Work in Argentina and send money to

Work in Argentina and send money to

Hello friends, today I am going to talk in this articulo about the possibilities of work in Argentina and send money to Venezuela. It is well known that the situation in Venezuela is very complicated. The currency (the bolivar) is highly devalued and buying any basic product is little less than an odyssey. They know that very well Venezuelans in Buenos Aires.

That’s why there are many Venezuelans looking for a better future in another country. Many emigrate to Europe, to countries with the same language, such as Spain. However, many others who prefer to stay in the American continent. For those who stay in America, Argentina is a good destination. For this reason there is a large community of Venezuelans in Buenos Aires.

Venezuelans in Buenos Aires

Currently there is a large community of Venezuelans in Argentina and especially in its capital, Buenos Aires. This community has known how to get a good job in Argentina, adapt to the country and know how to preserve their Venezuelan roots. Not forgetting his relatives in Venezuela and sending them money every month.

Speaking of numbers, in Last year, the Venezuelan migratory wave displaced Bolivian and Paraguayan immigrants. ANDn the last three years, more than 70,000 Venezuelans settled in Argentina looking for a better future.

According to the report of the Directorate of Migrations, in the first six months of 2018, Venezuelans living in Argentina constitute 25% of immigrants. Thus, in number they relegated Paraguayans and Bolivians to second and third place.

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In 2016, Venezuelans represented 6% of all immigrants. Today they represent 25% of total immigrants.

The procedures to obtain the residence in Argentina have been made easier for Venezuelans, given the economic crisis the country is going through.

Once they arrive in Argentina (by different means, according to the possibility of each one) perro start to work, usually in jobs that have little to do with those they performed in their country. But that allows them to get ahead and send money to Venezuela.

Work from Venezuela for Argentine companies

With the advancement of new technologies, the possibility of working en línea opens up for us. Whatever your specialty, you cánido work remotely from anywhere on the globe. If you have decided to stay in Venezuela, You perro work remotely for Argentine companies or from another point in Latin America.

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This option is very interesting, since If you work for an Argentine company, they will pay you either in dollars or in Argentine pesos..

If your studies are related to the en línea world, a whole range of possibilities opens up for you in the workplace and without leaving your home.

For work from home all you need is a computer and a stable internet connection.

Final conclusions of working in Argentina and sending money to Venezuela

Given the economic and popular status in Venezuela and the possibilities of emigrating to another country, Argentina has become a good option, given the facilities that the government of Mauricio Macri offers to Venezuelan emigrants in Argentina. These facilities are reflected in the ease of obtaining papers and residence. Once in Argentina, you will be able to work in anything, even Work from home.

Once in Argentina you you will find a large community of Venezuelans in Buenos Aires. They will make you feel at home, as well as being able to help your relatives who stayed in Venezuela.

And nothing more from me, friends, waitor have helped you a little to make your decisions. Without anything else, I say goodbye until next time. Many successes!!

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 Work in Argentina and send money to
  Work in Argentina and send money to
  Work in Argentina and send money to

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