WiredBucks Review: Scam or Way?

WiredBucks Review: Scam or Way?

In this review I am going to explain what it is wiredbucks, how it works and if it cánido give you the life you want and why it is a scam.

One where you work from home and earn enough not to stay up at night worrying.

What is WiredBucks?

WiredBucks is a rewards site that pays you for referring new members and completing small tasks en línea.

According to their website, they are the #1 influencer network.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard that exact claim from a few other sites… And they all turned out to be scams.

So I perro’t say that I have a lot of confidence in WiredBucks.

If it is true that they are the most habitual influencer rewards program on the web, as they claim, we should be able to verify that fact.

They also claim to have paid out $410,754,123 (yes, that’s almost FOUR HUNDRED AND ELEVEN MILLION) in cash and free gift cards (see screenshot below).

As I mentioned, I have seen other sites that make these bold claims and while they sound impressive, they are meaningless if they are not true.

Is WiredBucks a scam?

WiredBucks is one of many en línea scams that prey on people’s desire to make money from home.

They make false claims about paying out millions and being the number one Influencer Network, just like other scams like GoCashouts, MoneyGuru, PlentyBread, BonusJunkies, and NextCash.

All of these scams have almost identical dashboards and compensation plans and copy and paste text from one to another.

WiredBucks is just a shiny new package of the same scam.

I have seen this exact text before.

In fact, I’ve seen it several times.

Here’s Kids Have Money answering the exact same question in the exact same way… word for word.

Below is the same text used by another scam…

I doubt this is a coincidence.

I also doubt that a legitimate company would copy and paste critical information about their platform from a fraudulent website.

So that begs the question…

What is really going on here?

Following the money…

WiredBucks claims to have paid out over $410 million, but this is highly unlikely as legitimate rewards and survey sites like surveyjunkie.com and inboxdollars.com don’t pay anywhere near that amount.

The reason is that companies and brands do not spend as much money on these sites as the return on their investment is not enough.

WiredBucks claims to generate its revenue from ads and sponsorships, but it’s hard to believe that they’ve earned nearly $600 million in revenue from such sources, especially since there are no aparente companies advertising or sponsoring anything on their site.

So it’s unclear where WiredBucks gets its money from.

The Wired Bucks Story…

To answer the question of where WiredBucks is getting its money from, I had to look further back into its history.

However, the problem I ran into is that they have no story.

Sure… They say they’ve been around since 2008, but that’s an outright lie.

When I was doing research to confirm this claim, I discovered this…

As you perro see in the screenshot above, their wiredbucks.com website was only registered in April 2020.

Now, I’m not a mathematician… but I do know that 2020 is twelve years later than 2008.

In other words… WiredBucks has NOT been around since 2008.

They have only been around a few months.

And that uncovers his other claims.

How does a website that is barely two months old become the #1 Influencer and pay out $410+ million to its members?

The answer is…they don’t.

Fake WiredBucks testimonials and proof of payment

How perro I make the claim that they have not paid their members when they have real testimonials and proof of payment on their website right?

Those are also lies.

Here is one of their testimonials.

As you cánido see, Kristia Treger is also a model for Collins Street Dental.

Of course this could be true.

Kristia could be her real name and this could be a real image of her, which would be more believable if it wasn’t all over the web.

Here’s just a small sample of the website it cánido be found on…

Well… WiredBucks is using fake testimonials.

But what about your paid proof screenshots, like the one below?

Seems legit right?

Let’s ignore the fact that this “proof of payment” is from someone saying they are waiting for payment with a sad or crying emoji.

What a weird way to espectáculo that you are paying people… by showing us the non-payment slip.



What’s worse is that you cánido find the same proof of payment used by a proven scam called Clic4Kash…

So, just to summarize what we know so far…

WiredBucks lies about their start date and falsifies their testimonials as well as their proof of payment screenshots.

They also copy and paste important text from proven scams and make the outrageous claim to pay out hundreds of millions of dollars from non-existent backers (on a platform that is only a few months old).

WiredBucks is absolutely a scam.

They are not a “half a scam”… The kind of scheme that charges you thousands of dollars for a “bit” of information that you cánido probably find for free en línea anyway.

No… They are an outright scam.

You’re much better off spending your time on REAL survey and reward sites, even though they don’t pay as much as WiredBucks claims to pay.

At least companies like Survey Junkie and Inbox Dollars will actually pay you.

It’s not a lot of money, but if you’ve never made money en línea before, they might be a good place to start.

For something more meaningful, an en línea business may be what you’re looking for.

Earning money from home may be something you need due to medical issues, children to care for, or maybe you’re just tired of working for a boss.

If that’s the case, knowing how (and where) to start is what you need to get what you want.

Now, I am going to give you a free step by step guide for beginners to make money en línea and you perro get it by clicking here

How does WiredBucks work?

If you’re skimming through like I often do and jumped right here to learn how WiredBucks works, I’ll refer you to the section above if you want to know if WiredBucks is legit (it’s not).

There’s actually a scheme afoot here.

So before I explain how Wired Bucks actually work, I’ll review how they’re “supposed” to work.

WiredBucks Dashboard

Earn money with WiredBucks

Of course, your main goal as a WiredBucks member is to earn money.

The premise here is that the companies that work with WiredBucks pay them to drive traffic to their offers, and in turn, YOU get a piece of that payment for being a cog in their machine, so to speak.

By referring more people to WiredBucks, more people are exposed to your advertisers and everyone makes more money.

Once you sign up by creating a nombre de usuario and password, you will be greeted with this message…

As you cánido see… Their most important task is explained here.

Get people to clic your referral backlink and earn $2 every time.

If they join WiredBucks, you get paid an additional $10.

Sounds good right?

You also get paid to articulo on YouTube and popular media.

YouTube Submission: “Create a YouTube vídeo talking about WiredBucks, how it works, how much you’ve earned, and why you love it.

Once you’re done, upload it to YouTube and use the title and description provided below.

Then entrar the vídeo backlink below to win $50.”

Your vídeo title should be…

“WiredBucks is the legit way to earn money with popular networks”

and you need to add the following description…

Sign up today for free $25.

Earn money en línea with WiredBucks.

WiredBucks pays you for referring friends and family to your website.

You perro earn up to $10 per referral.

Do you want to know why it works and where the money comes from? Take a look at this backlink:

Sign up with my referral backlink to get $25 plus! For a limited time only!

Let’s stop here for a moment to consider something.

When you search YouTube for something specific, how far do you scroll through the list of vídeos once you’ve found what you’re looking for?

I don’t know about you, but if what I’m looking for is already there in the first search results… I don’t need to go any further.

I have no reason to watch endless vídeos saying the same thing with the same title and description? Maybe I’ll see a couple more just to verify the info I got from the first one.

Now, WiredBucks claims to have 200,000 members, and if earning $50 is as easy as uploading a quick one or two minute vídeo titled WiredBucks The Legit Way To Make Money With Popular Media… I think most, if not all members , they would.

So imagine 200,000 WiredBucks members making 200,000 YouTube vídeos about WiredBucks with the same title, and saying pretty much the same thing.

whatYouTube really needs so many vídeos with the same title and description?

Does WiredBucks need that many vídeos?

whatYou need to watch so many vídeos about the exact same thing?

Of course not.

At most, people would be able to see the first 10.

Maybe the first 20 until they get the point.

That leaves 199,980 vídeos that hardly anyone watches.

That’s 199,980 vídeos that WiredBucks paid a ton of money to have made… which, at most, will get a handful of views.

In other words… the first 20 vídeos will account for 99% of the views WiredBucks is looking for.

20 vídeos at $50 each will cost WiredBucks $1000.

Not a bad deal for 20 testimonials.

But WireBucks takes it further…

To get that final 1% of viewers (who probably watched the first 20 vídeos anyway), WiredBucks will spend $9,999,000 paying EVERY member $50 for their vídeo.

That’s almost TEN MILLION DOLLARS (199,980 more vídeos at $50 each)!

Let’s break that down…

99% of YouTube views and 100% of your messages counted, will cost WiredBucks $1000.

1% of YouTube views repeating a message that has already been said will cost NINE MILLION, NINE HUNDRED AND NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

The dumbest of all dumb business decisions in the history of all dumb business decisions isn’t even close to being dumb as this one; spending almost ten million dollars on 199,980 YouTube vídeos that say the same thing and are rarely seen.

And I don’t think WiredBucks is that dumb.

What I think is that they are not paying anyone to make those vídeos.

They say they will pay… But they never do.

Why else do they say they will pay you?

Popular media submissions pay $10 each…

  • Instagram Submission – $10 (once every 48 hours)
  • Fb Send – $10 (once every 48 hours)
  • Twitter Send – $10 (once every 48 hours)

WiredBucks TaskWall

Once you’ve done all you perro to attract new referrals on YouTube and popular media, you perro move on to your $30 task wall.

Here you cánido earn $30 for practically doing nothing.

Just sign up for stuff, maybe provide a little personal information (like your credit card number)…and poof! $30 dollars appears in your account.

Okey let me clear this up WiredBucks…

I give you my credit card details and you give me a new Samsung phone and $30.

Sure, that sounds legit.

How about I don’t give you my credit card information, or any of my personal information for that matter…

How WiredBucks Really Works (The Scam)

As I mentioned above, WiredBucks is making the same claims, using the same business model, and copying text from other scams that belong to a whole network of schemes.

It is pretty safe to say that WiredBucks is also one of these schemes.

Two other scams that belong to this network are called Notion Cash and Kids Earn Money.

According to a recent Better Business Bureau report, these sites collect personal information and don’t pay you to perform tasks.

The report goes on to say…

Consumers sign up with what they believe to be an en línea marketing agency, where they will earn money by completing “tasks.” Money seems to match up in the account for each task completed, but when consumers try to request payment, often when they reach a threshold of $250 or some other equipo amount, they claim they perro’t get back the promised payment or contact the company to get help.

Here is the danger…

They collect your dirección de correo electrónico and password information knowing that a certain percentage of people use the same dirección de correo electrónico/password combination on all of their accounts.

Imagine giving a bunch of scammers your correo electrónico address and password to your Amazon account, for example, where they perro buy anything and max out the credit card you have on archivo.

Imagine giving them access to your personal correo electrónico.

If you use the same correo electrónico/password combination for all of your accounts, and you’ve provided that combination to WiredBucks, that’s the danger you’re in.

My recommendation is to change all your passwords for all your other accounts IMMEDIATELY.

They also collect your credit card information, and even your personal address when you multitask on your task wall.

This information perro be sold and used by skilled scammers who steal identities for a living.

In other words, WiredBucks is extremely dangerous if you give them your personal information.

Please do not do it.

When it’s time to collect

The money you see accumulated in your account will never be paid out.

It’s a fake account and when it comes to collecting, they’ll find an excuse not to pay you.

It looks like money is accumulating in the Total Earnings and Current Earnings boxes (shown above), but this is just a counter on a website.

I should also add, for a website and company with half a billion dollars or more in revenue, isn’t it strange that no one knows who owns it? There is no director ejecutivo on the list, no CFO, no directivo of sales and marketing…

Are they the supposed #1 Influencer on the web and nobody knows who runs it?


Going back to cashing out, this is when the scam takes place.

Your WiredBucks account might say you have $10,000 in there, but it means nothing until that $10,000 hits your bank account… which it never does.

WiredBucks will use an excuse like they detect fraud on your account and for that reason they won’t pay you.

They will also ignore your follow-up communication.

As the Better Business Bureau stated in their report, you won’t get paid… and I’ll espectáculo you some examples in the next section.

WiredBucks Reviews and Complaints

WiredBucks is still relatively new and people are still sharing their backlink en línea, which means they haven’t tried cashing out yet, or they have and are still waiting for their money.

Everything about WiredBucks seems great.

Complaints only come once people start to realize that they are not going to get paid.

But that’s okey.

We have seen this scam play out before and it is the same every time.

As I mentioned earlier, WiredBucks is one of many that belong to the same scam network.

Another example is a site called Tap2Earn (screenshot below)

Tap2Earn and WiredBucks belong to the same “#1 Influencer” scam network.

And since Tap2Earn has been around for a while, we have a lot of reviews and complaints that will be afín to what you’ll see from WiredBucks when they all start getting paid.

In these reviews you will see a lot of people asking: “did you get paid?” … A question that is never answered.

Well, that’s not entirely true, in the following screenshot Antonio did give his update again…

This is just a small sample of the reviews and complaints you’ll find en línea about this scam.

There have been thousands of people who have collected and never received their money.

What I like about WiredBucks

Most money making programs, platforms and systems are rubbish to be honest.

Not all, but most.

Still, I always try to find something I like about them.

Without However, when it comes to WiredBucks, there is nothing.

They are a data harvesting scam that provides absolutely zero value to anyone other than those involved in the scheme.

What I do not like

  • They waste your time and steal your personal information
  • More than just a waste of time, WiredBucks gives you false hope.

    I’ve been in that situation before, waiting for money that never comes.

    It’s a horrible feeling: having hope, feeling the weight of debt and bills being lifted off your shoulders, planning to buy something for yourself or someone you love… And then having that hope taken away and the financial burden falling back on you .

    That’s what WiredBucks does and it’s exceptionally despiadado.

  • If they get the information they’re looking for (the right correo electrónico/password combination, for example), they’ll try to hack into your accounts and steal your identity.

Where do you go from here?

WiredBucks is a dangerous scam that falsely promises an opportunity to earn a living from home, but instead wastes your time and puts your personal accounts at risk.

Even if you only used the same dirección de correo electrónico and password for your site, change your password immediately.

WiredBucks also destroys your trust in legitimate work-at-home and earn money en línea platforms, which is a shame as there are reliable options available.

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 WiredBucks Review: Scam or Way?
  WiredBucks Review: Scam or Way?
  WiredBucks Review: Scam or Way?

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