Zap Surveys Earn Money with your Cell Phone

Zap Surveys Earn Money with your Cell Phone

Zap Surveys consists of an application through which you perro earn money in dollars, pay by answering easy and fácil surveys and carry out other activities that you will be able to learn about throughout this article.

this famous application It is headquartered in Georgia and has been providing the service and helping all its users generate money since September 2017. What is relevant about this application is the possibility of easily generating $8 just by taking the first steps. Are you interested in knowing how to start generating money with Zapsurveys? Stay with us and get the necessary information!

Zap Survey Details

  • Rating: Good
  • Available: iOS and Android
  • Minimum Payment: $25 dollars
  • Payment Methods: PayPal and Amazon Gift Card
  • Referral System: Yes
  • Accepted countries: All

How to make money with Zap Surveys?

The insured amount that you have when you start using this application is $8, as I mentioned before. This is obtained by downloading the application from Zapsurveyswhich is done as follows:

1. The first thing you should know is that it is a valid application for iOS and Android devices. If it is difficult to obtain the aplicación, through this backlink you perro entrar and register.

2. Then you have to install and open the aplicación, where you will immediately get a notification saying “Is this first time using Zapsurveys?” (which in Spanish means “are you using Zapsurveys for the first time?”) to which you must answer the button that says “Yes, this is my first time”.

3. You cánido access through Fb and fill out the opening form.

4. You perro win the amount of $0.75 just by entering the following code BQ413NRVMJ in referral code and that’s it.

5. The remaining $6.25 cánido be obtained by filling out the corresponding form and completing your profile (which you perro do in less than 2 minutes)

6. Once you are inside the aplicación, in the upper bars they will give you 4 options, select the one that says More and then Share $1, share the publication on Fb and that’s it.

Simply put, you cánido earn $8 for entering the code and completing your profile, and also $1 for sharing your record on Fb. So from the beginning it is a profitable application.

How does Zapsurveys work?

Zapsurveys will pay you to express your opinion through the surveys, for your activity and for completing challenges. For a better understanding of how it works, we will divide it into two parts: Surveys and Daily.


This section is based on filling out surveys. The aplicación has four panels (tap research, pollfish, peanut labs, and locations rewards). These all vary in relation to the survey topics. However, they are easy and fácil.


In this section you will only earn money for constant access to the platform and for claiming rewards (which will depend on the day you are on). You must remember the day you have in the application since your login to be able to obtain these rewards. For example, when signing up and logging in, select Day 1.

Does Zap Surveys pay or is it a scam?

This application works perfectly, Zapsurveys pays to date without a problem, there are many proofs of payments on the network from users who have received payments with this aplicación.

When you have reached the $25.00 dollars in your account cómputo, since that is the withdrawal minimum and you will be able to collect through PayPal or Amazon Electronic Gift. Register at the following backlink.

Alternatives to Zap Surveys

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 Zap Surveys Earn Money with your Cell Phone
  Zap Surveys Earn Money with your Cell Phone
  Zap Surveys Earn Money with your Cell Phone

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