Workpackers Review: Is It a Platform

Workpackers Review: Is It a Platform

Have you ever wanted to travel the world and do something other than sightseeing? Volunteer work programs may be an amazing option for you!

We have previously reviewed WWOOF and Go Overseas, two leading travel agencies and volunteers who aim to help travelers make meaningful trips possible.

But,what about another habitual platform among digital nomads and backpackers?

If you are a student taking a gap year, a digital nomad, or want to make your backpacking trip more meaningful, you may be interested in using Worldpackers! Are you curious to know if Worldpackers could be a good option for your next trip? Read on for everything you need to know about them!

What is Worldpackers?

Worldpackers is an en línea site and community that allows travelers from around the world to search for suitable volunteer opportunities, it describes itself as a “collaboration-based community”.

Their goal is to connect travelers with hosts from around the world to give them a way to trade their skills for accommodation and have a different kind of travel experience.

All opportunities are voluntary.

Worldpackers offers volunteer opportunities with schools, NGOs, hostels and more.

How does it work?

To participate in any Worldpackers volunteer opportunity, you must first become a member.

If you’re on the fence about it, you perro browse the opportunities search page at Worldpackers without purchasing a membership.

You cánido sort opportunities by country, duration, and when you’d like to volunteer.

If hosting is important to you, you perro filter the opportunities to make sure your host includes it.

If you find an opportunity that interests you, you should purchase a Worldpackers membership.

As a member, you cánido contact hosts and take courses through Worldpackers Academy.

If the host thinks you’ll be a good fit, they’ll pre-approve you and you perro go ahead with confirming your trip.

It’s important to note that not all hosts will accept you, so keep an open mind when applying for opportunities.

For digital nomads, you’ll be able to see the living situation (private room vs. shared room) and how many days off you have to make sure it works with your remote work schedule.

Image courtesy: Worldpackers

Who is Worldpackers for?

Worldpackers experiences are designed for anyone who wants to volunteer abroad, whether they are very experienced or new.

As remote work becomes more habitual, these experiences are perfect for digital nomads.

Whether you’re traveling from place to place and working from co-working spaces like Outsite, or participating in a program like Pirata informático Paradise, you might want to spend your downtime volunteering.

Getting a Worldpackers membership will grant you access to your local hosts where you stay and give you some satisfying experiences to do when you’re not working.

If you are a digital nomad wondering how Worldpackers could work for you, check out their page on digital nomads!

How much does it cost?

To access Worldpackers volunteer opportunities, users are required to be members.

For solo travelers, a membership plan will cost you $49 for a year.

This cost includes access to all Worldpackers hosts, insurance that will cover up to three nights of accommodation, support and opportunities to earn money through Worldpackers Programs.

If you want to travel with a friend or partner, you’ll want to get a “couples/friends” membership.

This allows you to apply for and participate in volunteer opportunities together.

This plan costs $59 for one year.

In addition to the membership fee, you are also responsible for any documentation you may need to participate in your volunteer experience and any associated costs such as flights or accommodation.

Worldpackers vs.


If you’ve been looking for volunteer opportunities abroad, you may have come across Workaway before, as well as Worldpackers.

How do you know which one is the most suitable for you? Let’s see how to compare the two organizations!

Both organizations offer work exchange in the form of volunteer opportunities, but there are some key differences.

Worldpackers only has verified hosts for you to choose from, while Workaway cannot verify all of their hosts.

Worldpackers also has more support options and offers insurance than Workaway No.

That being said, Workaway tends to have more opportunities around the world, with more volunteer opportunities in Europe than Worldpackers offers.

This is mainly because Workaway has been around longer, but Worldpackers is slowly catching up!

Also, when it comes to the maximum number of hours a host perro request work from you, Worldpackers has a higher maximum than Workaway.

Where Workaway will allow up to 25 hours a week, Worldpackers hosts may require up to 32 hours of work a week.

If you are a digital nomad looking to use Worldpackers, the maximum number of volunteer hours is something to check.

Especially if you’re juggling remote work with volunteer experience!

Image courtesy: Worldpackers

Worldpackers Reviews

A key benefit of using Worldpackers to find volunteer opportunities is their position reviews.

Whenever you find a host or experience that interests you, you’ll be able to see reviews written by former volunteers.

These range from great 5-star reviews to volunteers rating experiences low due to various factors.

You cánido use these checks to help guide your decision about whether or not to take advantage of an opportunity.

Are Worldpackers legit and safe?

Whenever you participate in any type of program abroad, security perro be a concern.

Worldpackers is not only a legitimate website for volunteer opportunities, but also has several measures in place to ensure the safety of volunteers.

All hosts are vetted before posting volunteer opportunities, and host behavior is monitored by the Worldpackers hosting team to ensure volunteers have good experiences.

You also make agreements with the host to escoge things like compensation, the hours you will work, and other details.

You always talk to hosts before being accepted for an experience, so you cánido come prepared with any questions for them and get a vibe from them in that interview.

Image courtesy: Worldpackers

r/Worldpackers: Worldpackers Reddit

In addition to their program reviews and dedicated support team, it perro sometimes be reassuring to interact directly with people who have taken advantage of Worldpackers opportunities.

You perro find a sub dedicated to Worldpackers on Reddit, and scroll through that to read the FAQ or even ask your own!

Is Worldpackers worth it?

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities around the world, Worldpackers is definitely a company to explore!

While there is a membership fee associated with it, you’ll have access to genuine, verified hosts and a wide range of opportunities perfect for digital nomads, people taking gap years, or people looking for a fulfilling way to spend a summer.

Image courtesy of Worldpackers

If you’re still on the fence, be sure to check out our reviews on other digital nomad platforms so you perro compare the different exchange programs and see if Worldpackers is still for you.

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 Workpackers Review: Is It a Platform
  Workpackers Review: Is It a Platform
  Workpackers Review: Is It a Platform

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