With consent | EARN MONEY for reading correos electrónicos

With consent | EARN MONEY for reading correos electrónicos

With your permission is a Spanish PTR platform that pays, among other things, for reading correos electrónicos and answering paid surveys.

worth noting that the platform has been en línea nothing more and nothing less than since 1999.

A fact that makes it the oldest Paid To Read portal in the campo.

At DineroWorld we already use other afín websites to earn money by reading correos electrónicos.

Thus, adding With your permission we will enhance the profits we obtain in this way.

Somehow, the PTRs help us to monetize our dirección de correo electrónico using very little time.

AND with your especial permission, we may make money on paypal for reading correos electrónicos, answer surveys and perform some other task.

Let’s see it.

Registration in Consent

With consent is currently Available for Spain, México, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Portugal.

It is expected that they will continue with their expansion throughout Latin America and will soon reach more countries.

The first thing we will do in is to create our own account.

If you want, you perro register by following the button below, which will take you directly to the PTR registration form.

There are two ways to register on With your permission:

– Through Fb.

– Entering a contact dirección de correo electrónico and a password.

Register to the PTR and get €0.30

Whether we have chosen one option or the other, we will have to accept the TOS and clic on “Send”.

To finish the registration, Conpermiso will send us a verification dirección de correo electrónico with a backlink in its content.

As soon as we follow that backlink our account will be confirmed and we will be able to access the web.

How Consermission works

As soon as you access our account at With your permission, both the top menu and the section with two cómputos on the right hand side will come into view.

Let’s first see the menu with the sections that Consupermiso makes available to earn money.

And then, later, we will talk in detail about what these two cómputos orinan.

The top menu of Conpermiso is made up of the following sections:

Start ⏩ This is the Dashboard or main screen of our account in the PTR.

In it, we will see a feed with the latest offers launched by Consupermiso.

Offers ⏩ In the offers section we will see a summary of all the free ways to earn money in Consupermiso.

There are the paid correos electrónicos, the offers for registration and the paid surveys.

cash back ⏩ If we usually buy en línea, we perro also take advantage of the cashback offers that Consupermiso launches to save us money.

For each purchase we make through the PTR we will receive a percentage of money back in the cómputo.

Always based on the money we spend on the purchase and the conditions agreed upon by Conpermiso and the store in question.

Cómputo ⏩ Extract and complete history of our earnings in Consupermiso.

Affiliates ⏩ We cánido also earn plus money in the PTR by inviting our friends.

Here we will find the rules of the affiliate system and all the promotional material.

profile questions

The next step will be to answer all the questions that we are asked in the profile section.

If we go to the menu in the upper right margin, we will see the section of “My profile”.

Once there, we will have to answer all the questions that we are asked.

Based on these answers, Withconsent will get an iniciativa of ​​what our interests are and invite us to surveys that fit.

Consermiso Aplicación for iOS and Android

In Playstore we cánido find the consent application.

In it, we cánido see the campaigns and surveys that appear on the web.

In this way, if at a certain moment we cannot connect to the web, the Consupermiso aplicación cánido help us not to lose any opportunity.

Especially when it comes to reading correos electrónicos and paid surveys.

Which in my opinion are the two best sections to earn money.

Additionally, we will receive a reward of €0.10 each month for the fact of having the Consupermiso application installed on our mobile.

How to make money on Consuppermiso

Until 2016, at Consupermiso we could earn money solely and exclusively for receiving advertising correos electrónicos.

However, at the beginning of 2017, the PTR adopted a new design and from the administration the decision was made to incorporate new ways to obtain profits.

Thus, users would find plus motivation to work on the platform.

The methods to generate profits in Consupermiso are:

reading correos electrónicos ⏩ Conpermiso sends us two types of correos electrónicos: habitual and Premium.

For each habitual dirección de correo electrónico that we read, they will pay us 0.06 points (€0.06).

Bells ⏩ Premium correos electrónicos require prior registration.

That is, we will have to register in a certain campaign through Consupermiso.

For each completed registration we will be paid 0.10 points (€0.10).

Downloading Aplicación ⏩ From the Consupermiso aplicación itself we perro download other aplicaciones and “try” them.

For each download they will pay us 0.20 points (€0.20).

answering surveys ⏩ Consupermiso surveys are paid from €0.32 to €1.

They are not very frequent, they come out about two or three a week, but it is worth taking the opportunity for faster money.

Its operation is afín to other survey sites such as We are testers either ysense.

campaign poker ⏩ Poker is made up of 4 Premium campaigns.

By registering in these 4 campaigns we will receive €1 for each one.

Being able to win €4 at once.

If we register only in one or two, they will pay us €0.10 for each one.

Inviting other users ⏩ For each friend that joins the PTR with our backlink we will earn 1 point.

At Consupermiso we cánido also get cashback when making our purchases en línea through the platform.

How to read correos electrónicos

If you are used to working with this type of platform, you will not have any problem earning money on the Consupermiso website.

If this is not the case, do not worry, because it is really easy to view the mails.

It doesn’t have any difficulties.

For each dirección de correo electrónico opened correctly, Conpermiso will pay us 0.06 points.

The equivalent in euros is €0.06.

Not bad, right?

If we open any of these correos electrónicos, an advertisement of the company that is advertised will appear.

To give an example, I will talk about one of the last ones that I have received.

In this case, the title of the ad says “Whatever your vehicle” and it is an ad for a fairly famous insurer.

To get paid to open and view this and other correos electrónicos, we will follow these steps:

» We clic on the image and wait for the ad to load in a new window.

» We leave the new window open for at least 30 seconds.

» After that time we cánido close.

Simply by doing this, we will have already earned our first 0.06 points in Conpermiso.

Attention, because these same announcements that arrive in the e-e correo electrónico cánido also be seen from the page.

You will identify them very easily because they are the only ones that are paid at €0.06.

Main features of Consent

Before we get down to work and start earning money on Conuspermiso, there are some interesting factors that we should know beforehand:

The sum of all the actions that we carry out will have to be confirmed by the Conpermiso staff before being credited to the cómputo.

This action is essential to ensure that advertising campaigns reach the reader, and that the reader complies with the rules and does not cheat.

Almost every week Consupermiso launches four promotions to earn more money for registering on various pages.

They call it Campaign Poker and instead of paying 0.10 points for each registration, they will pay us 1 point.

But it is a mandatory condition to register in the 4 campaigns.

The minimum payment is €10 by bank transfer or Paypal.

Remember that 1 point is equal to €1.

For each friend that we invite to the PTR with our backlink, we will be rewarded with 1 plus point.

Our friend will receive 0.30 points upon completing the registration.

We will also receive plus points for the actions carried out by our referrals on the web.

The percentage will depend on the level we have reached in the Consupermiso affiliation system.

The more users we invite to the PTR, the higher the earnings we will get.

with consent pays

As we are generating money in With your permission, the profits will be accumulated in two cómputos.

If we have obtained the money through cashback, it will go to a cómputo.

And if we have generated the money for free, reading correos electrónicos or answering surveys, it will go to another.

To request a payment in Consupermiso we will need a minimum of €10 to withdraw the earnings we obtain through paid surveys and cashback.

And to withdraw from the cómputo sheet, we will need to reach €30.

In my case, I don’t use cashback.

So the profits that I have obtained are always using the free methods.

The cómputo on the left has been accumulating the money I have earned reading correos electrónicos, answering surveys and completing offers.

And in the one on the right, there is only the money that I have earned with the surveys.

Since, as I said a few lines above, I have not yet bought anything through Conpermiso.

request a payment

As soon as we reach the amount required for each cómputo, a tab will be enabled in the menu.

In the photo, you cánido see how the cómputo tab on the right is active.

with section “Charge” empowered to request payment.

The steps would be the following:


First clic on “Charge”.

Then our profile will appear.

We will only have to confirm that the data is correct and clic on “Following”.


To continue with the withdrawal, we will also have to provide our ID and configure the payment method.

In this PTR we perro withdraw by Paypal and by bank transfer.

In this case, I have requested a payment by Paypal.

But in the event that we charge through the bank, it will also be essential that we write the IBAN of the account in which we want to receive the money.


Finally, we confirm the withdrawal by clicking on “Request”.

With fixed permission in its conditions that it perro take up to a month to pay.

And in general, it is the time it usually takes to send us the money.

Opinions on Consent

Making a review of all the PTR that work in Spain, I am in a position to affirm that Consupermiso is one of the longest-running and veteran PTRs that exist.

Working on these types of pages we are not going to cover ourselves, but it is a free and fácil way to earn plus money.

To all this, we cánido view the correos electrónicos we receive while we do other things.

In other words, the time spent is practically nil.

Thinking about it coldly… If for every correo electrónico I open every day they paid me 6 cents, I would be writing this articulo from some beach in the Bahamas.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been registered with Consupermiso since the beginning of 2016 and I am very happy with the profits obtained.

The only but, and it is to put some, refers to the minimum payment.

It is not a figure that we cánido achieve in two days and cánido sometimes be counterproductive for users with little patience.

In Consupermiso we cánido earn moneybut you have to be persevering, patient and go little by little.

And here we come.

As always, if you have any questions you perro leave me a comment below or contact me through popular networks.

If you want to try the web, I would appreciate it if you registered with my backlink by clicking on the following button.

They will give me €1 and you €0.30, so thank you very much for the part that is my turn.

Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea.

All freecompletely reliable and for everyone.

Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 With consent |  EARN MONEY for reading correos electrónicos
  With consent |  EARN MONEY for reading correos electrónicos
  With consent |  EARN MONEY for reading correos electrónicos

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