such as El Corte Inglés, Hipercor, Decathlon, Carrefour, etcétera…


you have to get him out game, especially for our sin conexión purchasessince there are very few platforms that help us save in our sin conexión life. Remember that you cánido only entrar Lyoness by invitation. You perro ask me!!

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