YouGov | What it is and how it works | Earn money

YouGov | What it is and how it works | Earn money

Discover how to earn money through the YouGov survey platform. We teach you everything you need to know, from how to register correctly, how to use the platform and the different ways to earn money.

YouGov is a website to earn money by completing surveys. It is one of the most reputable platforms today in the world of marketing.

It has more than 5 million registered users in its database, with these numbers we perro see how big this YouGov is in the marketing campo.

In addition, it has an unlimited referral system. Which means that we cánido have the number of referrals that we want (or cánido), and we will earn €1.66 for every referral who has completed their first 5 surveys. And we do not need to make any payment to register on the platform.

Stay with us, and learn more about this survey platform.

What is YouGov?

YouGov is a survey platform created in 2000 by YouGov PLC, a London, UK company. It has more than 5 million registered usersand offers a notable profit for each survey, compared to other sites.

In addition, it has a referral system with unlimited levels. And you make your payments through Amazon checks.

Currently, the platform is available in different languages ​​and for the following countries: Spain, the US, France, Italy, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, China and Finland.

YouGov Registration

There is no cost to register with YouGov, since it is completely free. To use the platform more easily, entrar the site in its official version in Spanish.

Creating an account is very fácil. You just have to clic “Sign up”, and you will be sent to this form. You perro register with your correo electrónico or with you Fb account. Entrar the requested data, and confirm your address, with the message that will arrive in your dirección de correo electrónico.

Then, you must complete the first survey. This survey is important as it will define your profile and the number of surveys you will receive in the future. As much as possible, use real information and go through it calmly. Once finished, you will receive your first 100 points which are equivalent to €0.83.

How does it work and how to make money on YouGov?

The way to earn money on YouGov is very fácil. Since we will not have to do more than wait for an dirección de correo electrónico from the platform that will report that a new survey is available. This will happen as long as there are surveys available that match our profile.

The site interfaz is intuitive and friendly. When you start, you will have the points available in your cómputo. To the right side, you will find the surveys available at the moment, and the profile information. At the top, you will find the main menu with three options:

  • See results. This section offers information about the surveys carried out by the YouGov community, especially the results. In addition, you perro also find important news and community opinions on different topics.
  • Participate. Here we cánido find the general information of our account. The available points that we have so far, and the possibility of withdrawing our money once we have reached the minimum limit of points. 3,000 points equal €25 and 5,000 points equal €50. In addition, here you perro also find your referral backlink.
  • Solutions. This section espectáculos information about the services and solutions that the platform offers its advertisers. This is an important section for companies that wish to hire their services. It is not relevant to us as users.

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YouGov offers two ways to earn money. Through paid surveys, or the referral system. Regarding the surveys, we will only have to wait for some to be available that match our profile.

YouGov Referral Program

About him YouGov Affiliate Program It allows us to invite all the people we want. For each referral, we will get 200 pointswhich are equivalent to €1.66. To receive this reward, our affiliates will need to complete their first 5 surveys.

You perro find the referral backlink in the main section with just a little scrolling. You perro also find it in the main menu, in the section “Participate”.

Also, withdrawing money is easy. You only have to reach the minimum amount of 3,000 or 5,000 points to redeem your points. It is important to note that YouGov only makes payments through Amazon gift cards, at least in Spain.

YouGov Aplicación

YouGov also has a mobile aplicación with which we perro earn money.

With your application, we will be able to complete the surveys, fill out our profile, and give our opinion on the surveys and different topics. In addition, we cánido also redeem our points from the application.

Opinion on YouGov

YouGov is a reliable platform, which has been making payments to all its users for years.

In addition, your company is has prestige and great recognition. In fact, there are many conveniente usuario reviews that testify in favor of the platform.

It has a good flow of surveys, and its referral system is helpful. And it is one of those platforms that is useful, if you like to make purchases on the Internet.

YouGov has an air of other pages like the Ipsos I-Say polling panel.

However, one of the only disadvantages of this platform is that does not have more payment processors (such as Paypal), and not available for users in Latin America (with the exception of México). Other than that, it is a platform that we recommend to our users.

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 YouGov |  What it is and how it works |  Earn money
  YouGov |  What it is and how it works |  Earn money
  YouGov |  What it is and how it works |  Earn money

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