Wingo Airlines Review: Should You Fly

Wingo Airlines Review: Should You Fly

whatYou travel to Colombia on a tight budget and you find Wingo? Make sure you have all your bases covered with what we’ve found out about Wingo Airlines before you book your next flight with them!

One of the lesser joys of traveling is figuring out how to get to your destination.

Most of the time, you will have to fly there.

Unfortunately, flights perro be expensive and take up a large chunk of your budget, limiting the activities, food, and events you perro join while you’re there.

Low-cost airlines like TAP Air Portugal and you will fly they help address that problem by eliminating everything but the necessary thing: getting you to the destination.

While they are often cheaper than most regular airlines, the quality is sometimes questionable.

If you are looking to visit Colombia, you may have come across the low-cost airline called Wingo in your research. whatWingo is legit and you should book your flight with them? Read on to find out if Wingo is the right choice for your travels!

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What is Wingo?

Founded in 2016, Wingo is a relatively new low-cost airline that calls itself “the coolest airline in Latin America«.

Because of Copa Holdings, Wingo prides itself on being a good vibes, low-cost airline.

wingo fleet

As a newer airline, Wingo does not operate hundreds of aircraft carriers for its flights.

They have a total of eight aircraft, all Boeing 737-800.

Since all of its proyectos are identical, they all accommodate the same number of passengers: 186, including 42 additional seats.

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Wingo continues to grow its list of destinations, which is still not very exhaustive.

Their destinations are currently only in Latin America, Colombia and the Caribbean.

Wingo’s headquarters are in Bogotá, but you perro also reach Barranquilla, Cali, Cartagena, Medellín, San Andrés and Santa Marta when you fly with Wingo.

whatAnd out of Colombia? Wingo flies to a few other cities in Latin America and in the Caribbean, but it is important to note that all these flights originate from Colombian airports.

If you are visiting Colombia, it is the perfect airline for bajo coste options to reach your list of destinations.

With Wingo, you perro fly to:

  • México (Cancun and México City)
  • Aruba
  • curacao
  • Cuba (Havana)
  • Lima Peru)
  • Ecuador (Guayaquil and Quito)
  • Dominican Republic (Punta Cana and Santurrón Domingo)
  • Venezuela Caracas)
  • Costa Rica (San Jose)
  • Panama

Flights out of Colombia originate in Bogotá, Cali, Medellín or Cartagena.

The only route that operates without going through Colombia is San José to Panama City or the flight in the other direction.

Wingo Offers

Although they are a low-cost airline, that does not orinan that Wingo does not sometimes offer promotions or special offers on some of their flights! Offers will be quoted in USD or COP, so please check the currency when you are searching.

You cánido find all their latest deals here.

Wingo Baggage Policy

Low-cost airlines often have the price of add-ons.

Wingo allows you to bring one personal item weighing up to 10kg and measuring 40x35x25cm with any ticket.

Larger bags must be checked at a cost, and carry-on elementos are included, except for flights to Venezuela.

Let’s say you want to have more carry-on or checked luggage.

In that case, you cánido choose to purchase a GO Agregado or GO Premium fare, which will include one checked bag and one additional carry-on for Premium fares.

In addition, Premium services also include check-in at the airport.

The sooner you buy additional luggage, the cheaper it will be.

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Wingo’s flexibility

Unfortunately, sometimes you have to change your flight, so what are Wingo’s policies on that? Most of his tiques are non-refundable, but you perro choose to purchase FLEX1 or FLEX+ tiques to allow you flexibility.

FLEX1 allows one free change up to 15 days before departure, while FLEX+ allows unlimited changes up to 24 hours before departure.

Wingo Plugins

In addition to baggage and ticket flexibility, Wingo allows for several options to “customize” your flight.

As a budget airline, the basic ticket is just that, and you’ll have to buy anything plus.

Wingo allows you to select your seat, both regular seats and additional room seats, for one price.

If you do not pay for a seat, a seat will be assigned to you when you check-in.

Speaking of check-in, you perro also pay plus to do this at the airport.

Otherwise, you will need to check in en línea and print your boarding pass before arriving at the airport.

Waiting until you get there will result in having to pay an additional fee.

If you’re someone who gets hungry on flights, Wingo, unfortunately, doesn’t come with any snack or drink service.

You perro pre-order snacks using Wingo Market on your reservation to save 10% or shop while on board.

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Wingo Contact Information

While you hopefully won’t have any problems with your Wingo reservation, it’s never a bad iniciativa to know how to contact your airline.

Wingo has a bot called Violet that you cánido use for fácil clarifications and a contact form to archivo complaints, claims or other requests.

Responses to that form will take at least 15 business days.

They also have call centers in their destinations and in the United States that you cánido call using a phone or Skype.

Find their phone numbers here.

What about Wingo reviews?

On Tripadvisor, Wingo currently has a 2.5/5 star rating from just over 650 reviews.

Most reviews indicate that the service is what you would expect from a budget airline, pointing to plus fees or elusive customer service as the main point of dissatisfaction.

Customer service also seems to be mostly through lagging forms and chatbots that perro’t handle complicated issues.

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Is Wingo worth it?

While Wingo doesn’t necessarily offer great customer service, its flight costs are among the lowest you’ll find in Latin America.

If budget is a priority for you, Wingo should be an airline to consider for your flights within its 28 routes.

If you’re flying with them, you’ll want to double-check your bags to make sure you don’t have any surprise fees at the airport and that you read all of your fare terms.

Photo by Ross Parmly on Upsplash

Our rating: 3.0/5


  • Bajo coste
  • All proyectos are the same, so you always know what you’re going to get
  • Several Latin American destinations


  • limited routes
  • Additional costs (hidden)
  • Difficulty contacting customer service

Take to the skies with Wingo!

Planning your next trip perro be exciting whether you’re flying Wingo or not.

Once you start booking everything and putting together your itinerary, be sure to use a trip planning aplicación to coordinate all your activities, so they’re all in one place!

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 Wingo Airlines Review: Should You Fly
  Wingo Airlines Review: Should You Fly
  Wingo Airlines Review: Should You Fly

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