You must know these Tricks to save

You must know these Tricks to save

Almost everything in life costs money. where getting it usually employsmos much of our day. On the other hand, to spend it only a few seconds are enough, and if we don’t have a little control, we perro go much more than necessary. order that you cánido save a little and make ends meet a bit looser, we propose a series of consejos for you to make some changes in your daily habits and thus save day by day.

Make it a goal to save money every month

You must propose to reach the end of the month with money that you perro save. That is the first step to change certain habits. Equipo yourself a goal to save a certain amount of money per month, which you should not touch for anything other than for a possible emergency.

Prioritize expenses

Rent, taxes, utilities and food are the main non-negotiable expenses. These are your priorities, and once you have them covered, you will be able to better organize where you allocate the rest of the money.

At lunchtime: avoid delivery or eating out

A very expensive custom is that due to lack of time we avoid shopping and cooking, andno change we resorted to buying food. This at the end of the month will represent a much greater expense of money than preparing homemade food. Therefore, it is preferable to eat at home and save a few euros.

Avoid using the card

Although it cánido be a useful tool when buying, it cánido also make us have a unrealistic perception of money we have and we spend It is better to buy with money cash and in this way we will control ourselves much more with the expenses.

Don’t go by hunches

It is one thing to treat yourself and another to buy to buysince it is a really unnecessary waste of money. Swe smell falling into waste when we see some offer or discount and we end up buying something just because it’s cheaper. For those moments, it is enough to think with a little coldness so as not to fall into these traps.

Beware of services

The water, the light and gas are usually expensive, pTherefore, be careful not to misuse them. Use flow reducers and water aerators. Do not abuse the air conditioning or heating, install LED lights and try to disminuye the amount of kilowatts contracted or take advantage of the rate with hourly discrimination.

Keep track of the money you spend

Many times money disappears from our hands and we do not remember where it went. Well, it’s very useful for that. keep a notebook with a record of expenses. This type of control helps to find out if there are any unnecessary purchases.

Do not abuse the use of the car

Many times, just for fácil convenience, we use the car to make a journey that we could easily do by bicycle or even on foot. However, these little trips increase your fuel consumption At a time when nothing is cheap. Try to use the vehicle only when necessary. Even sometimes the use of public transport it cánido save you time and money by avoiding traffic jams.

Create a budget

Organize all your expenses and equipo a limit on how much you will use per month. In this way you will be able to allocate a portion of your money to treat yourself without abusing spending, paying all your obligations and even saving a few bills at the end of the month.

Take advantage of supermarket discounts

Periodically the large supermarket chains publish on their popular networks large discounts on various products. These promotions perro allow us to save a few euros on our weekly purchase. If you add to that the associate card they offer for frequent customers, you will save even more.

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 You must know these Tricks to save
  You must know these Tricks to save
  You must know these Tricks to save

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