Is Binomo a fraud? This is the secret that

Is Binomo a fraud? This is the secret that

Binomo is a binary options broker that has become very habitual in the last two years.

But is it really trustworthyor should you be careful with them?

Read on to find out…

What is binomo?

Binomo is a binary options broker which has been operating since 2014, and which emplees one of the most advanced technologies to negotiate with different assets.

It is a good option for both experts and beginners, since it has different tools such as a free demo account, tournaments to get money prizesand exclusive tutorials for their clients.

However, the most special feature that most caught my attention about Binomo is the minimum deposit needed.

While most binary options brokers ask for amounts of $200 or $250 to start investing, with Binomo it’s only $10!

Which means that anyone cánido start investing in binary options right now.

The minimum investment per trade is also surprisingly low.

you cánido start to trade with $1So there are no more excuses.

Another advantage is that it offers the option of get a free demo account.

This demo account is very important as it will help us to test the platform and the efficiency of Binomo.

There is also the possibility of withdrawing your money in less than 3 days from a minimum of $10 and No commissions.

That is, if you only have 10 dollars in your account, and you want to withdraw it, you cánido do it at any time without being charged any type of commission,

Binomo offers a web trading platform that it’s easy to use and includes the essential tools to analyze the market and trade with confidence.

There are about 15 drawing tools to do technical analysis and 5 technical indicators for the most advanced traders.

In the assets that Binomo offers you, perro earn profits of up to 85%.

And that is achieved thanks to its section of vídeo tutorials that they have exclusively for their members, in which you cánido learn strategies and knowledge to educate you about trading and that your income is higher.

My experience with Binomo

I found out about Binomo 4 months ago one day when I was looking for opinions about another broker on the Internet.

When doing a Google plus search, an advertisement appeared which I found very curious…

They said that the minimum deposit was only $10, and that I could start make operations with as little as 1 dollar.

Of course, trading with $1 will not bring you much profit; however, it is perfect for those who are starting with binary options.

serves for lose the fear of operating with your real money.

For someone who has never made money en línea or invested in the depósito market before, it’s hard to trust and risk $250 in something you don’t know if it will work.

When I went to their website, the site looked professional; I read your information, I began to investigate, and I checked that they are regulatedsomething very important when using a platform of this type.

Despite this, I like to be 100% sure when I find one of these methods to earn money en línea, and that’s why I looked for reviews in different weblogs and forums.

I read other people’s opinions that they had achieved good results, and the most important thing is that all of them said that when it came to withdrawing their earnings, they had never had any problems.

Another thing that also caught my attention about Binomo was the fact that it could add funds to my account vía Bitcoin.

More and more companies are add cryptocurrencies as a means of paymentSince it is now more widely accepted and has grown in popularity, it is one of the most convenient ways to do business en línea.

And it doesn’t just accept Bitcoin, the payment provider they use (CoinPayments) allows them to also accept Litecoin, Ethereum and more.

If you are not used to using this type of digital currency, you cánido also deposit and withdraw your money through other means such as Visa or Mastercard card, WebMoney, Neteller and ePayments.

I have used my debit card, Neteller, and Bitcoin to make various deposits and cash out my winnings, and the money is always I have received it in less than 3 days in my account.

After registering on Binomo, they sent me an dirección de correo electrónico with information about all the features they had on their platform.

One of them seemed very interesting to me: it is about tournaments you cánido participate in for free (although some are also paying), and the prizes for winning are different amounts of money.

When I signed up 4 months ago and participated in the first tournament, the prizes were between $50 and $200.

But in recent weeks they have increased the amount, and now they have tournaments in which the main prize is $300.

I have participated in about 7 tournaments so far, and although I only won in one, in the others they also gave me a small financial reward for having participated.

Of course, one thing you should know is that Binomo does not have as many asset options to invest as, for example, IQ Option.

Only the most habitual currency pairs, Bitcoin, Litecoin and some commodities are available. There are between 40 to 60 assets availableso I hope they keep adding more.

One of the things I liked the most about this platform is that, depending on the amount of money you invest, Binomo will automatically calculate what the profit would be in the payment field before trading if you win.

That is to say: if, for example, you are going to invest $19, and the percentage if you win is 83%Binomo will tell you that you will get a total of $34.77 if you are successful.

For invest wiselyyou have to learn to analyze the market and make good predictions.

And for that, Binomo has created a part called “Information” so that binary options beginners cánido acquire the necessary knowledge to familiarize themselves with en línea trading and learn from the most basic to more advanced strategies.

you have at your disposal members-only vídeo tutorials that espectáculo you the step by step to do operations and a glossary to learn from scratch.

And so that you cánido implement all the knowledge and techniques that you learn with these vídeos, Binomo also has a demo account with which you cánido operate virtually without risking your money.

In my personal experience, I have never had a problem with my winnings being withdrawn. I have always been paid on timeand the money has arrived in my account in less than 3 days.

Also, the good thing about Binomo is that the minimum withdrawal is one of the lowest on the market: you cánido collect your winnings starting at just $10.

I have tried most of the brokers that exist en línea, and in all of them the minimum that I should have in my account to withdraw my funds was $50.

So if, for example, you had a profit of $30, you couldn’t cash it out until you reached $50.

But with Binomo I perro do it with only 10 dollars, and also, They do not charge any commission for transferring the money to your account.

Of course, you perro only withdraw your money through the means you used to deposit your funds.

For example, if you used Bitcoin, you perro only withdraw vía Bitcoin.

Also they will ask you for a picture of your document to verify that the account and documentation belong to the person making the withdrawal.

But they do this to make your data more secure.

Binomo is one of the brokers that I still use today, and it has shown me that it is a reliable, transparent platform that always pays on time without commissions with a pretty good service.

As create an account in Binomo in 3 steps

1. Entrar the official Binomo website

To start trading binary options with Binomo, you will need to create an account. clic here below To go to the Binomo website and register for free:

Once you are on the Binomo website, write your correo electrónicoyour password, clic on “I accept the terms”, and choose the currency in which you want to operate and collect your profits: in dollars or in euros.

After that, you just have to clic on “Start trading.”

2. Choose the type of account you will use

Following the instructions in the previous step, You will have your new account created. Remember to confirm your account with the message they sent to your correo electrónico.

Now you will automatically entrar the Binomo platform, but first you will be asked choose the type of account you will use.

You will see a box that welcomes you and two options will appear: demo account and real account.

For registering, you have a demo account with 1,000 dollars so that you learn to invest without risks.

In the other option of the real account, it will appear that you have a cómputo of $0 and that you cánido add funds.

Remember that the minimum deposit is only $10.

What I recommend, especially if you are a beginner, is that start trading with the demo account.

This way you cánido see how their platform works and keep learning more about binary options.

Make a few trades with the demo account before investing your money, this way you will avoid any possible mistakes when trading with real money.

at any time you cánido switch from demo to real accountand vice versa.

3. Add funds to your account and start earning money

After having tried the trading platform that Binomo offers you, you will see that at the top you have a yellow button that says “Deposit”.

By clicking on it you perro add funds to your real account to start trading.

You have different options to do so: through your credit or debit card Visa or Mastercard, by Neteller, WMZ, Bitcoin and ePayments.

Depending on the amount of money you add to your account, this it will be Estándar, Gold or Vip.

If you deposit less than $500, your account is Estándar; if you deposit from $500 to $999, your account will be Gold and if you deposit from $1000 or more, your account will be VIP.

How are these account types different? In general, Gold and Vip accounts They offer you to withdraw your money fastermore bonuses, more advice, etcétera.

All the characteristics cánido be reviewed in the option “Account Types” On the left side.

As I mentioned at the beginning, you perro deposit at least $10 and start trading.

If you add $50 or more, you will receive some plus money for trading.

For example, if you deposit $100 you will receive $130if you deposit $250 you receive $350, etcétera.

With funds available in your account, you perro start make money trading en línea.

is binomo real or a scam?

Few brokers are as transparent as Binomo.

This broker is not pressuring you to give them all your money and they give you a demo account so that you are totally sure that you want to use their platform and the service in general.

are also found regulated by the CRRMF (Center for the Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets).

They have been operating since 2014.

Low-cost of entry ($10 minimum deposit) makes the risk is minimal and see for yourself if it is worth investing more money.

This minimum deposit perro help you make 10 operations of $1 and test your binary options skills.

I have not seen any sign of scam or fraud on Binomo.

You cánido contact the team live chat customer supportyour web form, dirección de correo electrónico and Skype whenever you want.

As I told you before, I met Binomo 4 months ago, and since then I have continued to invest with them (today it is one of my favorite brokers together with IQ Option) because it has given me security, has one of the lowest minimum deposits, and There are no commissions to withdraw the money.

My opinion final

After having seen the various technical options, the bajo coste of trading and the trading services that Binomo offers us, there is no doubt that It is one of the best options in the financial market.

Now experienced binary options traders perro test their strategies on an excellent platform, whether at low-cost or thanks to the demo account free which Binomo also offers.

Finally, as a conclusion, I share the advantages and disadvantages which I have verified when using Binomo:


  • You have a demo account free.
  • you perro operate from your mobile.
  • The minimum deposit is only $10.
  • You do not need to install anything on your computer since its platform works on the web.
  • You have the assets that offer more profitability.
  • you have various technical analysis tools available.
  • You have access to different bonuses and promotions.
  • no commissions to withdraw your money.
  • Withdrawals are made in a short time, less than 3 days.
  • It’s a regulated broker.
  • you cánido choose between four types of coins: euro, dollar, pound sterling and Russian ruble.
  • there is a help section to learn from scratch.
  • It’s easy to contact your customer service.


  • There are not so many assets to choose as in other platforms.
  • There is no possibility of copy to other investors.

And you, Have you already tried Binomo to invest in binary options? Leave me a comment below and tell me about your experiences.

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I am passionate about Internet business and digital marketing.

I have learned a lot through practice, and I share my experiences to espectáculo that anything you want to achieve is possible.

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 Is Binomo a fraud?  This is the secret that
  Is Binomo a fraud?  This is the secret that
  Is Binomo a fraud?  This is the secret that

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