Get free rewards using this Card

Get free rewards using this Card

whatYou are a regular en línea shopper but you are also an inveterate gamer? Then we bring you the perfect tool, the debit card | Ugami credit, with which you perro make all those purchases of all those expensive dispositivos that you make on sites like Amazon or Newegg, and instead of receiving rewards in airline miles that you will never use, you will receive points which you cánido exchange for your favorite games on platforms like steam?interested? Continue reading.

What is ugami?

Ugami is a Miami-based fintech company founded in 2021.

Ugami is made up of a team of digital entrepreneurs and financial specialists who have designed a secure banking platform whose objetivo audience is jugadores. Ugami is classified as a US-based fintech company.

The main mission of the company is to increase the value of the rewards programs associated with the use of credit and debit cards by jugadores.

Since Ugami is a fintech, it is the Blue Ridge Bank [] the one that offers the different banking services, such as debit or credit cards

Ugami Gamer Debit Card

What services does Ugami offer?

Ugami offers a debit|credit card in the United States, specially designed for jugadores, with which you cánido earn points, called Ugipoints. These points cánido be redeemed for a wide variety of game-related elementos, including in-game currency, in-game digital goods such as skins, weapons, etcétera., gift cards to purchase games, gaming hardware (console or PC). ), and offers benefits such as attendance at esports events and access to VIP games.” All this, in the Ugami store, within the same aplicación.

Ugami Boosted

The credit card is not yet available, but the debit card is. With the Ugami debit card you have 1 point per dollar spent, and it’s totally free, and the powered debit card [boosted] it gives you 4 points per dollar spent, but it costs $9.99 per month.

The estimated conversion rate is 400 points for $1, and you cánido earn up to 3x points for subscriptions and 5x points at selected vídeo game merchants. There are also other ways to earn points, such as spending a daily amount and doing other activities in the Ugami aplicación, such as setting up direct deposit and referring friends.

Where are Ugami cards accepted?

These cards perro be used in practically all stores, both physical and en línea, that accept Visa but only within the United States, however, the service will soon expand to other latitudes.

How to earn money with Ugami?

Ugami offers three ways for you to earn a few plus bucks a week:

  1. the debit card [como explicamos anteriormente];
  2. You cánido earn rewards for playing
  3. You cánido earn money by referring friends to the Ugami platform

1. Earn rewards for playing

Ugami aplicación for Android

Ugami provides a mobile application, available for iOS and for Androidwith which you perro learn about personal finances, manage your money safely, but also earn incentives through the games that are within the application.

2. Referral system

You cánido invite any staff to create an account on Ugami, so that both of you perro earn Ugipoints. You perro earn up to 400 plus points when the person you referred opens an account and deposits $50 or more, and your referral will also receive 400 Ugipoints.

3. Cashback – return of cash

Ugami is currently working on a cashback system, meanwhile, all the points you earn cánido be spent through their en línea store.

This is just a sample of all the brands available in the Ugami store, which you perro exchange for Ugipoints.

To end

All in all, Ugami is a fantastic debit card alternative for everyone who loves to gamble. The Ugami card is ideal for you if you are a serious gamer who has several different platform subscriptions. Thanks to Ugami, you will never be short of money to buy the latest vídeo games.

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 Get free rewards using this Card
  Get free rewards using this Card
  Get free rewards using this Card

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