Yougov: Earn cash and Amazon checks

Yougov: Earn cash and Amazon checks

From the United Kingdom comes a web page of paid surveys that goes by the name Yougov.

It is an excellent platform to earn money en línea, the use of which is completely free, making the possibility of working by filling out en línea surveys profitable.

It has been running since the year 2000 and is one of the most acclaimed market research platforms of the moment, both for the veracity of its results and its ease of use.

Therefore, it is prudent to carry out a small review and opinions about YouGov Surveys in such a way that everything that this website has to offer cánido be revealed.

Basic aspects and operation of Yougov

YouGov perro work like any other paid survey platform you find on the internet.

This means that you will have to register in the panel; Fill out your profile completely and wait for the platform to provide you with the surveys that you must fill out.

Fácil, don’t you think?

YouGov works with a system of redeemable points; which you will have to gather in order to obtain your remuneration in cash.

To make withdrawals on YouGov, you have to collect a total of 3000 points; which would be equivalent to about 25 US dollars.

In addition, it enjoys various aspects of the platform such as:

  • Different languages ​​in each country, including Spanish, English, French and German.
  • A main menu that you perro see when you log in with your usuario in Yougov.

    It is characterized by highlighting three tabs that you cánido access:

  • The “View results” tab, being able to see detailed reports on YouGov surveys and questionnaires, which may seem interesting; more considering that here you will be able to know the opinion of other users of the pollster.
  • The “Participate” tab, where you perro access all the information found in your YouGov account, including the points you have accumulated, the rewards you have available to redeem; the backlinks with exclusive invitations and so on.

    This is where you will spend most of your time waiting and answering en línea surveys.

  • The “our solutions” tab, where the company in charge of the platform exposes everything it has to offer both to other large companies and to small users.

Yougov Spain Colombia USA / México Argentina

Yougov for the rest of the countries

How to register on YouGov?

Registration in YouGov is completely free and, to do it correctly, you must access the official page of the platform:

Once there; You perro clic on the upper right where it says “register”, thus opening a window that will espectáculo you a small form that you must fill out with all the information that is required there.

Completed this; You will have to go to the inbox of the dirección de correo electrónico that was requested in the registration, thus looking for the YouGov account confirmation correo electrónico and thus pressing the backlink that appears there to obtain your fully activated account.

When you have already created your YouGov account; you cánido start the process of earning points to exchange for your corresponding remuneration.

This same; begins with a welcome survey that, as soon as you complete it, will give you a total of 100 additional points (equivalent to approximately $1).

Said first survey has to do with the personal profile of each person, which will define the number of paid surveys that the en línea application will send you.

Therefore; It is vitally important to fill out this survey correctly and wisely so that the platform sends you a continuous volume of surveys to answer.

Yougov is available for the following countries:

You must clic on the backlink for your country to sign up.

In this way you will be able to validate your account, since this panel works differently in each country and the type of rewards may vary in each of them.

Important note: It is very important to complete the usuario profile; Only in this way perro they invite you to participate in new surveys.

Yougov Spain Colombia USA / México Argentina

Yougov for the rest of the countries

Referral and payment system in YouGov

Not being left behind on the subject of Internet surveys; YouGov’s platform also boasts an excellent referral system, where you perro get a greater number of additional points simply by inviting friends to participate in this panel so that they in turn perro earn money.

The already mentioned affiliation system consists of a single unlimited level; where you cánido invite as many friends and acquaintances as you want and thus obtain a 200 point commission for each referral that completes 5 surveys or more within the platform.

Therefore; Try to invite those people who may really be interested in filling out paid surveys on the Internet.

Opinions about YouGov

As a curious fact belonging to the YouGov en línea survey platform; it perro be said that the same account is listed on the London depósito exchange; being included in the alternative investment market.

It is therefore no surprise that this is the most trusted paid survey platform in the UK and therefore; has more than 5 million users which continues to increase day by day.

It is spreading all over the world; They are currently working in Europe in some Latin American countries such as México, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

I have come across many opinions, comments and proofs of payment in reliable sites such as in some newspapers and even the press that speaks positively about this site.

This is what has led me to try the site, and for now everything is going well; They have given me 100 points just for answering a mini survey of about 10 questions.

Yougov; like other panels like ipsos iSay; He has carried out market studies for large companies of great prestige such as Ikea, Samsung, Colgate…

Yougov Spain Colombia USA / México Argentina

Yougov for the rest of the countries

Final conclusions about YouGov

The paid survey website of YouGov stands out for its extreme and confirmed trust and security; which guarantees you excessive transparency with all the processes that you must follow within the application in order to earn money.

It is a website that always pays its debts and that is so easy to use that anyone could earn easy money from home.

If you add to that that it is a completely free site; then you have a very good paid survey page as a result.

However, even with all of the above said, I must emphasize that the platform is one of the most recommended today; since you perro exchange your points for a whole series of prizes available within the same web page, being able to find Amazon gift vouchers from 25 to 50 dollars, cash and much more.

These prizes cánido be observed from the main page, so you will not need much effort to vea them and equipo the goal of obtaining them.

These gift vouchers cánido be received at your home between 7 and 15 business days approximately.

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 Yougov: Earn cash and Amazon checks
  Yougov: Earn cash and Amazon checks
  Yougov: Earn cash and Amazon checks

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