Ysense (clixsense) vs. Neobux Which is better?

Ysense (clixsense) vs.

Neobux Which is better?

Surely you will have already hate talking about Ysense and Neobuxtwo giants in the ámbito of earn money en línea.

Next, we will put these two sites face to face and reveal the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

We will tell you which one you perro get the most profit with.

If you use any of these pages, this information will surely interest you and if you don’t know any of the two sites and want to earn plus money, sign up, it’s free!

Each one has things in their favor and against them.

But how do we know which one is best for us? Ysense or Neobux?

Comparison between Ysense and Neobux

website design

The Ysense website is an excellent example of good web development work.

The colors used are light for our eyes, which helps to disminuye visual fatigue.

It is a well-designed site, easy to use for all users, especially newbies.

Its interfaz espectáculos in a fácil way everything that the usuario perro do with a single clic.

Neobux has almost all of these features.

Its only problem is that its home page doesn’t espectáculo all the backlinks relevant to its essential functionality.

Whereas in Neobux you have to search through the entire page looking for such backlinks, Ysense espectáculos them to you on its home page.

In that sense, Ysense is easier for users to use.

Help for new users

Ysense offers a very complete help section, very important for new users.

Also, in the FAQ section, Ysense answers almost all the questions that a new usuario may have.

On the contrary, in Neobux this section is incomplete, because it does not answer most of the frequent doubts of the users.

Best rewards

In Neobux you need to do mini jobs to get some plus.

The problem is that it is quite difficult to access tasks of level 1 or higher, the only ones that offer good pay, and where, in fact, there are jobs.

Therefore, this limits the usuario too much the possibility of obtaining bonuses.

In Ysense, on the other hand, you don’t need to do mini jobs to receive a reward.

What’s more, it offers you $1.6 free for every $10 earned per day, rewards $5 to users who have earned $50 with mini jobs, and they run a weekly $200 contest for people who do the most tasks during that time.


Clicksense started out as a PTC site where you could earn money by viewing ads.

But as it evolved, it added other tasks until it completely left the PTC system behind, and it became Ysense.

In that sense, Neobux has a small advantage over Ysense.

However, despite not having ads, in Ysense you perro earn a greater amount of money by making offers, answering surveys, and participating in weekly programs.

For its part, the Neobux PTC system pays very little.

Earn more money with paid surveys

Previously, Neobux limited its job offer to ads and mini jobs.

This year included a survey system.

Ysense also offers this additional service to increase your income through paid surveys.

However, Ysense’s survey system is still better.

Using these surveys, you cánido make a good profit on a daily basis, especially if we are from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Estándar members of those places earn more than $10 per day.

And residents of other countries get a number of between $1 to $10 daily.

Ads alone are not enough to generate good income.

Bids faster

GPTs provide another plus to increase revenue.

The offers consist of watching vídeos, downloading applications or doing afín tasks.

Ysense pays the offers almost immediately, or a few hours later.

Neobux, on the other hand, takes much longer to pay out offers.

Ysense offers faster payment in this work option.

direct referrals

Another outstanding thing about Ylixsense is their direct referral program.

This has been categorized as one of the best PTC sites.

Unlike Neobux, we do not have any limitation on the number of referrals we perro have through our backlink.

Instead, Neobux pressures you to purchase a premium service, thus increasing the number of referrals.

The number of referrals depends on the membership we have.

In addition, Ysense’s direct referral program gives you better benefits.

In its 2 levels, we perro earn 30% commissions from referrals and when a referral of yours reaches $5, you will generate an plus commission of $2 for yourself! For surveys, offers and tasks well done, we get 20% of your profit.

Neobux, on the other hand, has only one level, and pays 50% commission for certain especial ads, 12% for mini jobs and 20% for coin offers.

Premium Membership

Clixsense used to have an annual membership that you could purchase for $17.

Currently, with the switch to Ysense, you no longer have any membership.

It must also be said that with the remuneration system (both offers and affiliates) it is not necessary, since you perro earn a good sum of money for FREE.

On the other hand, Ysense assures you a good profit without the need to acquire a membership.

But in Neobux you are doomed to fail, if you do not acquire any of these options.

The Neobux membership system has certain details that you need to pay attention to, if you want to be successful in it.

When ascending from the estándar account to the Goldenyou get higher profits per clic and commissions from direct and rented referrals.

For each of your clicks on estándar ads you will earn $0.010 instead of $0.001.

With direct referrals you will earn $0.0050, instead of $0.0005, ten times more! And for referrals rented 50% more for your estándar ads, $0.0100 instead of $0.0050.

Also, Neobux offers Golden packages that cánido help you earn more money.

work statistics

Ysense gives you a well-optimized statistical report, without the need to go premium.

It has a table with separate groups for surveys, clicks, tasks, and referrals.

In a clear way, it makes it easier for the usuario to analyze their work, for its improvement.

Neobux, on the other hand, does not have this excellent service.

His stat table is quite complicated, and incomplete.

Also, there are certain privileges that remain only for premium members.

Now, in this comparison, we are not unaware that Neobux has some little things where it is better than Ysense.

rented referrals

If we make a comparison between Ysense and Neobux, the latter would take precedence due to the fact that Ysense does not offer this service.

Neobux offers you the possibility of renting referrals, along with direct referrals.

With this they help you get plus money.

To get the most out of them, you have to learn how to have a good strategy.

You cánido see ——backlink to neobux guide article— guides and strategies at your disposal that will help you in this regard.

The number of referrals will depend on the type of membership you have.


Weighed on a scale, Neobux’s loading speed is higher than Clixsense’s.

Previously, the Clixsense charging speed was about 2 seconds.

With its upgrade to Ysense, it now takes 1.8 seconds for its charging speed.

Something quite fast compared to other sites.

But Neobux has a loading speed of just a few milliseconds, about 0.7 seconds.

Despite the small differences, if we compare the speed of the pages, we have to admit that they are very much on par.

Payment Processors

Both GPT sites provide the payment methods most used by users.

Neobux no longer works with Paypal, the payment options currently available to you are Neteller, Skrill, and AirTM.

Ysense has more payment processors, such as Paypal, Skrill, Reward Backlink, Payoneer, and Tango Card.

Now, when it comes to payment processors, Neobux is faster.

While Ysense will send the payment 5 days after your request, Neobux does it instantly.

However, despite this, in the end result Ysense still has greater advantages than Neobux.

whatWhich is better Ysense or neobux?

Based on our own comparison, Ysense is better than Neobux by far.

Currently, we present to you the reasons we have for this opinion.

What is your opinion?

In this versus between Ysense and Neobux, we conclude that Ysense (formerly Clixsense) is better.

We hope that this article cánido be of help to you, and that you perro have a better criteria for choosing one of the two GPTs to work with.

However, in addition to doing our own study and comparison, we would like to know your opinion about it and to know which one seems better if Ysense or Neobux.

If you liked this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

You cánido tell us in the comments your experiences and what is your opinion about it.

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Neobux Which is better?
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 Ysense (clixsense) vs. </p><p>Neobux Which is better?
  Ysense (clixsense) vs. </p><p>Neobux Which is better?
  Ysense (clixsense) vs. </p><p>Neobux Which is better?

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