Xteaser: google plus extension to earn

Xteaser: google plus extension to earn

Xteaser is a new Google plus Google chrome extension that we cánido add to earn free rubles.

It is presented to us as a good way of earn free rubles by displaying non-intrusive ads that will appear on our computer screen.

We must see these ads to be able to earn rubles or fractions of rubles, the national currency of Russia.

I have already told you on another occasion about the possibility of earning rubles through another page and extension of Google plus Google chrome.

I’m talking about Teaserfast (you perro read the articulo here).

The system to earn money with Xteaser is very fácil.

We must register on the page xteaser.ru and download the extension for Google plus.

After that, we simply have to wait for the extension to put ads on us.

Once the counter reaches 0, without taking any further action, the agreed rubles will be added to our account.

The longer we have to view the ad, the more money we will earn.

Xteaser registration

registration in Xteaser It is extremely fácil, we will only have to clic on the top banner and clic on “create an account”.

Although the page is in Russian (like 99% of the pages in this country) we cánido translate it with the help of the Google plus browser.

This will make our work much easier.

We will simply have to put a nik, an correo electrónico and a password.

Once these steps are completed, they will send us a confirmation dirección de correo electrónico.

If you don’t see it after a few minutes, look in contenido publicitario, sometimes it’s sent there, as it’s a Russian page and you don’t receive many correos electrónicos from that country.

When we have confirmed the account we will have our account Xteaser ready to earn money

After this, we will not have to do anything, the system will send us the advertising so that we cánido see it on our screen.

All ads have a counter, when that counter reaches zero, we cánido remove it and our reward will have been added to the cómputo of Xteaser.

If it seems fácil to you and you like the page and extension, you will like it more when they tell you that the minimum payment is only 1 ruble, so that in a single day we cánido collect our earnings.

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How the Xteaser complemento works

To download the extension and install it, we simply have to clic on “download extension“, which will appear on the right of the screen, on the left side of the profile photo.

You cánido also do it if you access the ” menu from the page menu.winner“.

Once you have installed it, it will appear in the bookmarks bar of our browser.

For earn rubles, just start browsing or working like you always would.

From time to time (there is no specific time) ads will appear either at the top of the screen or in the middle.

If the ads appear at the top, we won’t have to do anything, just wait for the timer to end and clic “remove ad“.

Remind you that it will come out in Russian, as it is very likely that if you read me you do not speak that language, I will tell you that it is on the right side of the ad.

The other type of ad is the one that will appear in the central part of the screen.

In that case, you will have to give “accept” (this will put it in Spanish).

Then the timer will appear in the extension Xteaser.

You will no longer have to do anything else, a tab will open with the ad, it is not necessary for you to see it and you perro browse other pages.

Once the timer reaches zero, your rubles will be added directly to your cómputo and you cánido close the page.

It is that fácil how the extension works for earning rubles.

Xteaser referral system

This page will offer us a great referral system with a depth of up to 5 levels.

With this referral system we perro significantly increase our volume of income.

There is a percentage of earnings of 10% of all our referrals at any level.

The only thing is that with level 1 referrals you will also earn 5% of what these users spend on advertising within the page.

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If you have a blog, are active in popular networks, or just want to tell your friends and family how to earn rubles on the Internet, you should visit the section “for partners“.

In this section you will find your referral backlink, as well as buttons to share on all popular networks and advertising material such as banners.

Once you entrar this section, you will see that there are two different types of backlinks.

One, the so-called “for users” will be the one you have to share for everyone who wants to earn free rubles.

The other called “for advertisers“You should share it for all those who are interested in advertising on Xteaser.

The first will be the most interesting for the majority of the public, friends, acquaintances, or if you are administradores de páginas web to blog and have your followers register.

The second will be indicated to promote different pages for the Russian public.

Xteaser It has a great projection.

If you want to advertise pages to earn rubles either pages to earn bitcoin (the most indicated for the Russian public) this page has a great projection.

Payment methods in Xteaser

On most Russian pages, the payment processor we are going to use is Payeer.

Although all of them have more payment processors, these are primarily indicated for the Russian public.

Actually in Xteaser we have three:

The minimum payment is really low, just one ruble if you charge for Payeer, if, on the contrary, you charge for Yadex Moeny or QIWI, the minimum amounts to 5 rubles.

Before requesting any payment, we must configure the payment methods, putting our address to receive the payment correctly.

To do this we must go to “personal area” and then to “wallet management“, always remember to translate the page into Spanish, because otherwise, it will be seriously difficult for you to know where everything is.

To request withdrawals, we will go to “conclusion“and there we cánido choose the payment method.

Payments (at least through Payeer) will be automatic and will arrive automatically when you request it and confirm the withdrawal of the cómputo.

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Xteaser Reviews

These types of extensions to earn small fractions of money without doing practically nothing are very cool.

Obviously, you are not going to become a millionaire, but if you perro receive a small amount of rubles a day, over time it cánido turn into a good amount of money.

In addition, the minimum payment of only 1 ruble is very interesting and makes it very attractive for users in Latin America, especially for users in Venezuela, where today, one ruble equals 2,918.25 bolivars.

Surely, if you read me from Venezuela or a Latin American country, it would be interesting for you to be able to earn a couple of rubles a day and thus help your family economy.

For the rest, nothing more to add, advise you to register on the page and start earning rubles quietly from your computer.

If you dare, here is the registration backlink, greetings and see you next time!

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 Xteaser: google plus extension to earn
  Xteaser: google plus extension to earn
  Xteaser: google plus extension to earn

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