How to do a Keyword Research or

How to do a Keyword Research or

When it comes to attracting organic traffic through SEO optimization of our content, there is a task that cannot be missing from our strategy: the KEYWORD RESEARCH.

And it is that, conduct comprehensive keyword research Prior to writing an article on our blog is one of the most important tasks and one that will determine the future of this content.

What’s more, of all the actions that are part of the job of publishing an optimized article, I would dare to affirm that:

perform a complete keyword research with which to know what palabras clave to use and what is the usuario’s search intention for those palabras clave will mark success or failure of this content.

From this iniciativa you cánido deduce that, although the choice of the best palabras clave for each article is important, it is even more important to adapt our Content Marketing to the usuario’s search intention.

Only in this way will we achieve the final objective that will make Google plus position us in the first search results: offer the usuario the best content to satisfy their need.

Having said this, you perro deduce that the exact definition of the term that I have been explaining to you so far is:


What is a Keyword Research?

A keyword research It is the process of searching and analyzing the most relevant palabras clave for your En línea project, so that you perro optimize your SEO and SEM (SEA) strategy to the maximum.

In this case, when explaining in detail how to find the best palabras clave, I will focus on SEO or organic Positioning, since this is my specialty.

Based on this premise, we will elaborate our content, responding to all relevant questionsrelated to the palabras clave that we have extracted.

But, taking into account that you already know what a Keyword Research is, you are probably wondering:

Why do I need to do Keyword Research for my business?

make a keyword research It is not only necessary to create content with certain logical criteria for our website or blog.

Investing our time in this process has many advantages, of which I consider the most important are these:

1. Get more qualified Web traffic

When we have been creating content for our blog, corporate website or eCommerce for some time, it is clear that one of the main objectives will always be that this platform is the epicenter of our entire strategy.

The reason is that it will be here where we intend to convert users who end up therethrough any of the techniques that we use on the landing page where they land.

2. Get clients

Listen to “How to attract customers to your business with content marketing” on Spreaker.

In the event that you offer professional services within your site, an obvious consequence of getting that traffic that I was talking about in the previous point is that they hire your services.

In my case, I offer digital marketing consultancies for professionals and companies, so my blog is optimized so that people like you, who are reading this article, hire me to help them make their business successful on the Internet.

From my own experience, I advise you that if you manage to learn to do Keyword Research with which to create content that clears up all the doubts of everyone who reads you, you will be conditioning that potential client very positively to contact you

3. Help other users on the Internet

Obviously, the product of the previous advantages will be that you will help all those people to extract from your content the maximum possible information about what they were looking for.

It may be that, if you offer services, they will hire you or not, but they will leave your website satisfied to know everything they came for.

» Do you need an example of how Keyword Research cánido help you?

Imagine that you type in Google plus “Community Manager”, since you have heard that word repeatedly and still do not know what it is about.

Besides wanting to know what does that word or expression orinanonce you discover that it is a digital profession, it may be useful for you to know:

And to carry out this procedure, we must follow the following steps:

How to do a Keyword Research analyzing the competition?

Now that you know the importance of carrying out a keyword research and what are its main benefits, it is time to talk about how to perform this analysis.

From here you will need to keep your full attention on each step that I will espectáculo you below.

As I mentioned before, much of the organic success of your content It will depend on whether you do your Keyword Research well or badly.

For practical research, we will use SEMrush (SIGN UP AND TRY IT FREE FOR 7 DAYS) one of the most powerful platforms on the market to carry out this type of study.

This all-in-one tool may be today the most complete on the market to perform comprehensive keyword research.

It will therefore be the one that I will rely on to carry out an example of how I analyze the best palabras clave for the content that I generate, both for my blog and for those of my clients.

But to start with, we’ll start with something easier:

» Conduct prior research on Google plus

Before opening SEMrush, you first need to do some superficial research of your market with the help of Google plus.

How to do it? Well, as fácil as choosing your main keyword, with which you think your business is best defined (it cánido be your most relevant product or service).

In this case, let’s imagine that we have a website whose main theme is “cross fit”, a sport quite fashionable in recent years, at least in Spain.

Carry out a fácil search with this term and focus your attention on the first positions of the SERP:

From this TOP10 we perro deduce, in this case, that there are 2 types of sites positioned in the first results:

  • General websites
  • specialized websites

From here we have ignored the results from Google plus Adwords, the stores registered in Google plus My Business and the YouTube vídeos.

As these platforms are owned by the search engine, it will give them preference in a search as generic as this one.

Returning to the types of pages that appear to us, I anticipate that our direct competition are specialized websitesalthough we will have to analyze them all for our Keyword Research.

The generalists who have “sneaked” into the SERP They will also occupy a place we aspire to, but it follows that they are in such a good organic position due to other SEO factors (because they are periodic, high domain authority, large number of backlinks, etcétera.).

» Start your Keyword Research from SEMrush

Once all these possible initial doubts that may arise have been clarified, you must open SEMrush and write the domain of each of the websites that, according to the previous step, we have considered as our direct competitors.

Another perhaps easier way is to entrar directly on the platform and go directly to the section «Keyword Research > Keyword Overview«, inside the universe SEO TOOLKITas I espectáculo you in the image:

After reaching this option, just scroll down and you will see the section “Organic search results«.

Here you perro see a list of the first 20 search results, at the last moment in which the tool tracked that keyword.

» Analyze the best palabras clave of each of your competitors

Once the first positioned ones have been located, we will analyze the best palabras clave of each one of them. In this case, the first will be:

Remember that if you clic on the dirección de Internet, SEMrush will open the detailed analysis of that page, in terms of its backlink profile, time evolution of said page and number of palabras clave positioned.

Precisely this last list will be the one that, once we have it on the screen, we will export to Excel:

We will repeat this with all the best positioned sites in the SERP, exporting the complete list of palabras clave for each of them.

Obviously, the more competitors we analyze their palabras clave, the more accurate our Keyword Research will be.

» How to organize the extracted information?

Now that we have all the information from each of the websites exported in several Excel archivos, we will have to unite all these archivos into one.

This final excel archivo will be the result of our Keyword Research and the guide to prepare our content with the maximum rigor and professionalism possible.

But since I understand that, especially if it is your first time, it will be somewhat complex for you, I have left you a “little help” in the form of a vídeowhich will surely clarify your ideas:

[VÍDEO] on how to do a Keyword Research step by step

Do your first keyword research today!

The investigation of palabras clave or Keyword Research will give us a great help when it comes to intuiting the usuario’s search intention.

However, this study alone is not going to help us work miracles. It is important that we know how to distribute the content that we generate based on the extraction of this data.

Be that as it may, carrying out a Keyword Research that espectáculos us the path of where to direct the course of our Web or blog, will be an indication that will mark a good part of the success or failure of our project.

Do you know of other ways to do Keyword Research for an En línea project?

Tell me your doubts and, in this way, I cánido help you with the organic research of your business.

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 How to do a Keyword Research or
  How to do a Keyword Research or
  How to do a Keyword Research or

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