Yougov | PAID surveys in Spain and

Yougov | PAID surveys in Spain and

Yougov is an international paid survey panel valid for users from Spain and México.

The most interesting thing about this veteran panel is that it pays in Amazon Gift Certificates.

As we will see throughout this guide, in Yougov there is also the possibility of collecting in cash, although not by Paypal.

However, my iniciativa is that it is a luxury for me to get money on Amazon.

And therefore, we perro make our purchases without spending money out of pocket.

What is Yougov?

Yougov Spain belongs to the company Yougov PLC, registered in the UK since the year 2000.

It is a Leading agency in terms of market studies and there are many companies and multinationals that hire their services in order to optimize their products and services.

Although its headquarters is located in England, it has branches in many countries.

As regards Yougov Spain, it has two offices.

One at number 19 Calle Prim in La capital de españa and another at number 129 Calle Balmes in Barcelona.

Registration in Yougov Spain

Registration with Yougov is completely free.

As usual in all survey panels, the first thing we will do is sign up.

If you want, you perro clic on the button below, which will take you directly to the Yougov website.

Once there, we will clic on the tab “Sign up”, which appears in the upper right corner.

To proceed with the registration, we perro use an correo electrónico address or our personal Fb account.

If we choose the first option, we will have to provide our correo electrónico, a password and accept the conditions of use.

And if we prefer the second, we will accept the conditions of use and clic on the Fb tab.

That easy!

Register to panel

The next step will be to confirm the registration.

In this case, Yougov will send us an correo electrónico welcoming us with a backlink attached.

Clicking on this backlink will open a browser window that will take us back to the panel website.

Now we cánido log in and access the newly created account.

To enable the reception of surveys we will have to fill in the two sections that appear at the bottom of the web.

In the section «My Details» We will entrar our personal data.

Name, surname and postal address.

And in the one of “Setting”we will select the option to receive surveys “as often as” and the language in which we want to receive them.

When we answer the first survey, Yougov will give us 100 plus points.

How Yougov works

Yougov is one of those panels that is a pleasure to work with.

Especially for how practical it is.

The web design is very intuitive and its interfaz is fácil.

A aspecto that always facilitates our work.

Main menu

See results ➤ In this section we will see the conclusions derived from theThe surveys launched by the panel.

Although Yougov is only available in Spain and México for the Spanish-speaking community, here they will espectáculo us the results and statistics of the entire equipo of users.

Both those of Spain and México, as well as those of the United States, England and thirty other countries.

participate ➤ The Participate section is the one that appears by default when we access the Yougov website.

It will be here where we will see the survey invitations, the prizes available, our referral backlink and the earnings history.

It will also be in this section where we perro request that they pay us.

Our solutions ➤ Here we cánido see all the services offered by Yougov and those responsible for each area.

In principle it is not for us, since the iniciativa is to earn money by answering surveys.

But if we want, we perro hire a service and find out what users think about a specific topic.

Or in other words, we perro publish a market study for the panel to distribute among its users in the form of a survey.

In our case, we only need to entrar the section “Participate”.

The other two are focused on companies and organizations.

How to make money on Yougov

In Yougov We perro earn money in two ways.

The main one, as is evident, is responding to the surveys that are coming to us.

This is how we will obtain the points that we will later exchange for money prizes for Amazon.

The other option is to invite our friends to join the Yougov community.

Just like we did a moment ago.

Let’s see all the details.

paid surveys

Yougov polls are very short.

Especially if we compare them with the ones we receive in Lifepoints either Opinion Center.

To give you an iniciativa, of all the surveys that I have completed in this panel, the one that has taken me the longest has been one of 15 minutes.

And the reward was 100 points.

But I tell you that it is not habitual.

In the vast majority of surveys that come to us, we will only take a few minutes to answer them.

As for the rewards we receive for each completed survey, they are usually 25, 50, 75 or 100 points.

These rewards will always depend on the average time it takes to answer them and the topic in question.

When a survey is available to us, Yougov will send us an correo electrónico.

To access the survey in question, we will only have to follow the backlink that we see in the content of that correo electrónico and it will redirect us automatically.

Another option to check if there is a survey is by accessing our account in the panel.

If there is, we will see a notification like this:

In this case, to access the survey, we will have to clic on “Respond to a survey”.

When we finish it, they will assign the points to the cómputo.

There are times when we are invited to do a series of surveys on the same topic.

To put you in the situation, before writing this guide I received one of these series.

For answering ten surveys in a 14-day period, I was awarded 50 points for each one, and was given an plus 200 points at the end of the series.

inviting our friends

The other way to earn money on Yougov is by inviting other people through our referral backlink.

The backlink will be found in the tab “Participate”.

The conditions equipo by the panel are that when a guest answers five surveys they will give us 200 plus points.

If you have the opportunity, it is worth taking advantage of the situation and sharing your backlink with friends and family.

Either by e-e correo electrónico, WhatsApp or with the followers you have on popular networks.

The referrals we get have to be active.

Otherwise, we will not receive the reward.

Yougov Awards

In Yougov Spain there are two prizes available.

I don’t know the prizes that exist in México and the rest of the countries, but I suppose they will be the same.

As I mentioned in the introduction, in this panel they pay us with Gift Vouchers to spend on Amazon.

Look at the following image capture:

It cánido be seen that the two awards have a red stripe at the top.

But initially, that stripe is gray in color.

When we reach 3,000 points, the €25 prize is unlocked.

And the stripe becomes red.

Enabling the possibility of requesting the first prize.

If we don’t get paid and we continue answering surveys, when we reach 5,000 points, the €50 prize band also turns red.

Taking into account the points that we need to redeem the prizes, it will always be more worthwhile to charge from €50 to €50.

yougov pays

We have agreed that Yougov is reliable… But what better than receiving a payment personally or seeing proof of payment from someone we trust to dispel any doubts? As we have just seen, in Yougov Spain there are two prizes available that we cánido get by exchanging our points.

And both are money prizes to spend in the store.

How to request a payment on Yougov

To request a payment in Yougov we will have to perform three fácil steps:

1- Depending on the prize we want to receive, we will clic on one or the other.

By clicking on one of the two prizes, a new window will be displayed explaining the conditions and how to proceed.

It is vitally important to know that, in Spain, the amazon codes that they are going to send us are only valid for the store.

2- Then we clic on “Redeem” and a form (already completed) will open with our data.

We make sure that these data are correct and clic on “Redeem” again.

3- Finally, we will get a notification telling us that “You have redeemed 5,000 points for a €50 Amazon Voucher”.

In the event that we choose the prize of €25, in this notification they will tell us that “You have exchanged 3,000 points for €25 Amazon Voucher”.

Yougov pays within 3 days to two weeks.

You will send us the Amazon Gift Certificate to our dirección de correo electrónico.

How to redeem the gift voucher on

When we receive the Amazon check in our e-e correo electrónico, we will go to the store’s website and convert it into money.

1- The first thing we will do is go to the tab «Gift Voucher».

Once there, we clic on “Redeem a Gift Voucher”.

2- Secondly, we return to the correo electrónico and copy the code.

3- And we go back to, paste the code in the box and clic on “Redeem”.

At that moment we will have our money available on Amazon.

Main features of Yougov

Once you have seen how Yougov works, it is time to assess and analyze in depth the pros and cons.

As always, these ratings are personal and based on my own experience working on the panel.

» Yougov is free. In fact, all of the paid survey panels I use are free.

And if it were otherwise, I would not recommend them.

» I have always stated that I prefer to work on sites that pay by Paypal.

So I perro escoge what to do with the money.

However, Amazon is the en línea store par excellence to buy from home.

And having €25 or €50 allows me to purchase elementos and products that I would not buy otherwise.

» Yougov surveys are short and are answered fairly quickly.

In addition, it should be noted that we are never ruled out in the polls.

For me, an extremely positive aspecto.

» It takes several months to earn the points to claim an award.

In this sense, it is best to redeem the second prize instead of the first.

Well, by doing so we save 500 points.

Since Yougov is reliable, there is no problem in being patient and waiting until you reach 5,000 points.

To give you an iniciativa, it took me 9 months to reach €25.

And 16 months to reach €50.

» Yougov has a mobile aplicación… but I don’t recommend its use.

The truth is that it could be very useful when we are not in front of the PC.

But after reading some opinions, I have discarded the iniciativa.

Seems to be having problems on a recurring basis.

And since the web works perfectly, I prefer to continue with the “classic mode”.

Hence, I choose not to download it.

Yougov Opinions

I have done a complete review of Yougov so that you know inside out how it works.

Although in the first instance the fact of paying with money for Amazon may be a handicap, I think it is a site that it’s worth working.

Who more who less, almost all of us already buy en línea.

And a high percentage of those purchases are made in the Amazon store.

If instead of spending our money, we buy with the earnings in Yougov or Opinion and Earn, let’s save ourselves a good beak.

Or we cánido even afford a whim that with our money we would not even consider buying.

Do you want to earn more money with surveys? Look at the list with the panels of paid surveys which works best for me.

All paying and 100% free.

And here we come.

I hope that This guide will be of help to all of you who still did not know the Yougov page.

And above all, that you earn money for Amazon and you perro buy really cool things.

Now we know how to do it without spending a single euro out of our pocket.

Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you perro see more about me.

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 Yougov |  PAID surveys in Spain and
  Yougov |  PAID surveys in Spain and
  Yougov |  PAID surveys in Spain and

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