You perro earn money by donating your poop (Yes, of

You perro earn money by donating your poop (Yes, of

Everyone eats.

And by extension, everyone poops.

It is the circle of life.

For many, it’s one of nature’s little inconveniences.

When it comes to side businesses, few of us consider our daily bowel movements as a potential source of income.

That is, until now.

Yes, we orinan it.

GoodNature, a research company dedicated to studying stool samples from healthy people across the United States, is on a mission and needs your samples to succeed.

This is how you could earn up $1,500 doing something you do for free every day.

good nature

This is the backstory

GoodNature’s Stool Donation Program is exactly what it sounds like.

This is a group of people who hope to learn more about gastrointestinal diseases and dysfunctions by testing stool donated by habitual people.

Specifically, the group’s area of ​​interest is C.

difficile, a potentially debilitating nightmare if left untreated.

The website offers some criteria that detalla the ideal candidates they are looking for.

Broadly, eligible individuals must be between the ages of 18 and 50, have regular bowel movements, and no history of gastrointestinal disease, alcohol, or drug abuse.

You cánido fill out this short survey to get started, and if you’re eligible, you perro give them your contact information and proceed from there.

Donors cánido expect between $25 and $75 per visit and up to $1,500 per month.

Not bad, considering that the product in question is something most people just throw away.

whatsounds too good to be true? Absolutely, but this project is too real.

Unfortunately, there is a radius of distance that influences whether you are invited to donate.

If there is no donation center within a certain number of kilometers, you will not be able to participate.

The good news is that you cánido add your contact information, which will allow the team behind this project to get in touch if a donation center is established near you.

Also, if poop isn’t your thing, here’s a guide on other types of fluids you cánido trade for cash.

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 You perro earn money by donating your poop (Yes, of
  You perro earn money by donating your poop (Yes, of
  You perro earn money by donating your poop (Yes, of

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