AppKarma: Earn money, gift cards and more

AppKarma: Earn money, gift cards and more

AppKarma is an application where we cánido earn money for downloading applications and completing tasks in them daily.

If you sign up with our referral code, you will receive 300 points or $0.30 for free.

AppKarma is a mobile application that offers us multiple ways to earn money and get gift cards.

In addition to having a good referral system, it has paid offers and paid vídeos with which we cánido receive points that we cánido later exchange for real money.

It offers multiple tasks that will allow us to easily reach the minimum payment.

The aplicación is available for all countries in the world and offers a large number of rewards.

The main one is Paypal, but they also offer many gift cards, such as those from Amazon and iTunes.

Earning money with Appkarma is completely free, since you do not need to make any payment to register and generate points.

Aplicación Karma Features
Category Paid aplicaciones, paid vídeos
Company Darkfield Programa LLC
countries All the countries
Language Spanish

Registration in Aplicación Karma

There are three ways to sign up for Aplicación Karma.

If you do it from a computer, you cánido use the browser.

And you will only have to entrar your phone number where you will receive the application backlink.

Always remember to download from the official page.

You could also use Aplicación Karma by downloading the aplicación with Android or iOS in their respective stores.

If you register with our invitation code, you perro win 300 points or $0.30 free.

Added to that, the game will give you 50 plus points.

For verifying your dirección de correo electrónico, completing your profile and interacting with their popular networks, you will receive 140 more points.

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What is Aplicación Karma?

Aplicación Karma is an application that will allow you to earn money both for answering questions and for downloading and testing applications.

This application belongs to the company Darkfield Programa LLC which is based in California.

This application also has a 1-level referral system, with two modalities: habitual and VIP.

Aplicación Karma has different payment methods, including Paypal and gift cards such as Amazon and iTunes.

The aplicación is available on iOS and Android.

How cánido you earn money with Aplicación karma?

Afín to CashPirate and GrabPoints, this application will allow us to earn points by performing different tasks.

These points cánido then be exchanged for real money.

This application is very striking due to the large number of tasks that we cánido perform to obtain points.

daily rewards

With daily rewards you cánido earn points for completing some tasks, usually by watching ads. daily you will have to open a card called scratch.

The process is as follows: you request your daily scratch and you go to plus.

There you will see the option to open the card and see the ad.

After them, you will collect your profit.

The remuneration is a few points.

With paid offers

Paid offers are the main way to earn money on this platform.

There are two types of offers: the mystery deals and the promoted offers.

  • Mystery offers. Mystery offers are the easiest way to get rewards in this aplicación.

    Basically, they are fácil tasks that perro be completed in a short time and offer you low pay.

    You will have to watch ads, answer some questions or complete a task in a game.

  • Promoted offers. Promoted deals are somewhat afín to mystery deals.

    Only that they are promoted by some companies.

    They require more effort to complete the tasks, but offer better pay than the mysterious ones.

    Promoted offers have tasks in which you must pay to receive the reward.

    in CGD we do not recommend making payments to earn money in these aplicaciones.

    The iniciativa is to receive a remuneration without making any money investment.

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In this section you will earn money for watching vídeos daily.

This option is found on the plus screen at the top.

More than vídeos themselves are vídeo ads.

You will have a limited number of ads per day.

For each vídeo you will receive 1 point.

This reward will increase with badges.


Badges are a way the platform rewards you for the time you spend completing tasks.

As you reach achievements through the different tasks, you will be able to level up.

The higher your level, the more money you perro earn for playing games, watching vídeos, downloading aplicaciones, etcétera.

Aplicación Karma Referral Program

Aplicación Karma has a good referral system.

In habitual mode, we will get a 30% of total points get each of our referrals.

In addition, it will offer 300 points to all our referrals for registering with our guest backlink.

In VIP mode the percentage is increased to a 40% and the reward of the guests to 400 points.

The VIP level is for those who want to promote the aplicación on Twitter, YouTube or a personal blog.

For those people who have more than 100,000 subscribers on Youtube, you perro get higher pay on Appkarma.

It offers from $6 to $10 per thousand impressions.

For every 100,000 views you cánido earn up to $100.

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Opinion about AppKarma

AppKarma is an application that offers us various possibilities to earn money.

Through paid offers and paid vídeos we cánido easily reach the rewards.

Also, the badge system will help us earn more money as we do more tasks.

Of course, there are some tasks where it perro be a bit difficult to reach the goals to obtain the points.

If you find yourself with one of these tasks, it is best to move on to another.

And it goes without saying that you shouldn’t pay to receive the reward of any task.

The remuneration may be the same amount of money that you are going to pay or a few dollars more.

So it’s not worth it.

This aplicación has a considerably low minimum payment fee.

With Paypal you perro withdraw with just $3 or 5250 points.

Withdrawals cánido also be made at other fees: $5, $10, $25 and $50.

The lowest withdrawal amount is for Amazon checks, $1 or 1850 points.

It also has a good referral system where both you and your guests will receive a free reward.

If you are a content creator, you cánido get more out of it.

The application is available for all countries in the world.

And it perro be used both in its web form and in the Android and iOS operating systems.

This is a reliable aplicación that makes your payments on time.

On the web, you cánido find many proofs of payment and positive reviews.

And here we have come with this articulo.

Do you have any questions about AppKarma? Leave it in the comments and we will help you answer it.

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 AppKarma: Earn money, gift cards and more
  AppKarma: Earn money, gift cards and more
  AppKarma: Earn money, gift cards and more

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