Tiendeo: Earn money with your system

Tiendeo: Earn money with your system

In these times it is much more important to save some money, which is why many people look for all kinds of promotions from their favorite stores.

But, few know that there is only one place that has almost all of them, it is called I tend.

It is an en línea platform with which to save some money on the Internet and additionally you get rewards with its system of cash back to earn money with your purchases or with referrals.

Get 1 free EURO for downloading the Tiendeo Aplicación

You cánido get 1 euro for free with the Tindeo Aplicación, but this is only available for some seasons.

To try it you must install the application and registerwe explain how.

Get €1 for Registering

The first thing is that you install the Aplicación, it is available in the Play Store and in the Aplicación Store as well.

After installing the aplicación, initialize it, the first time you start it, some stores will appear (depending on your location) that you must select as favorites.

In this way you help Tindeo to get you the best deals from these places.

Select the ones you like the most and clic on «close» –to select a store you must clic on the star icon above–.

You will now be able to see the main menu, surely you will be tempted to start looking for offers among the entire catalog of options that it espectáculos.

But, first, it is better that you register.

Go to the «Profile».

Then you will see a menu in which the option “register here” clic on it.

Now, you have to register using Fb or your Google plus account, choose the one that suits you best and that’s it, you’ll have your account.

You will be able to see your cómputo, if you do not have a 1 euro subscriber, then you did not install the aplicación in the season of the promotion in which it gives you 1 euro.

Likewise, here we are going to explain other ways to earn income with Tindeo

What is Store?

store is an en línea platform where you get deals on all kinds of products and close to you.

It has a wide variety of promotions that are frequently updated, but what most attracts users is its system of cash back, with which you perro get a small return on what you spend when using the coupons offered by the platform.

Some believe that it works in the same way as Aklamio, but this is not the case, since no recommendations are made here, in the next section we explain how it actually works.

How does Tiendeo work?

Easy! It has several sections, we are going to tell you what functions each section of the main menu has.

  • home: It is the section in which you get all the offers, they cánido be categorized at your convenience.

    At the top you will see a bar with the options of “Favorites” (these are promotions from the stores you selected at the beginning”, “Explore” (a equipo of stores with good promotions for you), “Categories”, “Bargains”, “Shops” and more.

  • cash back: Here you will be able to obtain the return using coupons, just like we do with Conpermiso.
  • Map: in this part you configure your location and so Tindeo will espectáculo you the closest offers.
  • Profile: finally, in profile you will make the configuration changes of the aplicación, you will be able to complete account information, see the cómputo, withdraw money, referrals, etcétera.

At this point you cánido start to see options, remember that in «home» you will be able to know the offers by filters, you cánido also search for a store, as we espectáculo you in the following image.

How perro you earn money with Tiendeo?

There are two ways you perro earn money with Tiendeothe main one is through the system of cash back that, As we explained above, it is a return of purchases of coupons offered in Tiendeo.

To obtain this return, you must upload a photo of the purchase ticket of the product and if it is valid, Tiendeo adds a small amount to your account cómputo (it may take 48 hours to validate the purchase ticket).

To start, you get 0.50 euros with the first ticket you upload when using the cash back (afín to the Fulltip Aplicación), to earn this amount do the following.

Go to the section «cash back» and clic on the first coupon that appears in the list, then clic on the « icon+».

Also clic the exclamation point to take a fácil survey.

The 0.50 euros will already have been added to your account.

But, so that you cánido collect them, upload your first ticket of the coupons that appear in this section and clic on «See list».

You have to verify your phone number to upload the tiques after you do the verification.

Add more coupons to the list using the icon «+» of each coupon and upload the purchase tiques (you are going to take photos of the tiques).

Automatically, the refund will be paid to you together with the 0.50 euro gift and you will have already obtained a return.

Earn €1 for each person invited

The other way that you perro generate a little plus income without much effort is by using their referral system.

Through this system the platform gives you an invitation code.

This code you share with relatives, friends and acquaintancesso you will get remuneration for each of the people who entrar your code in the aplicación.

There is a problem with this invitation code and it is that, in a neutral case, we cannot find it in the aplicación, we know that it perro be through the option «referrals», but it sends us directly to «cash back».

So one of two things perro happen: first, you are not giving out new codes to get referrals or we need to upload the first ticket to get access to the code.

You cánido try with your account, maybe if I give you an invitation code so you cánido earn money with referrals, for now we have not been able to.

In this option you cánido add a code from a friend who has invited you.

How to collect our earnings?

There are three payment methods you cánido use to collect your winnings: Direct, Gift Card, or donations.

In Direct you charge your PayPal, Verse or bank account, in all three options the minimum is 10 euros.

Gift Cards cánido be obtained from stores such as Amazon, Clarion, zara, among others, each one has a different minimum withdrawal, ranging from 5 to 30 euros.

Finally, you perro withdraw the money by donating it to Mona, Doctor Without Borders, or Movenber.

It is another good option, donate what you generate, as well as you perro do it using Musely.

To start withdrawing money you must go to «Cómputo» in the Profile section, you will see a new section in which you must select request a refund.

Then, you must select the method, amount and where you will receive the money.

To do this, you need to verify your number.

Review of Tiendeo

It is a good way to save money, through its platform you will find offers near you.

As to make money with cash back, it is not feasible, we say it because they do not usually add new coupons and many of the ones that are there have expired.

It may take a long time for you to opt for a new refund coupon in the section of cash backso you should be checking the aplicación from time to time.

The referral system seems not to be working.

Likewise, you perro do the test by purchasing a refund ticket to find out if the platform gives you an invitation code that you cánido share.

In short, it is an aplicación for save money with purchases getting promotions near you, but, it is unlikely that you will reach the minimum withdrawal any time soon.

We say goodbye and we hope that you perro buy many things and remember that saving also earns money, so try the offers near you.

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 Tiendeo: Earn money with your system
  Tiendeo: Earn money with your system
  Tiendeo: Earn money with your system

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