Opinion Center | earn money doing

Opinion Center | earn money doing

We tell you in detail everything you need to know about the paid survey platform call Opinion Center.

The steps to register, the way to earn money, the payment methods it accepts, and other important aspects.

Opinion Center is a paid survey platform like Lifepoints or Toluna.

This site belongs to the company Survey Sampling International LLCdedicated for more than 25 years to collect data through surveys.

This platform is only available for Spanish users, and it is completely free.

Only those people over the age of 18 cánido work in it.

It has a mobile application for Android and iPhone, so we cánido not only work on our computer, but also from our teléfonos inteligentes.

In addition, their minimum withdrawal amount is very low compared to other survey sites, it is only €2.50.

Stay and see with us this review about this paid survey platform.

Opinion Center Registration

Register in Opinion Center is free, and like other survey sites, doing so is pretty straightforward.

Simply clic the button above to entrar and access the main page of the platform.

Entrar the requested data in the registration form as in the following example.

If you do not want to provide this information, also You cánido register through your Fb account.

After that, you will receive a message with the activation of your correo electrónico.

Activate your account, and you will be able to entrar the site.

After you’re in, you’ll have to answer a few profile questions (like almost all survey sites).

These questions are related to region, education, number of children, and annual income.

What is Opinion Center and how does it work?

Opinion Hub is a platform very afín to other survey sites.

First of all, the information in your profile must always be updated, since the flow of surveys will depend on it.

To do that, you just have to select the menu option that says “account”.

Compared to other sites, they don’t send correos electrónicos as frequently, when surveys are available.

So, on this platform, it is always better to check the main panel regularly, to test the availability of surveys.

It is a more reliable method than waiting for an dirección de correo electrónico to arrive.

The platform is easy to use.

The menu option that says “account” offers options related to our account.

In the “rewards” option, we perro withdraw our money.

In the “help center”, we perro present complaints or problems to support.

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Further down, we will also have information relevant to us.

We will find the number of points accumulated so far, the raffles in which we are participating, and the surveys available.

And even if there are no surveys available in the main panel, we perro clic on the option that says “take a survey» to search for new surveys.

How to earn money in Opinion Center

Opinion Center has several alternatives to generate profits.

We have three ways to earn money.

paid surveys

Surveys are the main method of income on this platform.


As is common on these sites, the time and remuneration for each survey are varied.

The maximum time does not usually exceed 20 minutesand the remuneration revolves around 10 to 70 points for each survey.

This type of survey is somewhat reminiscent of the mobrog survey page.

Sometimes the page sends out correos electrónicos that a new survey is available.

But it is always best to go directly to the panel, and take the survey.

You cánido do it by selecting the option that appears in the photo above.

quarterly raffle

The platform also holds a raffle every three months, offering a prize of €1,250 as a reward.

To participate in the raffle you just have to do these three things:

  • Update personal profile.

  • Complete a survey.

  • Start a survey, without having to finish it.


Opinion Center does not have a referral program as such.

Even so, there is a way to generate income through referrals with this page.

With the affiliate platform, daisycon, we will be able to generate profits for each person who registers with a backlink generated through this platform.

The amount of profit for each affiliate is €1.05 approximately for each record.

You only have to entrar Daisycon, register and search for the available campaigns.

There you will find the Opinion Center, select the option «subscribey también» (subscribe), and you perro now earn money with it, through its referral program.

In order to use this affiliate platform you need to share that backlink through a blog, a web page or your popular networks.

The minimum withdrawal amount at Daisycon is €25.

QuickThoughts Mobile Aplicación

QuickThoughts is an application that belongs to the same company that created the Opinion Center.

Through this aplicación, you perro answer surveys with your mobile device.

is available for Android, iPhone, and Kindle Fire.

The operation is very afín to other applications to earn afín money.

How to collect the money

The platform also offers various ways to redeem our rewards.

These are some of them.

Opinion Center Awards

Paypal payments

The main payment processor for Opinion Outpost is Paypal.

The minimum payment amount is €2.50.

To reach this amount you must reach 50 points.

An important detail is that The dirección de correo electrónico of the Paypal account must be the same with which you register on the pagevery afín to Mobrog.

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Through the quarterly raffle, you have the oportunidad to win €1,250.

As we stated earlier, you cánido entrar this sweepstakes simply by going to the retroalimentación hub and completing or participating in a survey.

Another way to do it is to exchange points for participation in raffles.

Gift Vouchers

You perro too exchange your points for gift vouchers.

With €5 or 100 points you cánido get Amazon gifts.

You perro also request iTunes gift cards with €10, which is equivalent to 200 points.

Things to know before entering Opinion Center

Before entering this platform it is habitual for you to have some questions.

We believe that the most important question is to know if this site really works and that it is not part of any scam.

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Before entering Is it a scam or pay?

Some users have expressed their dissatisfaction with this platform because they claim that it is a scam.

These users claim that after reaching a certain amount, their accounts are closed, and they do not receive their winnings.

And after sending messages to the help center, they don’t get any response.

On the other hand, many more users also express being very satisfied with the page.

Well, despite all those who have on the platform, they have never had any problems.

Sometimes it cánido just be a matter of luck.

But, just in case, take your precautions, and do not accumulate a lot of money on the platform.

Conclusion and Opinion

Despite the complaints that many users express, our experience with the Opinion Center is good.

The company behind the platform has been working in the field of market research for a long time and has proven to be reliable.

Compared to other sites, it has a very low cashout threshold, and it processes your payments quickly.

The only What could be counted as a disadvantage is that the platform itself does not have referral systems, but rather has to depend on another page.

And, in addition, it is only available for Spanish users.

For the rest, we believe that it is a page that cannot be missing from your menu of paid survey pages.

We hope this review has been helpful to you.

And now you cánido start working on this site and start generating money with Opinion Outpost.

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 Opinion Center |  earn money doing
  Opinion Center |  earn money doing
  Opinion Center |  earn money doing

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