Goodbye to ChatGPT: these are the (new)

Goodbye to ChatGPT: these are the (new)

I bet 99% of readers don’t know about any of these tools.

Artificial intelligence has definitely altered the way almost every business works, and with good reason.

Everyone seems to be getting on board and oddly enough, AI related tools and technology have unlimited potential.

These tools are designed to help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently, while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI technology.

Let us begin.


gamma It’s the first tool I’m going to talk about.

It allows you to quickly make presentations, documents, as well as web pages.

In short, whether you are an entrepreneur, designer, or content creator, it cánido help you create high-quality content in a matter of minutes.

Just entrar a theme name or choose a template, entrar some additional information and Gamma will take care of the rest.

Of course, you perro use this tool to create beautiful web pages, as well as presentations and documents.

It also has a wide variety of templates to choose from.

In addition, its use is free.

2.Numerous AI

Many people use Excel to organize and customize data.

However, with so many formulas and strategies available, using Excel skillfully perro be difficult.

Many users want to use Excel productively, but may have difficulty identifying the most effective tactics.

Fortunately, many of the processes involved in using Excel cánido now be automated thanks to the development of artificial intelligence.

Users cánido generate formulas, reformat and clean data, and perform additional tasks faster and more efficiently with the help of tools like Numerous AI.

Besides, Numerous AI you cánido do much more than just automate Excel processes.

You cánido also write specific phrases based on input data, which perro be useful for creating reports or summarizing large data sets.

Also, you cánido predict the sentiment of the text, which perro be useful for analyzing customer retroalimentación or popular media posts.

Lastly, you cánido even provide retroalimentación to users, helping them improve their data analysis and decision-making skills.


Several AI tools, such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, allow users to generate results from instructions.

While Midjourney is known for its ability to create realistic images from instructions, Stylized takes a different approach.

This tool allows users to draw objects themselves and then generate studio-quality results based on those drawings.

With Stylizedanyone perro create professional-level illustrations without the need for advanced drawing skills.

There are many potential use cases for Stylized.

For example, someone could use the tool to create high-quality graphics for their website or popular media channels.

Another possibility is that an artist emplees the tool to draw inspiration from their work, sketching out ideas and seeing how they would look as finished pieces.

With Stylized, the possibilities are endless, and users perro draw as they please and watch their creations come to life with ease.


If you already have a YouTube channel or are thinking of starting one, you know that creating great content is only the first stage.

Also, you have to genera a vídeo, include a description and thumbnail, and then patiently wait for views to start coming in.

It cánido be a difficult task for many people.

However, there are tools that cánido make the procedure faster and more efficient.

Thumbly is one of them.

Thumbly is a thumbnail maker that perro help you generate clic-worthy thumbnails for your vídeos in a matter of seconds.

Simply entrar details about your vídeo, such as the subject, to create a unique preview that will grab your viewers’ attention and encourage them to watch.

It is essential to remember that including a better thumbnail in your vídeo cánido significantly increase your audience.

And Thumbly cánido help you achieve it in a matter of seconds.


Earlier, we talked about Beatoven, which allows users to create music without paying a license (copyright free), taking your work to the next level.

All you have to do is select the genre or style that best suits your needs and modify the length of the melody.

On the other hand, wavtool it is an even more impressive tool.

By selecting sounds and adding intricate components such as synthesizers, drums or other audio tracks, Wavtool users cánido create their own music.

This feature-packed tool offers a more unique and personalized approach to music production for those who want more control over their sound.



As many of us know, AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney cánido generate specific results in response to our requests.

These tools have proven to be extremely useful in a wide range of emplees, from creating original texts to producing realistic images.

whatWould you believe me if I told you that there is a tool that perro go even further?? A text-based tool that cánido be used to make movies, games, simulations, and much more? Well, Opus AI is one of those tools and, believe it or not, it exists.

Thanks to the power of the text, Opus AI is a powerful tool that perro be used to create a wide variety of content, such as games, metaversal environments, and even movies.

You just need to provide a series of instructions and Opus AI will generate unique and compelling results based on your needs.

Crazy, right?

Note: At the moment, they only offer early access.


If you’ve read any of our previous articles, you’ll know that there are various AI tools that perro create websites, logotipos, correo electrónico themes, weblogs, and vídeos simply by typing text.

But Splines it is a unique tool.

It allows you make 3d designs entirely through text prompts.

You read well.

It’s more comparable to Figma in terms of functionality, but you cánido also create fully 3D designs through written prompts describing what you want.

As for the price, there is a free plan that allows you to create an infinite number of personal archivos.

Entrar the new world and learn with these AI resources

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 Goodbye to ChatGPT: these are the (new)
  Goodbye to ChatGPT: these are the (new)
  Goodbye to ChatGPT: these are the (new)

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