Woolsocks | The most complete savings aplicación

Woolsocks | The most complete savings aplicación

Woolsocks It is an application focused on saving with a style afín to Goin but with several different characteristics that make it quite attractive, especially considering the difficult times ahead, where saving perro become a real lifeline.

The application itself has several intelligent tools that allow us to have full control of our accounts and thus access the opportunity to achieve the much-desired financial freedom.

It was founded by the same creators of DeGiro, one of the most used and safe brokers.

It is completely free and has recently been awarded as one of the «The 100 best ideals of the year» of the magazine Actualidad Económica, (El planeta).

But enough of the chit chat, let’s really see what kind of advantages Woolsocks offers and why you should have it installed if you really want to save a good amount of money every time you make a purchase.

What is Woolsocks and what does it offer us?

Woolsocks is an application that allows us, among other things, to save money with our purchases, receiving rewards for each of them.


Woolsocks is a free application that allows us to save on our purchases and receive rewards in more than 35,000 products and stores, both en línea and physical, allowing us to achieve financial freedom.

The application in question was founded by Niels Klok and Jasper Anderluh, who already created the prestigious financial investment platform DeGiro.

By associating our bank account with the Woolsocks application and making a purchase in one of the associated stores, we will automatically receive a reward in our linked account.

For example, if you buy at the Lidl supermarket and pay with the associated account, you will receive a reward of 0.5% of the money spent, up to a total of 35%.

Associated stores

· Lidl· Nike· Booking· Adidas· Vueling· NH Hotels· Iberia· AliExpress… and many more

Although they are not yet active, the application promises that soon we will be able to save for our purchases in neighborhood stores, receive smart cards, invest our savings, as well as many other utilities.

Sign up to Woolsocks

Everything to do with Woolsocks is free, both the download of the application available for Android and iOS devices, installation and registration.

The only thing we are going to have to do is entrar Woolsocks from this backlink and look for the button in the menu Download the aplicación.

Next we are only going to choose the device in which we want to download it and proceed with the download and subsequent installation.

I repeat, everything is free and completely safe.

Connect your accounts with Woolsocks

Once downloaded, we will have to connect our bank accounts to the application in order to start saving on our purchases.

connect your bank

You cánido connect as many as you want and practically all Spanish and euro zone banks are coincidente.

Security is 100% guaranteed, since emplees bank-grade encryption agregado Google plus Cloud infrastructure for the most protection.

To all this security is added that the application has the installation of a 6-digit security PIN number, and for greater reinforcement, fingerprint detection perro be added so that only you perro access it.

Rewards for your purchases

This is the main section of this application, the savings or cashback that we are going to get every time we use it to pay for our purchases.

Within the application we will be able to see all the stores associated with Woolsocks and with which we will get rewards, in some of them up to 12% cash back.

Receive a % cashback

We cánido find up to 35,000 different cashback opportunities, for example, one of the most attractive at the moment is the annual subscription to HBO MAX, where we receive a reward of 15 euros for the subscriptionalmost double what it costs, not so bad hears.

For someone who is not familiar with how the cashback system works, you may be wondering what Woolsocks gets out of all this.

Well, it’s fácil, they have an agreement with the different stores where they take a percentage for each purchase completed by a usuario from the application.

We perro allocate the savings for whatever we want, such as transferring it to another bank account or even donating it, since there are several charitable associations that collaborate with Woolsocks.

IBAN account to grow your savings

Woolsocks is not just a cashback aplicación, it goes much further.

They have recently included the option of creating a savings sub-account where we perro achieve our financial goals.

The account itself has an IBAN and works like any bank account, where we perro send and receive money.

We perro store the money saved from our purchases and do with it as we please.

How could it be otherwise, the account has protection worth 100,000 EUR of the German Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS).

This account is managed through the entity solarisbankis a Berlin-based fintech company that offers a banking-as-a-service platform with its German banking license.

The account is completely free, we will receive the money generated by the cashback in it, we will be able to make transfers to other entities and receive payments from other accounts, the only restriction we have with it is that we cannot use the account to pay for purchases directly, before we will have to send the money to another account of another entity, that is why it is called a savings account.

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 Woolsocks |  The most complete savings aplicación
  Woolsocks |  The most complete savings aplicación
  Woolsocks |  The most complete savings aplicación

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