work from home

work from home

The work from home They are those that we perro do from the comfort of our home.

The power to have a I work from home It perro be a dream for millions of people.

Whether employed by someone else or self-employed, the freedom to choose your own hours and make your professional life coincidente with your family life is highly valued.

It is something that is priceless and that many people value much more than earning a few more euros.

Today I am going to talk about serious work from home that you perro develop in your living room, in your pajamas and even while you make food for the whole family.

If you continue reading, you will find yourself best work from home classified according to their possibility of profit and that will allow us earn money from the comfort of our home.

Before continuing, you have to have one thing clear.

And it is that even if you are at home, and quite possibly in your pajamas and slippers, you should not “rest on your laurels”.

You will have to work hard to get your job done.

Nobody is going to give you anything, or did you think so?

As in traditional jobs, of a lifetime, there will be two types of workers or work from home.

There will be some that will be self-employment and others that will be employed by others.

Being one type or another depends on who is paying your popular security, your vacations and above all, who you have to report to when doing the job.

Each one has its advantages and disadvantages and of course, the two are not equally developed.

I will try to explain each one of them, with their pros and cons.

For this reason, I am going to divide the work from home into these two large blocks.

Shall we continue?

Work from home for someone else

Jobs from home for someone else are those that we do for a company.

In Spain and also in Latin American countries, very few companies offer their employees to work from home.

The call teleported It is barely 1.3% of employees employed by others.

The few serious work from home They are usually related to customer service or sales.

It is also possible to find jobs related to writing and auditing, although they are quite rare.

Things change substantially when we look at Anglo-Saxon countries.

In the United States, for example, 35% of employees enjoy teleworking.

I will explain the main ones work from home on behalf of others

Work as a telemarketer

As you know, work as a telemarketer perro be done simply with a phone, a computer and an internet connection.

With these three elements, which most of us already have at home, we perro start working.

There are many companies that are dedicated to this field and to disminuye costs, they complejo turístico to people who cánido work from home.

This occurs above all in areas such as sales, erotic linestarot lines and information numbers.

In most cases, these workers will be employed by others, with a part-time contract and sometimes, with a commercial contract (on commission).

It may be a comfortable job, but it doesn’t pay very well.

virtual assistant

This is one of the new professions and the most demanded, given the rise of the internet in recent years.

Although there are many cases where virtual assistants are self-employed, there are more and more cases of companies hiring virtual assistants for their clients.

These assistants will be at home to save costs.

The functions of the virtual assistant consist of providing remote support to bloggers, youtubers, companies and digital entrepreneurs.

They do this in some tasks that get stuck or that are more tedious (not complicated).

This type of task perro be the management of correo electrónico, their popular networks and billing, organizing their agenda, retouching images and writing newsletters and blog posts.

digital copywriter

This type of work is consistent with previous work, is a very specific section of the virtual assistant.

The work of the digital editor consists of writing content, whether it be texts for the website, the blog or the publications on popular networks.

Writing for the internet has been a very interesting job opportunity for some time now.

If you dedicate yourself to the world of the Internet and have a blog, at some point you may have been able to hire one of these digital writers.

On many occasions they are autonomous, but they are becoming increasingly relevant in marketing agencies.

In these agencies they will be in charge of writing the content with the palabras clave or palabras clave that the SEOs have provided them, giving the text a meaning and that cánido be relevant to Google plus.

en línea teacher

As you know we live in a globalized world, that also includes the education ámbito.

There are many academies that offer en línea training.

For this they need and complejo turístico to en línea teachers.

If until recently, the majority of en línea teachers were language teachers, currently all educational fields perro have their en línea section.

For this they will need a teacher who works from home and who cánido help students with whatever they need.

Without detracting from the others, this may be one of the best serious work from home that exist today.

The work of community manager or popular media management is one of the most demanded in the field of en línea marketing.

Until recently, companies did not take this into account and thought they could manage them themselves without having to complejo turístico to a professional.

Fortunately for these professionals, things have changed.

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The presence of companies in popular networks is not a joke.

The company that does not have profiles in different popular networks and that interacts with them is lost in the digital world and that means losing customers and sales.

Therefore, the work of a community manager is extremely important today.

And indeed, it is a job that perro be done from home with only a computer and the necessary knowledge.

Advantages of working from home for someone else

The first advantage you will have is that you will have a stable payroll, whether low or high, which will give you some economic stability.

You will also be able to enjoy your paid vacation, which will always come in handy, if it is the opposite, on your own, during the vacation period you would not generate income.You will have unemployment benefit, with which, if for one reason or another you lose your job, your needs will be covered for at least a few months.

Your popular security payments will be covered by the company, so you won’t have to worry.

As you cánido see, these are the advantages that all wage earners have.

All this with the added advantage that you will be working from home, and quite possibly in your pajamas, tracksuit or whatever you want.

The disadvantages of working for someone else from home

As in any job, you will have a fixed schedule, even if you work from home, you will have to stick to a schedule in which you must be available for any requirement.

Do not think that by being in your house you will not have obligations.

Another disadvantage that is often not known or taken into account is that it is more difficult to grow professionally.

Not being “aparente” will work against you when there are promotions within the company or salary increases.

Work from home self-employed

If in the previous section I have told you about the I work in a regular companybut doing most of the work from your home, in this part I am going to talk about the people who work from home as self-employed workers, or the so-called freelancing.

Although new technologies have created emerging jobs, the self-employed or trabajo independiente are often the first to jump on the bandwagon of new technologies.

Let’s not forget that a freelancer has to face all the expenses derived from his activity professional, such as premises, water, transport, electricity, etcétera… If they cánido do it from their home and be able to save themselves from duplicating service contracts, so much the better.

In addition, many companies also find it very convenient to outsource these new functions and not have to have more costs for contracting or renting spaces.

There are many types of reliable work from home that not only have to do with new technologies.

Many companies need more production and turn to idle people or people who have free time such as retirees, students, (I won’t say housewives, since taking care of the house is a full-fledged job).

They do this to be able to deal with the different production peaks at different times such as Christmas, summer, etcétera…

Work from home crafts

Crafts are usually projects that take a long time to do, especially when you want the craft to be beautiful and handmade.

In this way the work from home doing crafts It perro be a professional outlet for more or less crafty people (usually they train you on how to do different crafts) and who like this type of work.

The negative part is that this type of work is that it is usually very poorly paid.

Also to say that a lot of time must be spent in making each of the objects and the issue of popular security is something that is not taken into account.

In the different job search portals you usually find this type of job, but I tell you to be careful with them, especially when paying.

Although there are very professional people and that you really need a help, but other people will only want to take advantage of our work.

Within the crafts we could also put the I work from home assembling thingssuch as mount pensA few years ago, a job from home that was in high demand and that for some time now is somewhat out of favor, partly due to the automation of the assemblies.

Also partly due to competition from eastern countries, such as China or Vietnam.

I work from home enveloping

It is in the same line as the previous work.

Although with the rise of correos electrónicos it is somewhat obsolete, sending congratulatory letters on various dates or requirements of any kind still works.

This type of work is more in demand, especially at Christmas time, with the massive shipments of Chrismas and Christmas greeting cards.

As in the previous type of work, it is a seasonal job, low paid and you run the risk of not getting paid.

But in life there are risks that you cánido take, especially if you have free time.

affiliate marketing

The recommendation of the purchase of products is one of the first forms of earn money on internet.

At the beginning it’s like everything else, you won’t earn more than a few euros a month.

But if you put interest in it and have dedication for it, you cánido get to invoice a few thousand euros per month.

The best thing about it is that the only investment you have to make initially is your time.

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He affiliate marketing consists of the recommendation of certain products, you cánido recommend them through your youtube channel or through a blog.

In both one and the other, you should talk about the delicacies of the product (if you say it is very bad, no one is going to buy it), what you cánido use it for, how you use it and the price.

The first thing you have to do is come to a deal with some ecommerce so that they give you a commission on the sale that perro be made through your affiliate backlink.

Does it sound difficult? Don’t worry, everything is automatic and you will only have to register in some of the most famous y también-commerce such as amazon either aliexpress.

Perhaps the best known is the program amazon affiliates from amazon.

In this program, for each sale that the marketplace achieves through your referral backlink, you they will pay you from 0.25% to 6% of the product pricedepending on which category it is.

En línea translator

Anyone living in a country other than their own who has knowledge of two languages ​​cánido work as an en línea translator.

This type of work is in high demand, especially with the rise of international trade.

A person cánido earn a living or earn a few euros doing en línea translations.

As I said, there is currently a great demand for translators.

Most work from home being trabajo independiente, since it is usually difficult to be part of a company’s staff.

However, this type of work is usually very well paid.

En línea store with the dropshipping system

Another way of Work from home It is riding at your risk and has an en línea store with the dropshipping system.

The dropshipping system consists of setting up an en línea store with products from a specific category or from many categories.

You you will never have depósito in your house or warehouseyou will only collect the orders for the products and who will take care of shipping and logistical issues is the manufacturer, not you.

The most important thing to be a dropshipper is find a supplier with competitive and trustworthy pricessince the system only consists of buying the product from the manufacturer once the end customer has bought it through your website or platform, adding a markup to the price.

You have to be careful with this system.

If you choose a bad supplier, you perro take the house or warehouse of returns of your products, which obviously, you will have to pay for.

Advantages of working from home on your own

Working for yourself and also doing it from your own home has many advantages.

But be careful, not everything is gold that glitters.

The main advantage is the geographical freedom and schedules.

You will have family conciliation, take care of your children, take them to school, be with them if they are sick, etcétera.

You will not have a boss who requires you to be available at certain times, you perro do things whenever you want.

If things go well, you will be able to generate more income than in employment, if you are good at translations, if you “hit the ball” with an en línea store… These are success stories in which you cánido get a lot of money.

The disadvantages of working from home on your own

They really are almost the same as those of any freelancer, that is, you will always depend on the clients you have or may have.

Added to this is that when you are at home, it may be the case that you are not really aware that you are working and that your work (even in your pajamas) is what you are going to have to get ahead of.

This cánido make you fall into idleness.

But don’t worry, the first month that you have more losses than gains, your possible idleness will end.

You will have less popular benefitssince working on your own account you give up popular benefits, such as unemployment benefits, sick leave and popular security contributions.

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Final conclusions work from home

As you perro see, working from home, especially if you are or want to be a trabajo independiente, is a possibility that new technologies open up for us.

If until a few years ago, this possibility was quite limited to manual work, currently the range of work from home it has opened up quite a bit.

If you have read the articulo up to here, you will have been able to see that you are not I offer work from homebut rather I will explain the different possibilities of working at home that exist, I hope that it has helped you to encourage you to work in pajamas and that it has helped you earn money.

If you want to know other articles afín to work from home you perro visit the category adsensei.

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