Withdraw money abroad WITHOUT Commissions

Withdraw money abroad WITHOUT Commissions

Withdrawals without complications is one of the biggest challenges when doing it from abroad, the expensive commissions that the big banks ask for this task, make it difficult to enjoy your resources without worries.

But there are other simpler alternatives available to everyone, did you know that you cánido withdraw money for free from the outside? That’s right, in this articulo we will tell you everything you need to know so that your finances are not a problem on your trip abroad.

Cards to withdraw money without commissions

Next, we present you with the main cards to withdraw money without commissions abroad:

N26 card

The procedure to acquire an N26 card is fast and is done en línea, one of the procedures is to make a vídeo call in which it only takes a few minutes, after this, the company is in charge of sending the card to your house without any cost. With it you perro:

  • Make 5 withdrawals per month so free at ATMs anywhere in the world. After that they will charge you a small fee, which is around €2.
  • Pay in establishments No commissions. In the event that the country in which you are using a currency other than the euro, the card applies the exchange rate stipulated by MasterCard.
  • Your transfers in Europe are free.
  • Cánido recharge your card quickly with your payroll by transfer, or with means of payment from other banks.
  • If you purchase the agregado version, you will have travel insurance and you will be able to make withdrawals without being charged the exchange rate.

For more information, you perro access your Web page

bnext card

To access the services of this bank, you have to install its application on your cell phone, they will ask you for some personal information and deposit an amount of money to acquire your card, which will be delivered to you in the next 48 hours if you follow the steps correctly. This entity offers you:

  • Prepaid card no handling fee.
  • 3 free withdrawals in Spain.
  • Withdrawals and payments anywhere in the world, with the exchange rate proposed by VISA.
  • Being able to recharge your card with the account you associate in the application.
  • Easy access to your statement of movements, in which they let you know how they return the commission that they charge you at the ATM.

The card that this bank offers you does not come with your name printed on it, that is, it is not registered.

Revolut Card

The procedure to acquire this card is afín to the one you would have to follow to obtain the Bnext card.

You must install your application, provide some of your information to create your account, then request your Revolut card, top up your account and provide your address. Here are some of its benefits:

  • free withdrawals at any ATM in the world, taking into account the market exchange rate.
  • Pay without commissions.
  • Transfer money to other Revolut users, or to other bank accounts.
  • Currency exchange at no cost from the application.
  • You have the option to block your account quickly and easily from your mobile.

This company also has a Premium card with which you perro have health insurance and access other additional benefits.

EVO smart card

EVO is a Spanish bank, which has a card available with the following benefits:

  • Free withdrawals at your ATMs in Spain and around the world.
  • Payment in any country.
  • mensaje de texto notifications free.
  • 4% discount on Booking.com

This card emplees your own currency exchange system, with rates that are usually more expensive than those used by other banks, this is an aspect that diminishes your benefits. In its Web page You perro find more information about its terms and conditions.

What is the best card to withdraw money abroad?

It all depends on the needs that you as a traveler have, a good option that you should consider is to purchase at least two cards without commissionsso that you cánido access more benefits, taking into account that the procedure to request them is quick and fácil.

But if it seems difficult for you to manage your money in this way, we recommend that you opt for the safest option, which in this case is N26since it is one of the few that has banking license. In addition, this card gives you the option of managing your payroll either from Spain or abroad.

Regardless of the decision you make, we advise you to do responsible use of your money, keep in mind that the conditions of another country are very different from those of yours. So before traveling prepare yourself, plan your activities, get one of these cards and enjoy! Now commissions are no longer a concern for you.

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 Withdraw money abroad WITHOUT Commissions
  Withdraw money abroad WITHOUT Commissions
  Withdraw money abroad WITHOUT Commissions

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