Ysense | Guide to EARN MONEY by Paypal

Ysense | Guide to EARN MONEY by Paypal

ysense It is one of the free sites to earn money en línea.

Ysense.com was initially created by Steven Girsky in February 2007 under the name Clixsense.

However, in mid-2019 it changed owners.

Currently, Ysense belongs to the company Prodege LLC.

Which in turn also owns the Swagbucks platform.

It has more than 8 million users and has paid more than 26 million dollars.

Figures that speak for themselves of the potential of this portal.

And best of all is that Ysense pay by Paypal.

Do you want to know how it works? Let’s get started with this complete tutorial.

What is Ysense

At the usuario level, the tools that we have available at Ysense to earn money are paid surveys and offer walls.

Also, if we are active on the web, we cánido get an plus money plus every day.

And best of all is that Ysense pay by Paypal.

Do you want to know more about how the portal works? Let’s get down to business with this one.

Guide in Spanish about Ysense.

Ysense registration

To work on the Ysense website, the first thing we will have to do is create an account.

There is no type of restriction, so the registration is valid for users from all over the world.

Regardless of the country they come from.

And of course it’s free.

If you want, you cánido access the portal from the button below.

It will take you directly to the registration form. As usual, we will be asked to provide an correo electrónico address, a nickname and a password.

As soon as we have completed all the fields, we will select the box “Accept the TOS” and we will clic on “Join Now”.

Take me to the registration form

The next step will be to validate our newly created account.

This process is very fácil and will not take more than half a minute.

After registering, Ysense will send us a welcome correo electrónico to the portal.

When opening it, we will get all the text accompanied by a backlink.

Following that backlink, our account will be confirmed correctly and we will be able to access the portal.

Now let’s see how to earn money, what has brought us here.

How Ysense works

The operation of Ysense is very intuitive.

It is important to note that despite the fact that the website is in English, it is easy to identify each section.

And therefore, understand what actions to take to earn money in each one.

In any case, if the language represents a barrier, we perro always use the automatic translator of the Google plus Google chrome browser.

So We will see the page completely in Spanish.

Earn profit on Ysense is our main goal, so the best thing is that we review the different sections that we have available for it.

There are several ways to get money, but we could group them into four categories.

These are:

» Responding paid surveys (naturally in Spanish).

» Completing the Daily Checklist Bonuses.

» Recommending and inviting our friends to join YSense.

” Taking advantage some offers.

in Ysense It is important to know the web from cover to cover.

In this way we cánido take advantage of all the potential it has.

How to make money on Ysense

To earn money on Ysense it is essential that we visit all sections from time to time.

There are always some that we are better at than others.

Or some that offer more generous rewards than others.

Somehow, each person has their preferences and their tastes.

That is why it is essential to know all the complete operation of the platform.

In this way, we perro dedicate time to those sections that are most profitable.

The sections would be made up of the following categories:

paid surveys

Ysense, just like FreeCash either MarketAgent, brings together many survey panels in one place.

This aspecto makes it possible for us to receive many surveys every day.

And therefore, that we have more possibilities to add.

It is common for us to receive surveys from panels such as Cint, Toluna, Lifepoints, Gfk, etcétera.

Thanks to this fact, completing our profile only once in Ysense, We will open the doors to surveys from more than twenty panels.

Cool isn’t it?

In countless number of surveys cánido reach us daily.

There are days that 20 cánido arrive.

And others that figure perro reach 50.

That does not orinan that we will finally end up accessing the survey.

Once we receive the invitation, you perro ask us a few questions to see if our profile fits.

If it fits, they will give us access to the study and after finishing it they will pay us the reward.

If not, they will rule us out for that survey and we will have to wait for another one to be invited.

Ysense surveys are worth between $0.50 to $4 and usually last from 5 to 40 minutes.

The money we are paid for each study depends on the time required.

It is very important to pay attention to the panelist profile in Ysense.

In the section of «Surveys»you will see two small tabs with the name of «Surveys Profile» and “Preferences”.

Is essential keep these two sections updated to receive one more survey invitations.

Daily Checklist Plus

To earn money with the Check List Plus we will have to complete a series of actions every day.

It consists of a plus that the portal offers us when encuentro a series of conditions.

If we meet these requirements today, tomorrow we will receive 12% (or more) of the money we have generated today on the web as a reward.

There are basically two conditions to receive this plus, although there are two others that increase this percentage to 16%:

» make two offers ⏩ To receive the minimum plus of 12% we have to comply with this section.

To do this, it will suffice to make one of the two actions: Make two offers or complete two paid surveys, which also count as completed offers.

» Have the ClixAddon activated for an hour ⏩ The ClixAddon is a browser extension that notifies us when there is a survey or task available in Ysense.

If we have it activated for at least an hour, tomorrow we will receive 2% more.

In other words, by complying with this point and the first two, tomorrow we will receive a 14% plus.

» Complete the Check List Plus three days in a row ⏩ By completing the Chek List Plus three consecutive days we will receive an additional 2%.

The percentage to receive will already be 16%.

Not bad right?

offer walls

In the walls of offers we will find all kinds of promotions.

Both free and paid.

There are several offer walls on Ysense and each contains its own offers.

Whether it’s Matomy, Persona.ly, Trial Pay, SuperRewards, there are free and paid offers on all of them.

free offers, What are the ones that I usually do and recommend doing?consist of watching vídeos, visiting the occasional website, registering on a site, responding to a survey… That is, when we carry out any of these actions we will achieve two things:

✅ Earn money with the reward.

✅ Complete part of the necessary requirements to receive the Check List Plus.

On these Ysense walls there are cashback offers for making en línea purchases.

As I said before, I do not recommend that you do any paid promotion unless you know 100% what you are doing.

To give you an iniciativa what I orinan by “paid promotions”, I will explain one that I have done.

I signed up with William Hill Sports Book using one of the current TrialPay offers.

The conditions were: create a new account, make a deposit through Paypal of $10 and bet everything on a forecast.

In return, Ysense rewarded me with $40.

So it was.

I lost the bet… but when I made the offer they credited my cómputo $40.

What in the end they stayed at $30 clean.

Ysense Main Features

» Ysense is supported by the commissions it receives of the paid survey panels and the offer walls.

We could say that Ysense acts as an intermediary between us and its client.

The client puts offers and surveys that we consume.

Years ago, the Ysense portal had a PTC section, which turned out to be deficient.

With the current structure it is 100% profitable.

» There is a tool that will help us get the most out of Ysense.

It is the ClixAddon, an extension for Google chrome, Mozilla firefox or Trabaja that notifies us when surveys are available.

We perro download this extension by going down to the bottom of the web and clicking on ClixAddon.

» To remove we perro use paypal although payment is also available through Amazon Gift CardsSteam, Skrill, Payoneer, etcétera.

» The minimum payment in Ysense it is 10$ by Paypal.

» In Ysense there is a level of referrals.

For each friend that we invite, they will give us a commission of $0.10 or $0.30 depending on the country of residence when registering.

Also, if they are active, Ysense will reward us with a 15% commission based on the profit they make.

For every guest who reaches $5 in cómputo, we will receive a $2 prize.

Ysense pay by Paypal

Once we have reached the minimum payment, it will be time to request our first.

Usually I usually request Ysense payments vía Paypalbut we cánido also request that they give us the money through a check for Amazon or Steam.

How to request a withdrawal

Regardless of which gateway or withdrawal method we use, the process will always be the same;

» First of all we will have to configure the payment processor for which we want to charge.

To do this, we will go to the section of «Cashout».

» we select the processor that suits us best and follow the indications.

Regarding Paypal payments need to verify account and, in addition, comply with a small procedure.

In this case, it is mandatory that both Ysense and Paypal configure our accounts with the same name.

That is, if Paypal espectáculos our name and both surnames.

In Ysense we will have to put them with the same format.

If we have a compound name, such as Jose Ramón, and in Paypal we have it written down like this, in Ysense we will also have to write down the name as it appears in Paypal.

» Once the configuration is finished, we will request the withdrawal.

We will not have to repeat this process anymore, unless we want to change the processor in subsequent withdrawals.

To proceed, we simply select the prize money that we want to withdraw and clic on “Get Rewarded”.

When requesting the withdrawal, the amount of the prize will be It will arrive in full to Paypal since commissions are applied to us of any kind.

same as in swagbucks.

If we ask for a $50 prize, $50 will arrive to Paypal.

To finish, we will only have to wait for the profits to be transferred to us.

Ysense usually pays out in a matter of days.

The term ranges between 3 and 7 days.

Ysense in Venezuela

At the beginning of the guide I commented that Ysense was useful for everyone, however, there are a problem with some other country and I find it interesting to make an assessment about it.

As is evident, businesses like Ysense are profitable thanks to the different actions carried out by users.

That is, if a usuario like us completes an offer or responds to a survey, Ysense takes a small percentage.

So, for example, if we receive $1 for a survey, it is quite likely that Ysense will charge $1.10 for that same survey.

Earning that $0.10 margin.

In countries like Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador or especially the United Statesthe volume of surveys, jobs and offers that Ysense handles is much higher than in Venezuela.

In the end, the fact that there are more surveys and offers available in some countries depends solely and exclusively on customers who contract the services of Ysense.

Which in turn will delegate that work to the users.

I don’t know what criteria they follow, but for some reason, in countries like Venezuela there aren’t as many surveys, so it’s more difficult to earn money.

But not everything is bad!! Although the surveys are one of the three pillars that Ysense has to generate profits, both for Venezuela and for the rest of the countries offer walls are available, which if well worked, cánido bring us many benefits.

PTC pages like neobux They pay to see advertising, but there are other different methods as well.

Without going any further, in Kolotilablo we perro earn money transcribing captchas.

Ysense in Spain, Argentina, Colombia and the US

ysense It is very profitable in countries like Spain, México, Argentina or Colombia.

In general, there are offers and surveys for users from all South American countries.

From experience I perro say that Ysense in Spain send a lot of surveys.

And there are always mini jobs and offers to continue earning money.

However, to talk about other countries, I cannot speak from my own experience… but I cánido provide the information that the readers of my blog have been passing on to me over the years.

where ysense It is really profitable is in the United States.

It is logical to think that since it is a Yanqui portal, it is there where there are more offers and surveys.

But as I have commented in the previous section, these portals live thanks to the percentages of money that they scratch from here and there.

And as is evident Market studies are carried out in all countries and in all countries there are companies that offer promotions in the form of offers.

What Ysense does is mediate between them and us, and I’m sure their Marketing team will spend a lot of their time finding surveys and offers that might be interesting.

There is no secret to making money on Ysense.

The key is to work the site by answering surveys or taking advantage of some other offer.

There’s no more.

Ysense reviews

Ysense is a survey portal in which you perro make money on paypal totally free.

You don’t need to invest in anything.

And it offers total flexibility.

Working in the different sections we will be able to generate as much money as we propose.

Something that very few pages perro offer today.

In addition, we have already seen that if we are active, the Check List Plus perro help us get plus money the next day.

Although it sounds cliché, the amount of money that perro be earned on Ysense is unlimited.

Everything will be marked by our activity on the web.

Which in turn depends on the time we dedicate to it and the work we do.

Obviously, answering two $0.85 surveys is not the same as completing a $60 offer like the one I detalla in the vídeo-tutorial.

But deep down, the important thing is to add.

And if it’s not on one side, let it be on the other.

If we do so, we will reach the minimum payment almost without realizing it.

The main thing is to get a first payment in Ysense, gain confidence and continue to grow little by little.

I hope that with this tutorial on Ysense you perro squeeze all the tools mentioned and get more performance from the portal.

If you have any questions, you cánido use the comments.

Or if you prefer, contact me through popular networks or the blog Contact.

I will help you in everything possible.

If you want to start working on the platform, I would appreciate it if you registered as my referrals by clicking on the button above.

Until next time and long live Ysense!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money by Internet.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Ysense |  Guide to EARN MONEY by Paypal
  Ysense |  Guide to EARN MONEY by Paypal
  Ysense |  Guide to EARN MONEY by Paypal

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