How to use StopLoss on Agregado500? StopLoss

How to use StopLoss on Agregado500? StopLoss

You’ll learn how to use StopLoss on Agregado500as well as its operation, especially the types of StopLoss that are available in Agregado 500. There are mainly two that you will learn in a very fácil way and that will surely help you.

Consider that it is primarily about informing you, so you must use the capital responsibly. They are not recommendations, so it is suggested, if necessary, contact a trusted professional.

How to put a stoploss on agregado500 step by step

Take a look at an example (with the action: Mapfre, a Spanish share) but you could do it with any share or other instrument. Once you have it open, you will see how the StopLoss would work with this action, although they apply the same to all with the corresponding price.

We have the opening quote and with the current quote that are seen on the graph.


First you need to open the action. With this, you go to the sidebar where you have various options. Below the right sidebar will be the option editar position, there you will clic. Inside you will have the first StopLoss: the basic one, the one that closes in loss, being the name it has.

Closing at Loss

With closing at a loss you would place from which price you want me to launch a closing order. It may close a little above, or a little below depending on supply and demand, due to the function of each FBX.

By exampleif the current price is at 1.67, you could equipo it to close automatically at 1.50, which would be about 12.79%, remaining below.

In this case you would give update and automatically, when you open again and go to editar the position, everything closing in losses, if it reaches 1.45, the sale order of the entire quantity is automatically marked or proceeded by default. Although you perro editar the amount down or up, because maybe you don’t want this StopLoss to apply to everything.


You also have the option of advanced. When you clic it, you will get another option called dynamic stop. This option is a bit more complex, but what it will basically do is the same thing by putting in a percentage which, in this case, works on pips.

It does not work on the exact quote number.

In the case of Pipos, you should look at the percentage 5%. This means that it will always chase the current price; If from a price it falls by 5%, the sell order will be launched.

If right now that price does not rise and falls by 5%, the sell order is sent. But if the dynamic stop goes up, it would go up. In the end it is something moves with the price.

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 How to use StopLoss on Agregado500?  StopLoss
  How to use StopLoss on Agregado500?  StopLoss
  How to use StopLoss on Agregado500?  StopLoss

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