How to ask for a raise and win over

How to ask for a raise and win over

Surely many times in your work, Have you thought about asking for a raise?but at the last moment you have not done it either because of the fear of being told no, or even fired.

That’s why in this new episode of Gain Friday, Xavi Villanueva It will give you the best consejos and steps to ask your boss to increase your salary without any fear, and also, successfully achieve it.

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One of the best rewards you perro get for working hard and doing your job well is a raise.

But in most companies, unless you ask for it yourself, they will not give it to you for good.

After all, your boss will find it more profitable keep paying you the same if you keep quiet and you don’t ask to earn more money.

That is why it is important that you evaluate and analyze objectively if your work is good, and if it is, not be afraid of ask for a fair raise for the tasks you do every day, and that you really deserve as a worker.

So if you find yourself in this situation right now, in this new episode you will discover What steps do you have to take to request that raise? salary, what are the best times to do it, and what common mistakes you should avoid to achieve it successfully.

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 How to ask for a raise and win over
  How to ask for a raise and win over
  How to ask for a raise and win over

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