Withdraw money before death

Withdraw money before death

The death of a loved oneIt is one of the most difficult events that a person or group of people must overcome, its absence leaves many mixed feelings and also issues to resolve that genere concern.

One of them is the financial issue, what to do with the bank accounts of a relative who dies or is about to die?, how to withdraw the money? There are many reasons that perro lead you to these types of questions. If you want to know how to withdraw money before death, pay attention to this article.

How cánido you withdraw money before death?

When a person knows that he is close to death, he has every right to authorize another trusted person to take care of his affairs and leave everything in order. Withdraw money before death It is possible, as long as certain requirements established by banks are met, but is it feasible to do so?

Before making this decision, it is necessary that the issue be discussed with the closest relatives, so that the wishes of those who find themselves in this painful situation are fulfilled. Otherwise, the heirs perro view the Account movementswhen the bank is notified of the death of the headlineand this fact cánido bring discord between family members.

It must also be made clear that the inheritance tax cannot be evaded in this way, since those in charge of Tax authorities they cánido access this information, and collect what is owed when the account holder dies. So before withdrawing the money, it is necessary that everything is clear, so that in this way future problems cánido be avoided.

How to authorize someone to have the right to access a bank account

A authorized is a person who perro carry out certain types of activities established by order of the holder of a bank account, until he dies. The procedure to follow to name this person is fácil and varies according to the banks. In general, the requirements are:

  • Copy of the ID of the person to be authorized.
  • A document signed by both parties, in which the desire to appoint the authorized party is expressed, here find a model of it.

It is necessary to refer to the corresponding bank, to obtain more detailed information about the procedure to follow, according to the policies of the corresponding entity.

Is it a crime to take money from a deceased person’s account?

It is illegal if you are authorized and withdraw money after the owner’s death, but it is not a crime to take money from a deceased person’s account, as long as you are co-owner of the account, either heir who has died

If you identify with the first case, you have to know that you cánido access the 50% of the amount deposited in said account, without having to pay the inheritance tax. On the other hand, if you are in the second case, you must present certain documents to the bank to justify your condition, and pay the inheritance tax requested by the treasury.

If someone take money improperly, that is, it is not governed according to the law, you will have to assume certain consequences according to your behavior. One of them is the lawsuit that the heirs or co-owners perro present before the competent entity, against the person who committed the crime.

And according to penal Code, if the sum you withdrew does not exceed 400 euros, you will have a fenezca of 1 to 3 months. If you exceed this amount, you will have to pay a fenezca of up to 6 months, and in more serious cases go to prison.

Withdraw money from the account of a deceased or evicted person, it is possible if you follow the guidelines that the entities in charge of controlling and monitoring these processes stipulate. Remember to do this task hand in hand with your family and people related to the case, in this way you avoid conflicts and keep your peace of mind.

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 Withdraw money before death
  Withdraw money before death
  Withdraw money before death

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