YTMonster » How does it work? increase your

YTMonster » How does it work? increase your

YTMonster is a free sharing platform that allows you to increase the presence of your YouTube channel. Using the YTMonster page you cánido obtain various direct services to your youtube channelsuch as visits to your vídeos, comments to your vídeos, subscribers to your channel, likes to your vídeos, etcétera.

The YTMonster platform allows you get these services to your YouTube channel for free or paying. In order to be able to obtain these services you must have credits in your account, which are the points that the YTMonster page emplees to provide you with these services. The credits perro be obtained for free or by paying.

YTMonster Basics

platform management YTMonster has been in business for years.
Languages English, but it perro be translated with the Google plus Google chrome translator.
accepted countries Users from all over the world cánido use the platform.
Activity Exchanges for YouTube channels.

Registration and first steps in YTMonster

Registration on the YTMonster page is fácil and free, and you perro do it by clicking here. When entering you must go to the “Get Started” section, complete the indicated data, accept the terms and conditions and send the information. They will send you an correo electrónico to your correo electrónico, with which you must verify your account.

Registration Form

You cánido register in YTMonster from the following backlink: Go to YTMonster.

After registration you must configure your account to be able to take advantage of the platform benefits, and you do this from the “Settings” section. When entering the “Profile” section you have to fill in your general information and Your interests; In the “Linked Accounts” window you must add your YouTube channel by clicking on “Backlink new Channel” following the steps.

In the “Security” section you cánido increase the security of your account; and in the “Preferences” window you cánido configure other preferences that the platform. By adding a YouTube channel you are already able to increase the presence of that channel in various ways.

How does YTMonster work?

YTMonster is a exchange platform to increase the presence of YouTube channels. As a usuario of this platform you cánido add any youtube channel and begin to acquire services in favor of that channel. The services that you perro receive are: visits to your vídeos, subscribers to your channel, comments to your vídeos and likes to your vídeos.

In order to acquire these services you need to have credits in your YTMonter account. Credit is the element that YTMonster emplees to provide services to users. You cánido acquire these credits free or paying to get them. To get these free credits it is necessary to perform certain actions (this will be seen later)

When you are registered on the platform and have configured your account you will be able to start get credit in different ways, and thus increase the presence of your channel. You cánido see the amount of credits you have in the “Dashboard of your account” section.

How to get free credits in YTMonster?

you perro get credits for free on the YTMonster page in three different ways that are: Performing exchange actions, with the daily plus and with the referral system.

exchange shares

YTMonster allows you to get free credits for taking actions on the YouTube channels of other users. You will earn credits for watching vídeos from other channels, for subscribe to channels, for commenting on vídeos, for giving likes, for completing promotions and for completing offers. After completing the tasks you will be able to see the credits you have earned on your cómputo.

For this you must entrar the “Earn Credits” section, choose how you want earn credits and follow the steps indicated. As for the part of watching vídeos, these will be seen in a separate window and vídeos will be shown automatically, so you cánido do other things as you earn credits by watching vídeos.

daily plus

This platform allows you to earn a daily plus in credits totally free. This plus is earned depending on the level you are in, but the part of the levels will be presented later.


The YTMonster page gives you the opportunity to earn credits with the referral system. The part of the referrals will be presented later.

Buy credits on YTMonster

The YTMonster platform gives you the possibility to buy credits without having to try to earn them for free. For this you must entrar the “store/Credits” section, select the credit package you want to buy and make the purchase through PayPal.

After buying the credits you will be able to see them in the credit cómputo and use them to obtain services for your YouTube channel.

From the moment you have credits in your account you cánido purchase the services offered by the platform. Before this you must make sure to add your YouTube channel from the “Settings/Linked Accounts” section. To obtain the services offered by YTMonster you must entrar the “Campaigns” section.

In this section you will be able to see the campaigns that you have created, but at first you will not have any. For add a campaign You must clic on “New”, where you will be sent to a form to create the campaign.

Create and manage campaigns

In the form you must choose the service you wish to purchase (CAMPAIGN TYPE), place the dirección de Internet of your vídeo or channel (YOUTUBE VIDEO dirección de Internet) on which the campaign will take effect, indicate the number of seconds that it will be interact with the vídeo or channel (VIEW LENGTH), place the amount of credits to spend and finally start the campaign.

After this, in the “Campaigns” section you will be able to see the campaign and the new campaigns that you are creating. From the moment you campaign is validated, it will begin to receive the service that you indicated, with which you will begin to see a reduction in the credits of your account.

Levels on YTMonster

The platform has a equipo of levels in which each usuario perro be. These levels are used to obtain a daily plus in credits of free form, so this cánido be a good way to get free credits. The platform has 10 different levels, with different features and bonuses.

Users perro go from smaller levels to the highest ones, with which they will obtain greater benefits in the daily plus. For a usuario to be in a determined level You must meet the requirements for that level. The levels in YTMonster will be presented below.

Referral system in YTMonster

The YTMonster page has a referral system direct with which you perro obtain in the form of credits a percentage of the credits that they win The more affiliates you bring to the platform, the more credits you will earn over time.

Your referral backlink and your referrals cánido be found in the “Affiliates” section. From this section you perro manage your referrals and their statistics. You cánido promote your referral backlink in different ways to attract people to the platform. Go to the forms to get referrals.

YTMonster Memberships

YTMonster has at your disposal three memberships to have certain benefits within the platform. The memberships that the platform has available are: Free, Premium and Pro. You get the Free membership by default from the moment you register on the platform.

In section “Dashboard” you will be able to see the membership in which you are currently, and to acquire memberships You must entrar the “Store/Memberships” section, choose the membership and make the purchase. In this section you perro see the characteristics of the memberships.

Membership Features

Each membership has its own features and benefits, so you should choose the one that better suits you. Below are the characteristics of the different memberships offered by the platform:

Other information about YTMonster


The YTMonster platform allows you to participate in giveaways to earn credits. You perro participate in the draws from the “Community/Draws” section, choose the draw in which you wish to participate and indicate your participation.

Vídeo Optimizer

This is one way to improve the optimization of your vídeos so that they have a better impact on the Internet. To work with this you must entrar the “Vídeo Optimizer” section.

Rank Tracker

This is used to work with the optimization of the palabras clave of your vídeos, which allows you to position your vídeos much better in the search results. To work with this you must entrar the “Rank Tracker” section.

Client Sessions

It is the number of sessions that you perro do in your account at the same time, since this allows you to be able to to exchange more elementos at the same time. You perro obtain these sessions from the “Store/Client Sessions” section.


YTMonster is a good platform to increase the presence of your channel on YouTube, and more because it is quite accepted by the YouTube company, which certifies its legality. The platform It allows you to increase the popularity of your channel exponentially, since its use is allowed by the same YouTube platform.

There are many channels that need this platform to be able to have more presence in this world. The use of this platform a good way to start in the world of YouTube, since the platform perro give you a boost to achieve the results you want to achieve.

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 YTMonster » How does it work?  increase your
  YTMonster » How does it work?  increase your
  YTMonster » How does it work?  increase your

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