Withdraw money from the Bank for an Inheritance

Withdraw money from the Bank for an Inheritance

Access a monetary inheritance, entails a series of processes to be carried out in banking entities, which are often unknown. Reason for which complications and delays are generated in the delivery of the money corresponding.

For this reason, in this article we will clarify some of the most frequent doubts when requesting these amounts before the bank, in such a way to apply for an inheritancenot be a complex experience for you.

How do I know if I have a pending inheritance?

If a relative has died and you do not know if you have inherited or not, you perro:

❯❯❯ Request the last will certificate at the central office of the Ministry of Justice, to find out if that person left their written will. In this document you will know if you inherited, and before which notary you should approach, to start the corresponding process.

❯❯❯ In the event that there is no will, you must certify your condition through the declaration of heirs.

However, if you do not know what the assets of the deceased were, you cánido refer to the Central Property Registry, and request the Location Note to find out what properties the person had in Spain. Besides the Fácil noteto know the status of said goods, and thus escoge if you accept them or not.

When cánido I dispose of the money from an inheritance?

The main thing to access this money is notify the bank of the owner’s death, since this does not have a specific means to know the news. So it is the relatives who commonly warn these entities about the event that occurred.

Once the entity is aware of the death of its usuarioblock your account to secure the assets accumulated therein. Consequently, you as heir will not be able to to take money out from there if you do not prove to be, and be up to date with the Treasury.

You need to know that the money cánido remain intact in an account for up to 15 years if the bank is not notified of the owner’s death. Time in which you cánido approach the bank, and carry out the necessary procedures.

How to claim an inheritance?

If you read the previous section carefully, you will know that you have to present certain documentation to claim an inheritance before a bank, which consists of the following:

  • Death certificate
  • Certificate of the Registry of Last Will Acts
  • Authorized copy of the last testament
  • Proof of heir status
  • Accreditation of the payment of the Inheritance Tax. The cancellation of this must be done within a maximum period of 6 months after announcing the death of the person responsible for the account.

If the person in question did not leave a stipulated will, you must present all other supports. And once presented, the bank will be obliged to give you the power, to access bank account of your deceased relative.

In general, this is what you must present to claim money from an inheritanceAlthough it doesn’t hurt to go to the place where the deceased had deposited their money, and find out how they handle this procedure.

How is an inheritance declared?

Remember that, in an income statement, you pay for all income that the goods registered in your name originate. Therefore, if what your ancestors transferred to you it produces an income or profit, you must record it in your declaration. In the same way, you have to take responsibility for the debts that this asset entails.

All this depends on the type of acquisition you have received and the use you give to it. For example, if you received a property and rent it compulsorily you have to declare the income you receive. But if what you received is money, it is enough to pay the Inheritance and Donations Tax, because in this case, there would be nothing to declare.

What perro I do if the bank does not give me the money from the inheritance?

In this case, the first thing you cánido do is check if you have the conditions to receive the money, that is, if you complied with all requirements that they ask you for this purpose. Remember that the bank will only give you the money if you brought the required documentation and followed the instructions correctly, otherwise it is difficult for them to give you said capital.

But if you complied with the requirements and you are up to date with the Treasury, it is pertinent that you present the case before the competent entities, so that due process is carried out. Because there would be no reason for the bank to keep the inherited money.

claim inheritancesIt is a matter that you must handle with caution, but it is not impossible if you know everything you need to do it correctly. Keep in mind that if your case is beyond your capabilities, you cánido also go to a specialized professional, to receive personalized advice, according to what you need.

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 Withdraw money from the Bank for an Inheritance
  Withdraw money from the Bank for an Inheritance
  Withdraw money from the Bank for an Inheritance

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