Woolsocks is a fintech that we are going to add as one of the forms of earn money with your day-to-day purchases.

In addition to getting cashback (money back) with our purchases, the main goal of woolsocks aplicación is to help users download the application to be in control of your money in a more efficient and controlled way.

Woolsocks fintech is both page and application, conceived by Niels Klok and Jasper Anderluh and is owned by Woolsock AG, an entity registered in Switzerland at Werftestrasse 3, 6005, (Luzerna), with registration number CHE-328.679-380, its VAT number is CHE 328.679.380 MWST.

This aplicación is available in Europe And it is expected that it will be launched in a not too distant moment in Latin America, but for now, our friends on the other side of the pond will have to wait.

If you have Doubts about how Woolsocks workshow to use it to earn money with your purchases or if you’re just curious for how to improve your finances, I invite you to continue reading the article.

It will not take you more than two minutes and all your questions you may have about the application and the website woolsocks.eu They will be cleared in the clearest and simplest way possible.

What is Woolsocks?

Woolsocks is an application that It will allow us to earn money in a fácil way.

In addition to that, he is going to teach us to save in a fácil way.

all of it we’ll do it the easy way and fácil from our mobile phone.

When you have the application installed on your mobile phone, you will see that it is a very fácil tool and with which you will make sure that you are not going to spend more money than you really need to spend.

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The aplicación is extremely interesting. you cánido see in real time where your money goesthis way you will be able to familiarize yourself with the expenses that you have daily.

In addition, the application will detect the subscriptions you cánido make to different services that you no longer use and recommends you to cancel them if you want.

How do I make money on Woolsocks?

Earning money with woolsock is quite fácil.

Rather you will not have to do anything to get money back.

Currently there are more than 35,000 stores with cashback available.

Obviously, counting all the countries where the application is available.

The application works in the same way as other en línea applications.

You only have to go to the “cashback” section (below) and look for the store where you want to make the purchase.

Is It is important that you accept cookies so that you receive the cashback without any problem and that during the purchase process you do not leave the store’s website.

In a few days you will receive the cashback of your purchase on your cómputo.

After making the purchase, the transaction will appear to you together with the amount of cashback obtained from said purchase.

This money will be available within approximately 60 days.

you ccashback will arrive in the first instance to the so-called cashback sock.

later you cánido equipo it to transfer automatically to your checking account.

You cánido also leave it in a savings sock (which will give us a 3% annual return).

States through which our cashback cánido pass

Purchases made through woolsocks will go through several states of which you should know the meaning:

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  • to arrive.

    In this state the purchase has been registered successfully but it is pending confirmation from the store

  • state “received“.

    The company who handles payments confirms that you have already been paid.

    This status will change automatically every time the store confirms the transaction.

  • transferred” the cashback received has been transferred successfully where you have chosen (bank account, savings sock or you have donated it).

The total of the You perro also view earnings in the “to come” section.

This will be the amount that perro be withdrawn in the future as real money.

The text “total paid” refers to cashback that has already been validated and withdrawn to your bank account.

Get a €25 gift card

With our woolsock aplicación We perro win a €25 gift card just by inviting two friends.

The first step of process must be to accept the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Then you must connect your bank account.

Once connected, your two friends will have to connect their bank accounts so that you cánido opt for the €25 gift.

Once you get these points, you perro select the gift card among the available businesses.

the gift card You cánido redeem it at the selected store by making a minimum purchase of €30. The negative point that it has is that the gift card will be from the stores that they indicate to us.

Today The stores where you perro spend them are these:

  • our padel
  • Houses of the world
  • Media Markt
  • jack and jones
  • Only
  • Urban sports club
  • Abiby
  • Kave Home
  • true fashion
  • etcétera…

Woolsocks Final Conclusions

As you cánido see, Woolsocks is a good way to earn money en línea with our purchases.Cashback is a good way to go scratching money through our purchasesalmost without realizing it we perro earn money that cánido later come in very handy.

In addition, with its automatic system we cánido go scratching money without hardly realizing itonly with our purchases in the supermarket.

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That is possible since we have cash back in the main supermarkets in the country like mercadona and carrefour.

If you have not yet downloaded the application, here below I leave the download backlink.

It will only take three minutes to register.

If you want to know other articles afín to Woolsocks you cánido visit the category cash back.

We hope you liked our article Woolsocks
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