2 Consejos for choosing home insurance

2 Consejos for choosing home insurance

One of the first things to consider when moving into a new home is purchasing home insurance.

Currently, home insurance is not mandatory in Spain, unless the home is mortgaged.

Even so, 78% of Europeans have their main home insured, according to the study.

If you are one of those who still do not have home insurance, whether or not you own your home, you should know that it perro save you high expenses in the event of any mishap, from a leak to the theft of your belongings.

Each home policy has different coverages, some include flood or fire damage.

In addition, depending on the use of the home, there are different types of home insurance policies.

For this reason, before choosing a policy to protect your home, you must take into account different aspects that cánido increase the price of your insurance or that it is less covered in necessary cases for your home.

From this website we give you 2 consejos to help you find the right insurance policy.


Basic and complementary coverage

The risks covered by each insurance may vary from one company to another.

Mainly the damages that almost all companies usually cover are those caused by: fire, smoke or explosion, water leaks, meteorological phenomena such as snow or hail, lightning strikes, changing locks, electrical damage, broken mirrors, glass and appliances.

toilets, among others.

In addition to the aforementioned coverage, there are many others that cánido be added in a complementary way, such as: assistance at home, which cánido be provided 24 hours a day; the robbery in the street; emergency medical assistance; pet insurance; travel assistance, etcétera.


Correct assessment of the content and the building

Something that must be kept in mind when purchasing home insurance is the concept of under-insurance, which occurs when the value of the insured capital is less than the replacement value of the insured object.

Therefore, it is very important to value both the content (habitual furniture, jewelry and money, and objects of special value) and the container (value of the building).

Discover the doubts about whether it is necessary to insure a second home

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 2 Consejos for choosing home insurance
  2 Consejos for choosing home insurance
  2 Consejos for choosing home insurance

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