Socialek » How does it work? earn free money

Socialek » How does it work? earn free money

Socialek is a platform operating from June 2017 that allows you earn money with your popular networks of Fb and Twitter, especially for those accounts that have many followers.

You cánido earn free money in Socialek every day with your popular networks.

Through the Socialek platform, specific campaigns are published in your associated accounts according to the theme you have chosen.

the best way to monetize your presence in popular networks in an automated way.

Socialek will take care of everything, and you only have to receive your money every month.

Basic notions in Socialek

Platform management: Socialek has been operating since June 2017 No problems with users.

Withdrawals: They perro be requested from 25$ dollars through PayPal.

Referrals: It has a system of direct referrals.

You earn 20% of the earnings that your referrals get.

Languages: English and Spanish, but it cánido be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.

Accepted countries: Users from all over the world perro earn money.

Activity: Popular networks
Pay? Yes, Socialek makes payments without problems.

Registration and configuration in Socialek

Registration in Socialek is free and easy, and you cánido do it by clicking here.

When entering you must go down or entrar Register, complete the data, accept the terms and conditions, send the information and go to your correo electrónico and activate your account with the activation message that was sent to you.

Registration Form

You perro register on the platform from the following backlink: Go to Socialek.

When logging in you must choose the account type what do you want to have On the one hand you have the type of account for withdraw your earnings every day and on the other side you have the type of account for withdraw your earnings every month.

Each type of account has its own characteristics.

After selecting your account, you must log in to start monetizing.

You must go to Settings and finish configuring your account.

In Entities you perro fill in some information, such as your account PayPal for receive your commissions, among other data.

In Profile you perro complete some information about your profile.

How does Socialek work?

Socialek is a platform that cánido allow any usuario with a Fb and Twitter account to be able to monetize these popular networks.

You will have the possibility to earn free money in Socialek in a residual way every day.

to start earn free money In Socialek you only have to carry out a few fácil steps:

  • Register on the platform: With few data you will be creating your account quickly and you will be able to start the configuration process to earn money automatically.
  • Add your popular accounts: You will then add your popular accounts, and configure the days, hours and themes that you want to be used to monetize your accounts.

  • Start earning money: Sit back, relax and let Socialek do the work! You perro choose between weekly or monthly payments.

    You will have access to detailed reports to track your hourly earnings.

How to earn free money on Socialek?

You perro earn free money on Socialek with your popular networks and with its referral system.

The ways to earn money on this platform are described below.

Popular networks

In Socialek you perro earn money with your popular networks Fb and Twitter.

To win in this way, you only have to add your Fb and Twitter accounts, and then create the campaigns you want with your popular networks.

In these campaigns you must indicate the theme you want to use for monetize your popular networks, the days and hours of magnetization, and some other basic data.

After this the Socialek platform will begin to monetize your popular networkss according to the campaigns you have created.


To add your popular media accounts you must go to Socialek Monetize/Popular Accounts.

Here you perro connect your popular networks with Socialek.

To create campaigns in Socialek and start getting commissions you must go to Socialek Monetize/Campaigs.

Here you must add a new campaign, complete the data and send the information.


You will get commissions for each person who registers with your referral backlink.

Later on I will detail the part of the referrals.

Referral system in Socialek

The Socialek platform has a direct referral system.

you gonna get like profit 20% of the profits your referrals get.

On this platform you cánido have unlimited referrals.

Go to the forms to get referrals.

Keep in mind that anyone perro register, and if you are lucky enough to get guests with thousands of followers, it will not be necessary for you to have them, because with the commissions they generate you cánido start charging.


Your referrals and their statistics perro be found in Affilate/Reports.

Here you cánido see how many referrals you have, the income you have obtained from them, etcétera.

To get your referral backlink you must go to Affilate/Affilate Channels.

Here you must add a new channel in Add New.

You must add a name to the channel and save the information.

That channel that you have created will appear in the table that is shown, where you perro copy your backlink and referral in the Copy To Clipboard column.

Payments in Socialek

Withdrawals on this platform cánido be requested from 25$ dollars through PayPal.

Depending on the type of account you have chosen at the beginning is that you will collect your earnings.

To withdraw your earnings you must go to Popular Monetize/Payments.

Here you perro withdraw your earnings and see the data of your cómputo.

Advantages of Socialek

  • Here you do not need to have a hosting, or your own website.
  • You don’t have to think about the content to publish.
  • You don’t have to worry about maintaining anything.
  • The publications are automatic according to your preferences, you will not have to do anything else.
  • You cánido associate all the accounts you want (Fb and Twitter)
  • The content is of quality.

Conclusion on Socialek

Socialek is a platform reliable to earn free money with your popular networks.

The platform is operating since 2017.

The platform makes the payments that you need to make to its users without any problem, so it is a very reliable platform to earn money.

I recommend you not to abuse choosing themes that are not related to your Popular accounts, and also not to select every day since your followers may get tired and may stop following you and lose interest in what you articulo.

If you follow these consejos you cánido earn free money on Socialek without problems.

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 Socialek » How does it work?  earn free money
  Socialek » How does it work?  earn free money
  Socialek » How does it work?  earn free money

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