With this Excel I doubled my productivity and

With this Excel I doubled my productivity and

If you are an entrepreneur and it is difficult for you to comply with a routine that makes you successful in your day-to-day life, this content will help you learn how to use Excel in your favor and create habits to be more productive.

Thanks to the story of this young woman who managed to overcome her inconsistency with daily tasks, you will be able to get inspired and learn to use the most basic resources in your favor.

It could even be a great way to build a business that is more automated and allows you to be agile and efficient with the rest of the tasks you need to accomplish to achieve your goals.

The Excel sheet that changed the life of this young entrepreneur

It is clear that we cannot depend only on a to-do list that we must review daily, all this carries with it a responsibility and willingness to turn habits into your best allies.

This is why, if you want to be successful, the most important thing is that you have discipline, because it will not always be easy, or the conditions will not always be ideal.

However, this will depend on whether you reach your goals and fulfill your objectives, adding the fact of feeling satisfaction for being fulfilling everything you equipo out to do.

For that, we are going to know the history of laura flicka young woman who always had trouble concentrating, completing daily tasks, even the simplest ones.

This, in addition to making her feel bad, was impacting her professional and personal life in a negative way.

At first, she worked as a camera technician, for the largometraje industry, with traditional work hours of 9 am to 5 pm.

This also left her with no time to do the things she really wanted to do, like enjoying her free time with family and friends.

With all this, Laura realized that she really wanted to manage her time, be her own boss and work without worrying about having to work overtime.

Excel changed the way you organize your life

The only way that laura flick The best way to keep her daily tasks in order was through the Excel spreadsheets she had used since she was in high school.

When she left her full-time job, she thought it would be a good iniciativa to design and sell them to help people like her who needed guidance to better carry out their daily routine.

Since she was very good at doing it, she started selling one in especial that had worked perfectly for her and called it the habit tracker.

Honestly, she never thought about how successful she would be, but the reality is that this tool works very well for a wide audience like her, who needs a guide to keep their daily tasks in order.

But, what is this spreadsheet about? It is very fácil, it is designed to make a list of tasks or habits to be more productive that must be fulfilled every day.

Once they are met, they change color, so you cánido visually track your progress, you perro even do an analysis of months and even years ago to identify improvements.

In addition to this template, Laura has created many more for different purposes, such as a cleaning schedule.

An Excel template that became a boom in popular networks

Without giving it much thought, he decided to articulo a vídeo on TikTok explaining the benefits of his spreadsheets, and it created a seguidor following.

Her intention was to help people who had the same problem as her, what she never thought about was how broad this market niche could be and how it could become her main source of income.

Approximately 40,000 people have downloaded the habit tracker spreadsheet and are actively using it, so much so that Laura receives correos electrónicos and messages through her networks every day.

Many of these messages are to thank you for creating a resource that solves the life of any entrepreneur.

If you want to see Laura’s Excel templates, clic here.

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Motivation to be a successful entrepreneur

There is a much stronger reason to use tools that help you create habits to be more productive and it is the fact of having a space where you perro track your achievements.

Fulfilling your goals and being faithful to the promise of having healthy habits will bring you a lot of satisfaction and this is enough motivation to continue growing every day.

Your business not only depends on the investment of money and time that you make in it, it also depends on the small victories that you achieve as you go along.

Many times, entrepreneurs lose sight of the process by focusing only on the goal and that is where the fallo is, along the way, you learn and add much more than what you have when you reach the goal.

So, it’s time to stop wasting time on distractions that don’t bring anything positive to your life, look for digital tools, or platforms that help you better manage your business.

Start these habits to be more productive

Ultimately, you don’t need more than discipline, will and determination to make any business iniciativa you have successful.

These are the bases to create habits to be more productive in your day to day, even not only professionally but also personally, stop procrastinating and focus on what is really worth it.

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 With this Excel I doubled my productivity and
  With this Excel I doubled my productivity and
  With this Excel I doubled my productivity and

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