ySense | Surveys for money and cards

ySense | Surveys for money and cards

Hello fundraisers! The changes made by ySense They force me to make a new articulo where I explain the new path of this great page.

As most of you know, ySense announced that it would stop being a ptc and would basically become a paid survey website with some plus services.

This left us somewhat shocked because despite the blow suffered with the blocking of his account by Paypal, this decision was not expected from the web address, at least it has taken me by surprise.

However, if we think about it coldly, we realize that ySense already had little ptc.

Although we saw it as such, the truth is that hardly any money was earned by watching ads, almost all usuario earnings came from other methods, so in principle this measure should not affect users too much, although other changes that we are going to see later if they could affect.

Ways to make money on ySense

All the methods that ySense offers us to earn money are free, except for what cánido be earned with direct referrals, all the members of the page are in the same conditions, since the web no longer has any type of membership.

Earn money by filling out surveys

Perhaps the star product on the web, or at least the most used by all users, including myself.

To entrar the panel of available surveys we will clic on Surveys where we will find a list that changes throughout the day.

survey panel

Although, of course, we will not be acts to participate in all the panel surveys, it is true that you perro get several dollars a day by filling in some of them.

You just have to be attentive when they come out and be a little constant and patient.

offer walls

In section offers We will have access to all the walls available in Ysense where we will be paid to perform a certain task.

These tasks perro be from filling out other surveys, registering on other web pages, downloading some type of programa or listening to the radio.

At ySense we have 14 different walls, among which are classics such as TokenAds, SuperRewards and OfferToro.

Earn money with mini jobs

If you have time and you are good at English, the section tasks it is made for you.

These are small tasks with support from CrowdFlower.

In these mini-jobs we will be paid a small commission for each task carried out, the task is usually quite fácil, although you must have a minimum knowledge of English.

In this section you perro earn more than 100 dollars a day by working properly.

The users who do the most mini-jobs during the week will be rewarded with cash prizes, and for every 50 dollars earned doing these tasks we will receive a 5-dollar plus in our account.

Payment received from ySense

Checked, ySense pays

The current payment methods for ySense are Amazon, Paypal, Skrill, and Steam.

The minimum payout right now is equipo at $10 for each available method.

referral system

With the change in the web and the elimination of the ptc system, the 8-level referral system has also been eliminated.

This system was the best that ySense had and it is something that has not been very funny to people who had a large number of affiliates.

Now the referral system only has an unlimited level where we will earn commissions that will vary depending on the action taken by the referral in question.

Commission for registration:

We will earn $0.10 or $0.30 (depending on the country) commission for each registered usuario from our backlink.

To this we will add 2 dollars for each usuario we get, as long as that usuario gets at least $5 earned on the web.

Commissions for completing offers and surveys:

Every time a referral completes an offer on any of the Ysense walls or a paid survey we will receive a commission of 20% to 30% of the value of the action carried out by our affiliate.

Commissions for mini-jobs carried out:

We will also be paid with a commission of 20% to 30% for each mini-job done by one of our referrals.

Bottom line on ySense

Since a couple of years ago Paypal began to look with a magnifying glass and block the accounts of the ptcs, we all knew that sooner or later the best ones would also fall, as has been the case with ySense or neobux.

ySense has decided to take the path of removing the ptc system, perhaps with the hope of settling its affairs with Paypal and getting the payment processor back on the platform.

Be that as it may, this change should not affect too much, since ClixSense was not based on pay per clic, what’s more, it had become a residual product of the web.

The only problem I see is that most users are quite reluctant to use other payment gateways, people are stuck in Paypal and don’t know that other wallets provide an equally efficient service.

You just have to be a little open-minded.

Fortunately, ySense has once again included Paypal among its payment gateways.

We hope that ySense will continue with us for many more years since it is a seriously and efficiently managed website since 2007.

We hope you liked our article ySense | Surveys for money and cards
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 ySense |  Surveys for money and cards
  ySense |  Surveys for money and cards
  ySense |  Surveys for money and cards

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