Wintub Pays or is Scam – The Truth Revealed

Wintub Pays or is Scam – The Truth Revealed

Wintub Pays or is Scam. Have you ever wondered if someone has won or is making money with Wintub? Much has been heard about this platform to generate income, so we will learn a little more about how it really works.

How do you make money with Wintub?

As its name indicates, this page is aimed at earning money through the display of audiovisual content, or vídeos. Since you entrar this platform you accumulate money, for example, just by registering you will get an initial plus of $5.

An amount that you cánido quickly increase, because for each vídeo you watch you will be rewarded for between $0.30 and $0.70, which you cánido see in your cómputo.

On the other hand, more information, verification or following any complicated methodology is not required, so money is earned with Wintub for fácil work and with a very high remuneration. Regarding the minimum withdrawal, this is located at $80 for PayPal and $100 for Bank Transfer. An amount that cánido very easily be reached within a month.

Does Wintub pay or is it Scam?

The way this site works is so uncertain that there are doubts about whether you make money with Wintub or it is just another fake or scam project, so let’s break it down.

For starters, an initial $5 plus for each usuario that signs up is a pretty high amount for any business, and it’s obviously just a way to attract new individuals. In addition to this, the website has a referral system that has a reward of $1 for each friend, a prize that is also high.

As if that were not enough, and as has already been mentioned, it does not have no verification mechanism, not even from dirección de correo electrónico! Which is pretty strange, considering the end of the platform. Another aspect to consider is that it does not have any legal registration, and even the terms or policies of use of the service of the Wintub page are not serious.

Wintub Is Reliable

Nor cánido the issue of advertising be left aside because, although this is common in many pages to earn money, the truth is that in Wintub it is incorrectly posed. The ads are totally invasive and even very annoying for all users of the platform.

In fact, it is difficult, even impossible, to perform any task correctly if you are constantly popping up windows and prompts.

Other Obvious Signs That Wintub Is Scam

All of the above only espectáculos that it is a scam that you earn money with Wintub, because a serious page would not handle its services and tasks like this. Also, another issue to consider, and which is very important, is the fact that the developer of the platform (from the domain) does not appear anywhere.

What does this orinan? Well, he himself does not want to be identified, a situation that is common in scam projects and pages. Since like this, it is very difficult to find them.

Finally, and let there be no doubt that you don’t really win money with wintub we cánido talk about the lack of evidence and payment vouchers.

No one has a real proof of payment, it is not yet known if Wintub really pays, since it is impossible to withdraw the money you have accumulated (no matter how much), although you may find one or another “false payment” on the web and you must have be careful with them.

Wintub Explanatory Vídeo

Platform that does pay to watch vídeos

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Wintub Alternatives

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 Wintub Pays or is Scam – The Truth Revealed
  Wintub Pays or is Scam – The Truth Revealed
  Wintub Pays or is Scam – The Truth Revealed

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