Withdraw Money Abroad SANTANDER

Withdraw Money Abroad SANTANDER

When you leave the country, you find many options for get your moneyranging from applications, cards that you cánido buy en línea, to bank accounts that offer you the option of withdrawing abroad.

One of the Spanish banks that gives you this opportunity is Santander which, like many others, handles a certain type of fee for monetary movements made abroad.

If you do not know what the commissions are for withdrawing money from your cards abroad, we will tell you here.

What is the Santander bank commission for withdrawing money abroad?

This bank entity has ATMs In countries such as the United Kingdom, Portugal or México, however, the commission is charged regardless of whether it is carried out in one of these points, or in other very different ones.

The advantage of using their ATMs is that they will not charge you additionally.

You perro withdraw from €3 and up, and the bank will charge you the 5% of the amount withdrawn, apart from what the place where you do this procedure will discount you if it is not done in one of its points.

So it is possible that the amount you receive is less than what you expect.

In addition to this fee, the bank asks you for 1% of what you pay with the card, if it is done in a country with another currency, this from the €1.20 consumed.

If the country you are in emplees the euro, you cánido use your card freely without plus fees.

How Banco Santander works to withdraw money abroad

You cánido withdraw money with your Santander bank card in many parts of the world, but you will have to pay the commissions that they charge you more, as we clarified before.

In addition to this, when you do it from an ATM with a currency other than the Euro, they will add the fee for the currency exchange if you do it with one credit card. What this entity normally does is apply a premium according to its policies, that is, it does not manage the current exchange rate in the market but rather its own.

Therefore, it is recommended that you consider the iniciativa of withdraw money abroad, and do it only if you think it is necessary.

Remember that you perro also pay with your card, to avoid this type of additional costs that genere a decrease in the money you have to enjoy your trips abroad.

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 Withdraw Money Abroad SANTANDER
  Withdraw Money Abroad SANTANDER
  Withdraw Money Abroad SANTANDER

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